10th September 2001 Archive

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  • Intel apologises for Bluetooth gaffe

    Grasping at nettles

    Data Networking 10 08:41

  • VIA sues Intel, claims ownership of Pentium 4 patents

    All your P4s are belong to us...

    Channel 10 09:47

  • Dell pre-announces Palm m125

    Turns up in Solutions Catolog - official launch next week

    Personal 10 10:36

  • Remember the Alamo!

    Lone Star state piles in to Netscape dialogue

    Letters 10 10:41

  • Register believes MS worships devil

    Well, if you say so...

    Letters 10 10:44

  • Intel Pentium III to die on 7 December

    No more orders taken after that

    Channel 10 10:57

  • Nildram cuts cost of business-based broadband

    That's it really

    Broadband 10 10:58

  • Intel's Mobile Roadmap

    Mobile P4s to be rolled-out through 2002

    Channel 10 11:00

  • Micron to donate $120m shareholding to charity

    Will appear as a loss on company's Q4 balance sheet

    Business 10 11:51

  • Psion WaveFinder saved by software that works?

    Yes, we know it's too late as well, but still...

    Software 10 11:56

  • ICANN: Performance and cocktails

    Will it let it help itself?

    Media 10 12:02

  • ICANN: It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

    So it's goodbye from him

    Media 10 12:02

  • Mobo makers' shipments shot up 20% last month

    September expected to be even better

    Channel 10 12:06

  • Click here to calculate how much Win XP will cost you

    Online test works out costs v. benefits

    Software 10 12:13

  • Code Blue targets Red China

    Running worm lackey of capitalism

    Security 10 12:19

  • Has Ken Kesey infiltrated BBC News online?

    Confusion over Auntie's acid-inspired features

    Bootnotes 10 12:23

  • Compuserve not for the chop – AOL UK

    Jobs cuts sparks speculation

    Media 10 12:34

  • Netcraft Web Survey: August 2001

    Stats'n'facts from around the Web

    Media 10 12:51

  • Rock Agenda Si

    Budget Notebook

    Personal 10 13:04

  • War breaks out over Afilias cock-up resignation

    Nasty. Plus why is there now a new Afilias company?

    Media 10 13:09

  • MS tries to spin up a deal with DoJ

    Would it be enough if we promised not to destroy Netscape again?

    Software 10 13:24

  • Expensive PCs curb Net growth


    Media 10 13:45

  • Stealth encoding bypasses IDS protection

    Attack technique gets in under the wire

    Security 10 14:02

  • ‘Killer DMCA’ to mandate digital-rights compliant hardware

    Senate lap-dogs Hollings, Stevens urinate freely on public's leg

    Personal 10 14:04

  • Federal Trade Commission probes Rambus, Sun

    Investigates allegations of fraudulent behaviour

    Business 10 14:42

  • Intel launches i845 Pentium 4 PC133 chipset

    Up to 35% more expensive that DDR parts

    Channel 10 14:42

  • di Caprio touts gorilla-friendly mobile phones

    Coltan, Prince of Darkness

    Data Networking 10 14:57

  • Worldwide PC sales fall in 2001 – IDC

    Make room for more gloom

    Personal 10 15:01

  • Vendors beat up on Grey Market

    'Joint education and joint outrage'

    Channel 10 16:36

  • Spam puts PayHound in the privacy doghouse

    Discloses thousands of email addresses

    Security 10 16:46

  • For hire: Compaq's iPaq engineering team

    PocketPC division seeks new boss before Carly shows up

    Personal 10 16:50

  • Reg corporate anthem competition results in full

    We who are about to rock salute you

    Bootnotes 10 16:55

  • Independent film-makers waking up to DivX

    Small beans at the moment, but there is movement

    Broadband 10 16:57

  • Judge trumps bureaucrat over workplace surveillance

    Not that it does you any good

    Media 10 16:57

  • UK ecommerce revenues leap like a dachshund

    Two per cent of retail sales nothing to bark at

    e-Business 10 17:02

  • It's BOFH Disaster Recovery Time

    Run for the Hills

    BOFH 10 17:21

  • Jeremy Allison sambas out of VA

    NAS not needed

    Software 10 20:35