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Appellate judges ship MS back to district court

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit last week rejected Microsoft's request for a delay which would have postponed its return to district court until the US Supremes decided whether or not to hear arguments.
Thomas C Greene, 27 Aug 2001

Sun cries wolf over Windows XP

Unless you’re American you may have missed the fact that Sun has been placing newspaper advertisements asking that Windows users put pressure on Microsoft to re-introduce a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) into Windows.
IT-Analysis, 27 Aug 2001

MS bugware blamed for ‘inadvertent’ hack

Possible Good Samaritan Brian West of Oklahoma was using MS FrontPage when he learned (inadvertently, he claims) that he could gain privileges on the local Poteau Daily News Web site without authentication. After bringing this gaffe to the paper's attention, he got into a bit of hot water with the Feds for 'exceeding authorization' on the machine.
Thomas C Greene, 27 Aug 2001

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