23rd August 2001 Archive

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  • Inept would-be hacker gets three years in jail

    Barclays blackmailer bungles blag

    Security 23 09:56

  • Intel will ship DDR i845 chipset early

    So say mobo, memory makers, despite Intel denials

    Channel 23 10:39

  • Sony's next Clié – N750C, N760C or what?

    Joke + speculation = confusion

    Personal 23 10:40

  • US GameCube launch delayed

    Appearing 10 days after the Xbox

    Games Industry 23 10:41

  • Nanya begins bulk shipments of DDR333

    Full-on production ramp despite state of memory market

    Channel 23 10:44

  • Oftel bangs heads in LLU row


    Data Networking 23 10:54

  • Net users demand ‘affordable’ access in Ireland

    Pressure group takes initiative for change

    Media 23 11:04

  • VIA income falls well below expectations

    Sales-boosting price cuts didn't boost sales enough

    Business 23 11:13

  • VIA ‘scare tactics’ claim ups ante in war of words with Intel

    Put up, shut up or go to court, we tell both parties

    Channel 23 11:35

  • Qwest tries to worm its way off hook for Code Red outages

    Users see red over crashing DSL routers

    Broadband 23 11:51

  • Grey market resellers hit back at MS ‘intimidation’

    Counter Claims

    Channel 23 12:02

  • Keyboards spread disease

    We never liked Internet caffs anyway

    Personal 23 12:21

  • BT cautions 400 users about excessive Net use


    Media 23 12:57

  • Kyocera posts profit warning

    Share price plummets

    Business 23 13:05

  • MS poised to win rights to UK govt tech for peanuts

    How the joint effort to sell Government Gateway expertise is panning out...

    Software 23 13:10

  • PQ to release WinXP version of Partition Magic next week

    Hang on, what about a free patch for 6.0 then?

    Software 23 13:42

  • IBM stalls on Regatta stalls

    Video Diary

    Data Centre 23 13:47

  • Prostitution, Web cams and political corruption

    Arms trade sexposé

    Media 23 13:58

  • MP3.com source of Napster copyright theft, suit claims

    Online music company sued for 'viral infringement'

    Media 23 14:00

  • $15k reward offered for lost laptop

    Where were you on August 11?

    Personal 23 14:03

  • Napster to launch subs service by year's end

    Home to garage bands and CEO's sprogs

    Media 23 14:04

  • Dell Inspiron 8100

    Power notebook

    Personal 23 14:12

  • Bidders beware the L7NUX number plate

    Number plate font laws change on 1 September

    Bootnotes 23 14:53

  • MemoWatch: Schacht plan for Lucent, Mark II

    Crisis, what crisis?

    Data Networking 23 15:35

  • Loaded site is titsup.com

    IPC shuts 3 online mags, sheds 90 staff

    e-Business 23 15:37

  • Would you trust AOL?

    On the Internet everyone knows you are an overdog

    Media 23 16:31

  • Crypto boffins question SSH security

    Protocol isn't all it cracks up to be

    Security 23 17:08

  • Smile goes ApeSh*t bananas

    E-bankers go Brand Bonkers

    Media 23 21:47