15th August 2001 Archive

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  • MS asks court to wait while it delays

    IT's most appealing company...

    Software 15 08:17

  • Xbox not delayed by notabug in Intel mobo

    Well that's alright then...

    Channel 15 08:38

  • VIA launches controversial Pentium 4 chipset

    Intel's legal dogs yet to bite despite barks

    Channel 15 09:30

  • TV stars move in to Pig Brother sty

    Fantasy castle promised for cyber-hogs

    Media 15 09:43

  • Premiership football comes to broadband

    Video-on-demand access to top flight games

    Broadband 15 09:45

  • Palm m125 debuts on Web

    Some Photoshoppery, but basic pic looks good

    Personal 15 09:55

  • Nvidia Q2 sales, earnings up 50%

    Figures don't just buck industry trend, they micturate all over it

    Business 15 10:22

  • AOL UK gets new CEO

    Connie creator gets thumbs up

    e-Business 15 10:26

  • Was Gateway down to selling just 1,500 PCs a week in the UK?

    Do the sums

    Channel 15 10:29

  • Advertising Standards spanks companies over Net porn

    Police worries and women in bikinis offering RAM

    Media 15 11:09

  • 24 year-old Brit charged with virus writing

    Leave it out Gov

    Security 15 11:17

  • UK govt finally wakes up to Internet potential

    And it's the Department of Culture, Media and Sport that's got it

    Media 15 11:47

  • Computacenter expects sales growth slump in second half

    But profits leap 60% in H1

    Channel 15 11:55

  • Motorola fab plant shutdown affects 1,200 employees

    Mobile company not enjoying wafer mint

    Business 15 11:58

  • Benchmarks put skids under Microsoft's IA-64 pitch

    McKinley had better be very, very good

    Channel 15 12:03

  • Wireplay up for sale

    Gameplay Plc reduced to a shell

    e-Business 15 12:06

  • Calling all Vulture Central boy racers

    Reader gives Nascar 4 sim a Reg makeover

    Bootnotes 15 12:21

  • Intel 900MHz Xeon – too little too late

    High-end server chip may be obsolete on arrival

    Channel 15 14:11

  • The Reg Smartphone Roundup – The Verdict Is In

    Symbian, Microsoft or er,... none of the above?

    Personal 15 14:33

  • Intel Banias chipsets named

    Odum and Monterra, apparently, but other info very thin on the ground

    Channel 15 14:36

  • AMD to kill K6, K6-II, K6-III

    Desktop CPUs recast as embedded chips to be phased out by 2004

    Channel 15 14:36

  • Taiwan's DRAM producers agree to output cut

    In principle, at least, and won't help the market much in any case

    Channel 15 14:36

  • Millions wanted to paint dark side of moon red

    Forget Floyd, this is art

    Media 15 14:44

  • Web bugs thrive like cockroaches

    Up 488 per cent over the last three years and they're even on The Reg

    Security 15 14:52

  • More great comedy musi-visual mind-bending cartoon things

    Don't touch psychedelics before you click

    Bootnotes 15 15:03

  • Deutsche Telekom takes out full-page ads to explain share slump

    It's that silly stock exchange, pay them no attention

    Business 15 15:14

  • Register Reporter Required

    Time for a Change?

    Site News 15 15:24

  • Best Price Poweroid 2002

    Power PC

    Personal 15 15:27

  • UK.Internet.com death was VNU decision

    Did anyone notice this dotcom disappearance?

    e-Business 15 15:42

  • Yankee spies are rubbish, says Senate

    Or are they?

    Security 15 17:05

  • Avnet says it'll be profitable by December

    Suffers sales fall in Q4

    Channel 15 17:08

  • Microsoft seeks Linux-bashing .NET evangelist

    Sits vac

    Software 15 18:04