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Twelve attackers identified, 50 suspected

If there's any good news here, it's that those on a suicide mission have little motive to cover their tracks. Indeed, most of the hijackers involved in Tuesday's suicide attacks in New York and Washington were hiding in plain sight and so left considerable evidence behind, including credit card records and suicide notes.
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Heat brought the towers down

If the sight of planes crashing into the World Trade Center towers was astonishing, watching them collapse into dust was quite beyond belief. Hollywood does this sort of thing with little balsa models and computer graphics. I watched it, all right; but my brain kept insisting, fiction. Pure fiction. This shit just doesn't happen.
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Intel vs VIA – get it sorted, demand Mobo makers

Intel suing VIA? Pah! VIA countersuing Intel? Tish and pish! Taiwan's mobo makers couldn't give the proverbial flying fig for the two chip makers' spat. It will have no effect on their shipment plans, sources close to the likes of Asus, MSI and Gigabyte have said, according to DigiTimes.
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Lycos Europe axes 300 jobs

Lycos Europe is to axe 300 jobs in a bid to cut costs amid the slump in online ad sales.
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Amazon and Yahoo in disaster relief fund appeal

Leading Net names including Amazon and Yahoo are helping to raise cash for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.
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AMD, Intel, Transmeta, VIA to go into launch frenzy on 15 October

AMD will spill the beans on its Hammer 64-bit CPU architecture and how it extends the x86 instruction set into the 64-bit space on 15 October.
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Mafiaboy given eight months

Teenage hacker Mafiaboy has been sentenced to eight months in a youth detention centre. Lawyers have called it a "strong message" to the hacking community. But then they would.

3G is crap: BT

The 3G phone networks will be rubbish, a leaked document from BT announces. The FT managed to get hold of a copy of the draft document for the float of BT Wireless - sorry, mmO2 - in which, by law, all the financial risks faced by the company have to be laid out.
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WTC assault may delay Nanya share issue

Taiwanese memory maker Nanya will decide shortly whether to delay its planned NT$8 billion ($232 million) overseas share sale.
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Maxtor intros monster drives

Maxtor this week began volume shipments of a very big, very fast hard drive (HDD) and announced a even bigger, and even faster HDD, supposedly the biggest and fastest drive the world has ever seen. (Actually, the company is claiming the world's biggest desktop drive - Seagate has a 180GB monster.)
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UK MBO for Touch PC biz

The British management team of Touchstar Technologies has bought the company for an undisclosed sum.
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Taiwan's DRAM makers prepare for Micron's anti-dumping suit

US memory maker Micron is unlikely to take legal action against its Taiwanese rivals for alleged product dumping.
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Korean chip exports fell 62% in August

Korea's chip makers will have seen their exports shrink 31-35 per cent by the time the year is up, the Korean Semiconductor Industry Association has said.
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Europa IT mops up rest of Karma

Europa IT this week announced the acquisition of several country operations of Karma, the European hard drive distie - and a new trading name for the business. The group now claims an annual turnover of $1bn, making it Europe's tenth biggest IT distribution group.
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Ireland gets ADSL

Eircom has announced the launch of Ireland's first commercially available ADSL service.
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Lineo axes 22% of staff

Embedded Linux specialist Lineo is getting rid of over half of its staff, through a mix of redundancies and reassignment to "peripheral" projects the company hopes to sell or spin off.
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Guillemot Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro

Review Some games are more sensitive than others, with USAF ranking highly in this department - try to play it with a Microsoft SideWinder Pro and you'll end up eating a fair amount of tarmac. It's a fine contender, then, to put the Top Gun Fox 2 Pro through its paces. Control of the game was significantly easier than with the Sidewinder Pro, as the joystick seems to translate movement cleanly to the game, making landings almost easy and combat flying 'fun'.
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Online merchant emails customer credit card details

Dabs.com has booted merchants BuyB4Sold.com off its Dabsxchange auction site after the latter committed a serious security breach involving its customers' credit card details.
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Scoot.com seeks buyer, new partner

Scoot.com is looking to find a buyer for its business or a strategic partner to inject capital into the operation, the Yellow Pages-like outfit confirmed today.
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Anti-spammers compared to terrorists

A mass marketing firm has sent out an email that compares anti-spammers to terrorists in a tirade that has infuriated Register readers.
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NTL incurs wrath following yet another misleading ad

NTL has been found guilty of producing misleading advertisements again and the Advertising Standards Authority is very close to losing its rag.

Cisco intros mid-range optical routers

Cisco has launched a range of optical routers aimed at reviving its flatlining service provider services business.
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IT recruitment company pulls offensive job ad

Updated UK IT recruitment company Mortimer Spinks has pulled a bad-taste job ad from the Internet and its managing director has issued a formal apology. The company has also posted the apology at the front of its Web site and you need to click on it to enter the main site.
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SunFire 15000 – we have more details

Details of the specification of Sun Microsystems' long-awaited replacement to its top of the range Unix server, the E10000, have been leaked to The Register.