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Inept would-be hacker gets three years in jail

A man has been convicted of blackmail after he threatened to hack into the computers of Barclays Bank unless he was paid £200 000.
John Leyden, 23 Aug 2001

Intel will ship DDR i845 chipset early

Intel has officially denied that it plans to bring forward the release of the DDR version of its i845 chipset, but Taiwanese memory and mobo companies insist that that is exactly what the chip giant will do.
Tony Smith, 23 Aug 2001

Sony's next Clié – N750C, N760C or what?

The rumours surrounding Sony's next Clié, the N750C, which we reported on yesterday (see Sony to upgrade Palm-based PDA to 32-bit colour), are increasingly looking false, and news of an alternative upgrade - albeit a more modest one - aren't much more credible.
Tony Smith, 23 Aug 2001

US GameCube launch delayed

Nintendo is delaying the US launch of the GameCube by two weeks to make sure its got enough units ready to make a big impact.
Eurogamer.net, 23 Aug 2001

Nanya begins bulk shipments of DDR333

Taiwanese memory maker Nanya has begun volume production of 128Mb and 256Mb 166MHz DDR333 SDRAM chips.
Tony Smith, 23 Aug 2001

Oftel bangs heads in LLU row

Oftel has waded into the row between BT and rival telcos to set service levels and compensation rates for those wanting to unbundle local loops.
Tim Richardson, 23 Aug 2001

Net users demand ‘affordable’ access in Ireland

An Internet pressure group is hoping that a meeting planned for next week will help kick-start the introduction of affordable Net access in Ireland.
Tim Richardson, 23 Aug 2001

VIA income falls well below expectations

VIA performed rather more badly during its second fiscal quarter than analysts had been expecting it emerged yesterday after the company release its latest financial figures.
Tony Smith, 23 Aug 2001

VIA ‘scare tactics’ claim ups ante in war of words with Intel

VIA today accused Intel of employing "scare tactics" to dissuade mobo makers and PC vendors from choosing its P4X266 Pentium 4 DDR SDRAM chipset.
Tony Smith, 23 Aug 2001

Qwest tries to worm its way off hook for Code Red outages

Qwest has turned down request by Washington's state attorney to refund clients whose DSL connections might have been affected by the Code Red worm.
John Leyden, 23 Aug 2001

Grey market resellers hit back at MS ‘intimidation’

This week Microsoft churned out one of its regular press releases accusing two companies of selling counterfeit software.
Linda Harrison, 23 Aug 2001

Keyboards spread disease

This is a Register Health Warning: Computer keyboards spread disease. Or so an "alarming Health Zone" experiment conducted by The Mirror claims.
Drew Cullen, 23 Aug 2001

BT cautions 400 users about excessive Net use

BT has warned 400 of its AnyTime customers that they might be using the Net access service too much.
Tim Richardson, 23 Aug 2001

Kyocera posts profit warning

Kyocera Corp today warned it would miss its profit forecast for the current fiscal year.
Linda Harrison, 23 Aug 2001

MS poised to win rights to UK govt tech for peanuts

The British government is poised to license world-beating intellectual property to Microsoft "for a song," according to British civil service sources. Discussions concerning the deal for the IP, which is associated with the controversial Government Gateway project Microsoft is currently involved in, are going ahead despite the apparent cooling of the relationship between Redmond and the Office of the e-envoy Andrew Pinder, who is charged with getting British government online by 2005.
John Lettice, 23 Aug 2001

PQ to release WinXP version of Partition Magic next week

One of the snagettes about the WinXP beta has been that Microsoft did a point rev on the file system, from NTFS 5.0 to 5.1, thus breaking disk management systems that had anything to do with it, and making life awkward for people wanting, say, to run the beta boot-managed with other operating systems. Other non-Microsoft operating systems, that is, because there's no problem within the Redmond portfolio.
John Lettice, 23 Aug 2001

IBM stalls on Regatta stalls

We're tolerant people at The Register. Tolerant to a fault: so when a respected industry veteran starts talking about its fault tolerant servers, we're naturally not going to get too picky if we can't actually receive the material because of ... er, faults on its servers. Are we?
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Aug 2001

Prostitution, Web cams and political corruption

An online news service which used prostitutes and hidden cameras to expose political corruption has become the subject of a government inquiry in India.
John Leyden, 23 Aug 2001

MP3.com source of Napster copyright theft, suit claims

You've heard of viral infection and viral marketing, now here's a new, even sillier one: viral copyright infringement. Yes, it does exist, it has to - MP3.com has just been sued over it.
Tony Smith, 23 Aug 2001

$15k reward offered for lost laptop

An unlucky traveller who lost his laptop on a flight is offering a $15,000 reward for its safe return.
Linda Harrison, 23 Aug 2001

Napster to launch subs service by year's end

Napster's subscription service won't kick off this summer as originally planned - and when it does, sometime by the end of the year, it really will be a pale shadow of its former self.
Tony Smith, 23 Aug 2001

Dell Inspiron 8100

ReviewIt's not often that a product leaves us speechless, but this month the Dell Inspiron 8100 enters this exclusive club. It is without a doubt the best notebook we have ever seen. It's not the most portable, or the most stylish, but it's the first mobile PC to leave even the most powerful desktops for dust.
PC Advisor, 23 Aug 2001

Bidders beware the L7NUX number plate

If you're interested in buying the L7NUX number plate, currently up for sale on eBay, you should think carefully before making a bid.
Robert Blincoe, 23 Aug 2001
Cat 5 cable

MemoWatch: Schacht plan for Lucent, Mark II

Bloomberg carried a story this morning suggesting that Lucent's plans to reorganise its business were put on hold, while its senior execs tried to stitch together a merger deal with Alcatel that might turn around its ailing business.
John Leyden, 23 Aug 2001

Loaded site is titsup.com

Publisher IPC is canning three Internet sites and shedding 90 staff. The sites to die are BEME.com; unmissabletv.com; and uploaded.com.
Robert Blincoe, 23 Aug 2001

Would you trust AOL?

AOL Time Warner is the least trusted company on the planet among e-shoppers, a survey out today claims.
Linda Harrison, 23 Aug 2001

Crypto boffins question SSH security

Cryptographic researchers have identified flaws in Secure Shell (SSH) which might allow hackers to obtain information about a user's password or traffic being sent using the secure protocol.
John Leyden, 23 Aug 2001

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