7th August 2001 Archive

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  • Dell notebook production explodes…

    ...for contract manufacturer Compal, at any rate

    Personal 07 13:36

  • Chip wafer sales way down in Q2

    Cheap as chips

    Channel 07 13:40

  • Declining DRAM prices does for Nanya profits

    Large profit turns to loss

    Channel 07 13:43

  • Register downed by Router Failure

    Cisco Fiasco

    Site News 07 13:46

  • Is UD playing fair in the P2P quest for cancer drugs?

    Oxford University boffins speak to The Reg

    Media 07 13:48

  • Asia/Pacific to top Net usage by 2003

    US and Europe fight for second place

    Media 07 13:49

  • F-Secure cans one in five workers

    Losses narrow

    Business 07 13:50

  • Internet frees nicotine addicts from life of penury

    Smokers to become rich and happy

    Media 07 13:53

  • Nude Net use all the rage in Yorkshire

    Pants-only preferred in West Country...

    Media 07 13:57

  • Brits not trusted to work at home

    Oprah deemed too tempting

    Business 07 13:59

  • Google is in the black

    Search engine joins Hall of Fame

    e-Business 07 14:03

  • Business shuns bid to name kiddie after company

    'Microsoft' is such a nice name for a boy

    Business 07 14:03

  • Ryanair profits keep leaping

    Airline sees huge jumps in online revenue and profits

    Media 07 14:08

  • Sklyarov freed on Bail

    But court case trundles on

    Media 07 14:15

  • McAfee files patents for security as a service

    Good news for greedy lawyers

    Security 07 15:14

  • BT cuts broadband wholesale prices – again

    Targets business users this time

    Data Networking 07 15:17

  • Mesh Elite P4 1.8GT

    Power PC

    Personal 07 15:27

  • Trium Mondo GPRS

    Part Two...

    Personal 07 15:34

  • Wireless security is even flakier than we thought

    How to hack into a wireless LAN in less time than it takes to have a bath

    Security 07 16:12

  • MS poised to switch Windows file systems with Blackcomb

    At long last, Cairo...?

    Software 07 20:16