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MS stalks US local government

Microsoft has issued letters to 650 US local government authorities, asking them to conduct "voluntary software audits", according to information obtained by LinuxWorld.com
Drew Cullen, 22 Aug 2001

Intel eases XScale into Symbian phones

Intel is to provide hardware kits to help Symbian licencees produce 2.5G and 3G phones using the former's XScale processor.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Aug 2001

Apple eases QuickTime plug-in pain

Apple is providing an ActiveX plug-in that will allow users on Windows to view QuickTime media in Internet Explorer 6 after all.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Aug 2001

AOL bins 1700 jobs

AOL is to slash 1700 jobs in a bid to make it more efficient, the Internet giant confirmed yesterday.
Tim Richardson, 22 Aug 2001

Baltimore unveils lifeboat plan as 220 crew drowned

Internet security firm Baltimore Technologies is to sack 220 staff and to sell off its content security business
John Leyden, 22 Aug 2001

MS to mark Friday XP RTM with vapid chopper stunt

We suspect the sub editors may have been less than kind to the redoubtable Joe Wilcox of CNET. A story yesterday leads in with the bizarre claim that on Friday Bill Gates and Jim Allchin will deliver XP gold code to OEMs by helicopter, but then when what we presume is the true voice of Joe kicks in, it seems they'll just be pressing copies into the hands of the usual suspects (Capellas, Mikey et al) while the choppers whirl around Redmond.
John Lettice, 22 Aug 2001

Virgin.net goes unmetered

Virgin.net has confirmed it is to launch an unmetered Net access service in October.
Tim Richardson, 22 Aug 2001

Serious Outlook hole patched

MS Bug RoundupMS has patched a serious vulnerability in Outlook 2002 by which an attacker could take over one's machine. At issue is an ActiveX feature, the Outlook View Control, which enables mail folders to be viewed via Web pages. In Outlook 2K the flaw doesn't give up control, but could allow for minor mischief.
Thomas C Greene, 22 Aug 2001

IBM may sell Nintendo's PowerPC chip to others

IBM is considering shipping the PowerPC-based processor it designed for Nintendo's upcoming GameCube console as a standalone product.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2001

Apple posts Mac OS 9.2.1 upgrade

Apple has released the latest version of the classic Mac OS, 9.2.1, though as yet the company hasn't said in detail what the upgrade will do.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2001

Motorola moots Semicon Products Sector sell-off

Motorola has threatened to sell off its semiconductor unit - the division behind the PowerPC and Palm's Dragonball CPU - if the financially troubled operating can't turn itself around.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2001

Apple returns to UK expo scene

Apple is to once again attend a UK Mac show, having at last signed itself up for this year's MacExpo.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2001

Hackers deface World Cup Web site

S'kiddies have defaced the official home page of Japan's World Cup organising committee with an obscene message.
John Leyden, 22 Aug 2001

Sony to upgrade Palm-based PDA to 32-bit colour

Sony will unveil the latest addition to its Clié range late next month, according to sources cited by Web site PDA France.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2001

People hate email

Email is the least favoured form of business-to-consumer communication, according to The Henley Centre.
Tim Richardson, 22 Aug 2001

Leaked James Bond script is kosher

A script for the upcoming James Bond film - the super-spy's twentieth - leaked to Web site www.Bond20.com is the real thing. It is however only the first treatment and changes are likely to happen between now and the final shoot.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Aug 2001

Sharp launches next-gen Zaurus, promises 3G wireless version

Sharp said today that it is producing a handheld based on the next-generation of its Zaurus PDA and incorporating support for 3G wireless technology for Japanese cellular telco NTT DoCoMo, but it wouldn't say when it will ship.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2001

European Micro Plc to go into liquidation

European Micro Holdings (EMH) is to liquidate its debt-ridden UK-based distributor European Micro Plc which is going to leave it without an operating business.
Linda Harrison, 22 Aug 2001

HP to launch secure Linux today

UpdatedHewlett-Packard has launched a secure version of Linux later in a departure from the normal approach of partnering with Linux distributors, such as Red Hat.
John Leyden, 22 Aug 2001

Acer Labs backs AMD HyperTransport

Acer Labs has given AMD's HyperTransport the thumbs-up and will support the point-to-point bus technology in future south-bridge chips.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2001

Evesham Axis 1400

ReviewThe £1199 Evesham Axis may come with a Budget PC price tag, but its list of specifications would comfortably slot into our Power category. It hits the ground running with a blistering AMD Athlon 1.4GHz processor, and never really slips out of top gear. The 256MB of ultra-fast DDR memory is equally impressive, while the 40GB hard drive offers plenty of storage space.
PC Advisor, 22 Aug 2001

Ableauctions to buy iCollector

British auction site iCollector is set to be acquired by American site Ableauctions.com for $14 million (£9.6 million) in shares and deferred shares.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Aug 2001

The real Windows interface

You'll like this. An interactive Shockwave movie that threatens to offer you the Windows RG (really good edition) OS. It has all your favourite MS items, like crashing, eating huge chunks or memory, tons of error messages and so on.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Aug 2001

IT courses to be compulsory in China

China is to make IT a compulsory school subject for children as young as five.
Linda Harrison, 22 Aug 2001

It's the L7NUX number plate for sale, not L1NUX

The L7NUX number plate is up for sale on eBay UK - not L1NUX as we reported earlier.
Robert Blincoe, 22 Aug 2001

ExciteAtHome ditches Ernst & Young

ExciteAtHome has dumped Ernst & Young, the auditors who said they had "substantial doubt about the company's ability to continue as a going concern".
Tim Richardson, 22 Aug 2001

Chelsea heads the Premiership Net tables

UpdatedChelsea is set to win the Premiership league - in terms of the Internet anyway. In the second survey we've seen so far on football team Web sites in the UK Premiership league, Chelsea loaded faster than any others - in just 0.7 seconds.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Aug 2001

SonicBlue launches 'sub-$100' MP3 player

Portable digital music players are finally moving away from the 'ridiculously expensive' price bracket and into the 'affordable' range, if SonicBlue's latest launch, the $99 Rio One, is anything to go by.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2001

AMD trims prices by up to 49%

UpdatedAMD cut its prices yesterday, getting in ahead of Intel, which is expected to make major cuts to the Pentium 4 line next Sunday, 26 August. Intel will knock up to 55 per cent off P4 prices - AMD came close with cuts of up to 49 per cent. Here's how the new price structure - based on AMD's official pricing as of 20 August 2001and outlined on its Web site - maps out:
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2001

Dmitry hearing postponed

A pre-trial hearing involving the case against Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov, who is charged with offences under the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), has been postponed.
John Leyden, 22 Aug 2001

Welcome to Cliterati.co.uk

Next week will see the launch of a British text-based porn Web site for women.
Linda Harrison, 22 Aug 2001

More on the PCs for Kids / Microsoft battle

Following yesterday's story on Australian charity PCs for Kids and its ongoing argument with Microsoft over licences for the Windows OS it ships with second-hand computers, we have had a number of responses.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Aug 2001

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