6th September 2001 Archive

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  • Chip sales to grow 23% in 2002, says analyst

    Driven by cash-rich consumers

    Channel 06 09:16

  • Linux smartphone heads for Europe

    PalmPalm in the Palm

    Personal 06 09:22

  • Kingston ADSL cap ‘will not be actively implemented ’

    Finally, the telco deigns to speak

    Broadband 06 09:28

  • Rambus seeks 18-month Micron trial delay

    Wants its appeal against Infineon verdicts to be judged first

    Channel 06 09:29

  • Mozilla chief missing, presumed pink-slipped

    Netscape adrift?

    Software 06 09:32

  • NTL semantically challenged

    Broadband definitions we have known

    Broadband 06 09:47

  • Intel's Q3 sales unlikely to beat Q2 – Wall Street

    Chipzilla to revise guidance downward

    Business 06 10:00

  • Toys R Us sells out Xbox pre-orders in 30 mins

    Won't say how many, thouth. Not a lot, we reckon

    Personal 06 10:19

  • Orange triples its profit

    But share price dribbles

    Business 06 10:58

  • iomart losses widen

    Oh well

    Broadband 06 11:21

  • ‘Busty blonde’ email lawyers face lawsuit

    Sued for sex and race discrimination

    Media 06 11:31

  • Tech companies to suffer again in FTSE100 review

    Marconi obviously, but what about Telewest, CMG, Energis...

    Business 06 11:35

  • Blueyonder suspends Code Red infected users

    Tough but fair?

    Security 06 11:53

  • VIA to sample successor to C3 next quarter

    Nehemiah nearly here

    Channel 06 12:11

  • Atlas Flyer 3400

    Budget notebook

    Personal 06 12:53

  • Wanadoo losses widen

    That's good news apparently

    Business 06 13:59

  • NASA hacker ‘rolex’ jailed for four months

    Hard time

    Security 06 14:00

  • Pegasus Opera sales beating forecasts

    Systems Union back in the black

    Business 06 14:03

  • Nvidia confirms September nForce ship-date

    Abit, Asustek, Gigabyte and MSI lined up to launch mobos too

    Channel 06 14:43

  • DoJ abandons MS split, but wants court to check WinXP etc

    How good have you been since the trial, Bill?

    Software 06 16:04

  • Man executed for using the Net

    Murdered mum after e-ticking-off

    Media 06 16:55

  • EU releases Echelon spying report

    It exists and the UK has a lot of explaining to do

    Media 06 17:04

  • NHS email system up the spout

    Power surge blows out data centre is the official explanation

    Data Networking 06 17:06