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All Gameplayed out

Gameplay is reduced to a shell after selling its last remaining business, games ISP Wireplay to an MBO team.

BT Wireless changes its name to ‘O2’

BT Wireless has renamed its mobile business ahead of the operation's planned demerger for later this year.
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Stephen Hawking predicts cyborg ascendancy

Poor Stephen Hawking. One has to expect that decades of wheeling about in a motorized basket and speaking through a machine like Davros, whilst being venerated by naive post-docs as a paragon of wisdom simply because he's good at maths, would inevitably soften his brains. It's just a shock to see him become a gibbering bubblehead quite this soon.
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Palm preps successor to m505

Palm is upgrading its m505 PDA and will announce its succesor next March at CeBit, if the latest whisperings about the company's product plans are to be believed.
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Nvidia GeForce 3 Titanium enters CompUSA database

We may have been a mite hasty in questioning the veracity of claims that Nvidia is about to announce a series of GeForce 2 and 3 cards under the brand name Titanium.
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BT rebranding dictated by Internet

BT has finally demonstrated some grasp of Internet pre-planning with today's rebranding of its mobile group to mmO2 just before it floats it. The name will be reduced to just O2 for consumers.

BT tops up mobile phones

BT is set to make it easier for consumers to top-up their pre-paid mobile phones.
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VIA preps DDR333 Pentium 4 chipset

Apparently unconcerned by Intel's vague threats of legal action over its use of Pentium 4 bus technology, VIA is ploughing on with its P4 chipset plans.

All change in the mobile market

Updated It's all go at the moment in the mobile phone market. Just this morning, BT announced its wireless arm - which includes BT Cellnet - is to be rebranded O2. Now, One2One is to name itself after its German parent company T-Mobile - owned by Deutsche Telekom.
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Oops! Nokia apologises for bullying user site

Nokia has said it regrets its heavy handed treatment of the leading site devoted to its communicator phones.
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Intel quietly ships 1.1, 1.0GHz Celerons

Intel finally launched its 1.1GHz and 1.0GHz Celerons on Friday, just a few days later than we'd expected.
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BT halves cost of broadband installation

ISPs have responded swiftly to news that BT Wholesale is to halve the cost of installing its single user ADSL service for three months from October.
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Notebook sales rise 9%

Notebook sales grew nine per cent in the second quarter to around 6.3 million.
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Computerland UK upbeat (but cautious)

Computerland UK today reported that Q1 profits were up on the same period last year. In a trading statement read out at the corporate reseller's AGM, it announced "good year on year growth".
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Insight buys Action second time around

Insight Enterprises, the US direct marketing IT giant, will leapfrog to top spot in the UK, following the agreed takeover of Action Computer Supplies for £27m in cash.
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Hackergate probe clears Oz MP

An Australian state MP has been cleared of wrongdoing following a police investigation into hacking in the New South Wales parliament.
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Oprah Winfrey gives BT the 'big O'. Twice

Oprah Winfrey have given the suits BT something to smile about. In exchange for a fee - although BT is too bashful to say exactly how much - she gave it the "big O". In fact she gave it two cause she's a classy lady. And just as well or BT wouldn't have been able to work otherwise.
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Oops! Dell gives away Win2k product key. Not quite

Microsoft's favourite OEM seems to blotting its copybook big-time. First, there's an escaped Dell OEM copy of the RTM version of WinXP on the loose, and now, if you happen to have a copy of Windows 2000 but for some unaccountable reason you don't have a product key, well...
SGI logo hardware close-up

3G is born! (But only in Japan)

True to its word, Japanese telco NTT DoCoMo will launch the world's first 3G network on 1 October. Called FOMA - Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access - the service will give subscribers based in Tokyo 64Kbps real-time video, a maximum 384Kbps downlink, and maximum 64Kbps uplink and of course the ability to make phone calls.
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Compaq boosts Red Hat ecommerce suite

Red Hat's new e-commerce suite has received an unexpected boost from its wannabe-best-buddy Compaq and an electronics firm called Pioneer-Standard. The suite is to be bundled with a host of configurations and servers and pushed out to customers through a joint initiative.
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Iomega Peerless

Review Backing up data should be second nature to any computer user. Given the stability of PCs and the software we run on them, it's a wonder that anyone fails to protect their files by keeping copies. One reason why people fail to back up their data is the lack of media that can cope with the large amount of data they need to store. Iomega thinks it has the answer in the shape of the Peerless drive.
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VIA launches Apollo KT266A

VIA has launched its latest AMD-oriented chipset, the Apollo KT266A.
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MS loosens XP WPA some more, to offer upgrade to Pro

Microsoft has wobbled some more on Windows Product Activation (WPA) in WinXP, but from where we're sitting it by no means looks like the final wobble. The company seems to have just about decided on the extent to which it will loosen up on WPA, and at the moment the bottom line appears to be that it will be practically no trouble at all for practically everybody.
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McAfee patents virus update over the Internet

Network Associates' McAfee division has obtained a patent for updating anti-virus software over the Internet in one of the most questionable patent rulings by the US patent office to date.
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Software pirate nailed after ill-timed courier delivery

A British reseller faces two years in jail after counterfeit goods were delivered to his front door in front of Trading Standards officers.
Cat 5 cable

The Big Ring licked by Finns

Virgin Mobile's record breaking attempt to have the most number of mobile phone ringing in one place appears to have hit a snag.
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FBI warns as Unix server flaw gets automated

A worm called x.c, which takes advantage of a buffer overflow vulnerability in the telnet daemon program commonly used on Unix boxes, has being discovered, and security experts fear it is a harbinger of worse to come.
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Ex-ORBS owner loses defamation suit

The ex-owner of the spam blacklisting company ORBS, Alan Brown, has lost the defamation suit brought against him by the former head of Domainz - New Zealand's domain registry maintainer - Patrick O'Brien.
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UK e-government felled by ‘overheating’

Britain's chief e-government initiative came to a standstill today after a spot of overheating.