13th August 2001 Archive

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  • Affinity Internet munches Blue Carrots

    Cube8 exits ISP business

    e-Business 13 08:13

  • MS eases up on WinXP photos, Passport – but only sort of

    There's still plenty gold-mining in them thar hills...

    Software 13 09:29

  • Fear and Loathing in the co-lo cabinets

    Is that a frog in your pocket or are The Reg's servers down again?

    Media 13 09:34

  • Redstone hit by DTI/FSA investigation

    From bad to worse

    Broadband 13 09:45

  • Palm m125: spec. slips out

    To be released later this month, too

    Personal 13 10:06

  • Think tank urges face-scanning of the masses

    Bloody Quislings

    Security 13 10:10

  • Rambus must pay Infineon $7.12m

    But is free to sue again over DDR SDRAM patents

    Channel 13 10:40

  • Buy.com confirms Intel's next price cuts, 2GHz P4

    Updates site in line with 26 August announcement two weeks early

    Channel 13 11:13

  • BT to completely write-off Concert?

    Put the £1.2 billion down to experience

    Business 13 11:27

  • FBI swoop on $10.5m software piracy gang

    Forged copies of Windows Me amongst the haul

    Software 13 11:30

  • More ‘Palm ate my PC’ cases emerge

    Cradle power fluctuations and static electricity blamed

    Personal 13 11:41

  • Creative Tech to ship Audigy next month

    IEEE1394, MP3, Dolby Digital-based kit to revive revenues, company hopes

    Personal 13 11:59

  • Bill Gates spells out the future

    And guess what? It's the PC

    Business 13 12:00

  • Stelios fails to show outside AOL UK

    So far, anyhow

    Media 13 12:05

  • Haymarket suspends the net

    Internet mag crash

    Media 13 12:59

  • NTL to shut Welsh call centre

    135 jobs on the line

    Business 13 13:02

  • Hunt for Code Red authors turns into witch hunt

    29A deny involvement

    Security 13 13:07

  • Nikon Coolpix 995

    Digital camera

    Personal 13 14:22

  • TSMC, UMC July sales: no better than June

    Where did the recovery go

    Channel 13 15:02

  • Prostitutes inspire Russia e-government plans

    Strange but true

    Media 13 15:04

  • AOL dismisses job cuts claims

    Just 'rumours'

    e-Business 13 15:06

  • Yugoslavs develop mobile phone gun

    Der-der-der-der, der-der-der-der, der-der-der-der-bang

    Personal 13 15:08

  • CNET sneaks in European presence

    Whither now ZDNET

    e-Business 13 15:15

  • Emails will prove vital to Hamiltons' rape denial

    Internet may refute MP face-squatting allegations

    Media 13 15:49

  • Japan implicated in Kiwi hacking probe

    Tora! Tora! Tora! But evidence of cyberwar is pretty thin

    Security 13 15:53

  • NeonHippo launches FRIACO service

    Minnow in a big pond

    Media 13 16:07

  • Trojan Room coffee pot sells for £3,350

    Web star pulls in the starbucks

    Media 13 16:08

  • Badgers ate my phone line

    Badgers? We don't need no stinkin' Badgers!

    Bootnotes 13 16:10

  • Ex-Panrix boss launches micro PC assault on UK

    700 snapped up since June

    Channel 13 16:24

  • Code Red and the Cisco Side Effect

    Collateral damage irks users

    Security 13 17:38