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Son of Code Red is born

A new IIS worm similar to the dreaded Code Red worm (which was supposed to break the Internet last week and didn't -- damn) has emerged over the weekend.

BT offered £18bn for phone network

BT has been offered £18 billion for its fixed line telecoms infrastructure, the Sunday Times reported yesterday.
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PCI-SIG says ‘yes’ to Intel's 3GIO

Intel's next-generation PC I/O bus, designed to be the successor to PCI and AGP, has won the backing of the PCI Special Interest Group.
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Time to declare first ever loss

Time Computers is to report its first ever loss, after 13 years in business, according to the Mail on Sunday.
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SirCam tops July virus charts

The privacy-threatening, bandwidth-stealing SirCam worm topped the Virus charts in June.
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Redbus-TeleCity merger hanging by a thread

Merger talks that would create Europe's largest Web hosting group are still on going - just.
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Theglobe.com spins out of orbit

Chat and gaming site theglobe.com is to shut most of its Web business and axe half its staff after falling victim to the online ad slump.
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Japanese boffins build robot receptionist

Japanese boffins have come up with what they say could become the world's first robot receptionist. The scientists working on the Erato Kitano Symbiotic System Project say they have developed a robot that can pick up human voices, even with background noise.
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Sony Vaio PCV-LX1

Review Rather than enter the market quietly and go along with the crowd, Sony likes to make the existing competition look dull and lacklustre. Games consoles and notebooks are two areas where Sony has succeeded in stirring up its rivals, and it has now decided to turn its hand to desktop PCs. Desktop PCs are renowned for being big, boring and beige, so Sony has produced a computer more in keeping with its consumer electronics background.
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Aussie MP in hacking probe

An Australian MP has become the centre of a hacking scandal following accusations that computers in his office were used to hack into the PCs of rival politicians in the New South Wales Parliament.
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Etailers tool up for eXmas

One hundred and thirty nine days to go until Christmas and the festive hype has already begun.
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Palm retains world marketshare lead – just

Gartner Dataquest's latest figures for the PDA market during the second quarter of the year continue to show what a tough time Palm had of three-month period.
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Internet sector is Hunky and Dory

Some comforting news for the tens of thousands of people who've lost their jobs and/or their life savings in the bombed-out Internet sector: everything will be hunky-dory.
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Judge lambasts Armani in domain name ruling

A Canadian artist has won the right to the www.armani.com domain, following a remarkable hearing at arbitrator WIPO.
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MS Passport security considered harmful

The lynchpin of Microsoft's web services - the Passport authentication service - has been found wanting in a study by two senior AT&T scientists.
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Free Sklyarov Now!

Protests against the continued incarceration of Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov are planned outside the courtroom where he faces a bail hearing today.
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So how much is Armani.com worth?

Following on from the recent WIPO case in which a judge ruled that Mr Anand Ramnath Mani (A.R.Mani) was entitled to the Armani.com domain, we pondered just how much Armani.com was worth.