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Intel lays out network stall

Intel Developer ForumEquipment manufacturers should not expect a recovery in the telecommunications market even in the medium term. Instead they should concentrate on developing kit which helps hard-pressed telcos save money.
John Leyden, 31 Aug 2001

AMD and Intel kiss and make up on next-gen I/O

AMD's next-generation PC I/O technology, HyperTransport, will almost certainly become a part of Intel's next-generation PC I/O technology, 3GIO, just as we predicted it would.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2001

Onstar beams with broadband satellite launch

Onstar Europe - the information, entertainment and communications arm of General Motors Europe - has launched a two-way broadband satellite service in the UK and Ireland.
Tim Richardson, 31 Aug 2001

15,000 jobs for the chop at Hitachi

Around 15,000 jobs are for the chop at Hitachi after the Japanese manufacturer warned losses for the financial year would top $1 billion.
Linda Harrison, 31 Aug 2001

Sony kills off eVilla Net appliance

Sony has effectively canned its eVilla Internet appliance but it denies the move is anything to do with Palm's acquisition of Be, the OS developer that built eVilla's system software.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2001

Freeserve tackles AOL UK over '£2.5 million in unpaid VAT'

Freeserve has stepped up its "VATometer" campaign against AOL UK claiming that in the last month the "American company has amassed £2.5 million in unpaid VAT".
Tim Richardson, 31 Aug 2001

Letsbuyit cans 60 staff, shuts offices

Lazarus style Internet retailer Letsbuyit.com is laying off 60 staff and shutting its offices in the UK and France.
Robert Blincoe, 31 Aug 2001

QXL: the epitome of ongoing confusion in the Internet economy

Online auction house QXL has released its Q1 results and in so doing demonstrated that even now no one has any idea of how business models will work on the Internet.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Aug 2001

Virgin breaks mobile ring peace

Virgin Mobile is hoping to create a new World Record next Wednesday for the most mobile phones ringing in unison.
Tim Richardson, 31 Aug 2001

Mystery chipset maker set to launch Rambus, Pentium 4 part

An unnamed chipset company has, as near as damn it, licensed Rambus' RDRAM technology in order to offer an alternative to Intel's i850 chipset, which it hopes to announce in less than two weeks' time.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2001

62,000 mobiles lost in London's black cabs

Around 62,000 mobile phones were left in London taxis during the last six months.
Linda Harrison, 31 Aug 2001

Dell to ship Nvidia nForce-based PC, claims Web site

Yes, it's Dell-goes-AMD rumour time again, this time courtesy of a story over at Tom's Hardware.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2001

Dell's co-presidente steps back

Dell is having a rejig of its top managers with co-president/COO Jim Vanderslice easing into impending retirement by stepping back from his role.
Robert Blincoe, 31 Aug 2001

Vivendi names new CEO of MP3.com

UpdatedLess than a week after it acquired MP3.com, new owners Vivendi Universal have kicked out the outspoken CEO Michael Robertson and replaced him with the far more corporate-friendly Robin Richards, who was previously president.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Aug 2001

Security software: blind lead blind

Elias Levy, 31 Aug 2001

Sklyarov boss exhibits cojones

Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov stood in the dock (so to speak) Thursday and pleaded not guilty to five charges that he violated the (purely American) Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by trafficking in and committing conspiracy to traffic in a copyright circumvention device.
Thomas C Greene, 31 Aug 2001

Richardson's ring peace causes a stir

Readers LettersVirgin breaks mobile ring peace
Linda Harrison, 31 Aug 2001

FOTW 'Should I call you Yeti Thunderfoot, Queen of the Yapping Nancy's?'

Cat eating video causes mayhem
Linda Harrison, 31 Aug 2001

Tiscali bids adieu to LineOne, LibertySurf and WorldOnline

LineOne, LibertySurf and WorldOnline are to be buried next week as Britain's biggest Italian ISP attempts to unite its disparate parts under the Tiscali brand.
Tim Richardson, 31 Aug 2001

Ericsson creates new company for 3G phones

Ericsson is continuing with its company restructure with the creation of a new company - Ericsson Mobile Platforms - that will focus entirely on next-generation phones.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Aug 2001

Islam for beginners

Roll up for the Regovisionsong contest
Linda Harrison, 31 Aug 2001

Strange objects in stranger orifices

Woman gets mobile phone stuck up back orifice
Linda Harrison, 31 Aug 2001

What really turns on Bush and Blair

Here's a bit of Friday humour for you.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Aug 2001

Internet Explorer 6 – reader opinion

Internet Explorer 6 - one man's odyssey
Linda Harrison, 31 Aug 2001

CIPA – not as stupid as it sounds

FBI let off cyber snooping hook
Linda Harrison, 31 Aug 2001

Curtain falls on Reg corporate anthem competition

Well, the deadline has passed for our Register corporate anthem competition. And what a bulging sack of lyrical excellence we have received. From emotive power-chord driven anthems to rousing martial themes - you name it, we've got it.
Lester Haines, 31 Aug 2001

Richardson's ring piece causes a stir

Readers' LettersVirgin breaks mobile ring peace
Linda Harrison, 31 Aug 2001

Cisco Borgs are super frugal

Cisco, when not on its Borg like mission to colonise all other networking companies, likes to keep its housekeeping budget in order.
Robert Blincoe, 31 Aug 2001

The truth about the DivX revolution

When we poo-pooed the announcement by Hollywood's big studios a fortnight ago that they were launching a video-on-demand system to deliver movies over the Internet, we had a number of emails arguing that we'd got it all wrong and were behind the times.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Aug 2001

Mesh appoints MD

Mesh Computers has enticed Mick Thornburn from Dennis Publishing to be its MD.
Linda Harrison, 31 Aug 2001

Nvidia GeForce 3 Titanium just a hoax?

Is there any truth to the rumours of Nvidia's alleged upcoming next-generation GeForce 3 chips, the GeForce 3 Titanium 500 and the GeForce 3 Titanium 200?
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2001

Jean Louis Gassée on the antitrust dog that never barked

Columnist and author of The BeOS Bible Scot Hacker has published a valedictory for BeOS here at Byte which has some intriguing input from Be founder Jean Louis Gassée.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2001

Bastard Security Troubleshooter

Episode 21
Simon Travaglia, 31 Aug 2001

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