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Wintel touts the next leap in computing

Intel Developer ForumIntel has demonstrated a working 3.5GHz processor as part of a joint offensive by Microsoft to shake off the spectre of tech recession that hangs over this year's Intel Developer Forum.
John Leyden, 29 Aug 2001

Win XP slays buffer overflow bugs

Microsoft has eradicated buffer overflows with Windows XP, following a source code security audit, group veep Jim Allchin claimed during a keynote at the Intel Developers Forum in San Jose.
John Leyden, 29 Aug 2001

Intel goes bananas over Banias

Intel Developer ForumProcessors based on Intel's next generation mobile architecture, codenamed Banias, will be available in the first half of 2003, the chip giant told attendees at its Developer Forum today.
John Leyden, 29 Aug 2001

McKinley, Deerfield speeds and feeds

Intel Developer ForumWe can't help but admire how Intel learns from its mistakes. Exactly two years ago, at the Intel Developer Forum at Palm Springs, a table of us European journalists were handed a Merced processor, from the very first wafer of Itanic, at an evening reception.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Aug 2001

SecurityPortal flounders on titsup.com atoll

SecurityPortal.com, the online security content aggregation site, has been put on ice by parent firm, AtomicTangerine.
John Leyden, 29 Aug 2001

Palm, Handspring wireless PDAs debut on Web

Palm and Handspring have both had their wireless PDA plans made public. Details of Palm's i705 - the successor to the VII family - and Handspring's Treo k180 and g180 have been posted on the Federal Communications Commission's Web site as part of the process both companies must undertake to get their devices approved for wireless use.
Tony Smith, 29 Aug 2001

Motorola to link PowerPC direct to DRAM

Motorola is set to build a memory controller directly on board its high-end PowerPC chips in a bid to accelerate the processor's ability to keep itself pumped up with instructions and data.
Tony Smith, 29 Aug 2001

Psion makes loss, kills dividend

Psion has posted a £13 million loss for the first six months of 2001, even accounting for a £41 million restructuring charge as it ditches the PDA business that made it famous. As a result it has ditched its dividend.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Aug 2001

Gateway slashes quarter of staff

Gateway plans to cut a quarter of its global workforce and exit most of its overseas market.
Linda Harrison, 29 Aug 2001

Samsung, Hynix DRAM exports slump

Korea's major DRAM producers are clearly having a very tough time selling memory. A very tough time indeed. And it's getting worse.
Tony Smith, 29 Aug 2001

Dmitri Sklyarov indicted

Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov, who helped develop the Advanced eBook Processor (an application which cracks the lame access controls on Adobe's eBook Reader), has been indicted by federal grand jury in San Jose, California on five counts of copyright violation under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) -- specifically, trafficking and conspiracy to traffic in a copyright circumvention device.
Thomas C Greene, 29 Aug 2001

Corel finds buyer for Linux distro?

Corel appears to have finally rid itself of its Linux business, which it pledged to sell off back at the start of the year.
Tony Smith, 29 Aug 2001

UK let down by ‘abysmal’ mobile phone shops

Mobile phones may be ubiquitous but we are all being let down by sub-standard phone shops that fail to deliver an appropriate level of service. That is the conclusion of an in-depth report released today by Strand Consult.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Aug 2001

Sysadmin spy left digital trail

Kevin Poulsen, 29 Aug 2001

Intel admits DDR i845 will ship early (ish)

It looks like our take on the reports that Intel will be shipping the DDR version of its i845 Pentium 4 chipset early were right.
Tony Smith, 29 Aug 2001

Ricoh RDC I-700

ReviewThe capabilities of Ricoh's new RDC I-700 extend way beyond the functionality of a normal digital camera. Based on the similiar RDC-7, it is Web-enabled so you can send photographs by email or upload them directly to the Internet. It's a niche product with a high price, but an interesting device that deserves our Recommended award.
PC Advisor, 29 Aug 2001

Notebook boss cheats death on Ducati Monster

Rock Computers boss Nick Boardman was back at work today after surving a motorbike stunt that nearly cost him his life.
Linda Harrison, 29 Aug 2001

Action bags £15m supply deal

Action plc has scored a major supply deal with WS Atkins valued at £12-to-£15 million for calendar year 2001.
Robert Blincoe, 29 Aug 2001

Amazon opens PC store doors

Amazon today opened its PC store to the American public- and it's a straight A-brand affair.
Drew Cullen, 29 Aug 2001

Hynix's biggest creditor nixes bailout plan

Korea's state-run Korea Development Bank will not lend any more cash to Hynix unless a respected third-party comes up with a solid plan to rescue the debt-ridden memory maker.
Tony Smith, 29 Aug 2001

BT Retail chief ‘fiercely opposed’ to sale of local loop

Pierre Danon has been at BT for less than a year and already he's being tipped to take on the top job at the telco when Sir Peter Bonfield finally decides to step down. That's some endorsement. The Register caught up with CEO of BT Retail to find out how he's bringing about change within the company.
Tim Richardson, 29 Aug 2001

Online adults won't pay for music downloads

If the music industry thinks it can make money charging for digital music downloads, it can think again - punters just aren't interested in paying for music online.
Tony Smith, 29 Aug 2001

NGUK gets fragged

Eurogamer.net, 29 Aug 2001

ATI signs up to support 3GIO

ATI has thrown its weight behind 3GIO, the Intel-backed third-generation I/O spec., in opposition to arch-rival Nvidia's support for HyperTransport, the AMD-backed third-generation I/O spec.
Tony Smith, 29 Aug 2001

CBI warns of UK cybercrime epidemic

Two thirds of British companies have been hit by cybercrime in the last 12 months, according to a survey out today.
Linda Harrison, 29 Aug 2001

Torvalds best man quits SuSE

Dirk Hohndel has quit his post at SuSE, ending a seven year association with the company he helped found. Hohndel was CTO and since February acting President of the US operation. Linus Torvalds' best man leaves to pursue "personal and professional" interests, according to a statement put out by SuSE's Oakland office, which covers just about everything, doesn't it?
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Aug 2001

Scott Adams designs the post-Dilbert cubicle

What on earth has overcome Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert?
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Aug 2001

Internet Explorer 6 – one man's odyssey

If you didn't know, Internet Explorer 6 was officially released yesterday (you can get it here). So we figured we'd download it, try it out and tell you whether it's worth it.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Aug 2001

Flash flood swamps AMD

AMD sales will fall 15 per cent sequentially from Q2 to Q3 - and flash memory is largely to blame, the company said to day.
Drew Cullen, 29 Aug 2001

Who needs RDRAM anyway?

Intel Developer ForumIntel has given its firmest commitment yet that a lower-cost SDRAM chipset for its Pentium 4 processors will be available in the "next couple of weeks".
John Leyden, 29 Aug 2001

Secure the Wireless Network firmware

Intel Developer ForumSecurity issues surrounding wireless networking can be addressed without upgrading hardware, Intel said today.
John Leyden, 29 Aug 2001

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