2nd August 2001 Archive

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  • Senator's Net-legislation would jail school-kids

    Has he got your attention, voters?

    Security 02 06:48

  • And then there were two open source .NET clones

    Three's a crowd

    Software 02 09:35

  • Civilians at risk from unexploded WAP 2.0 specs

    Multimedia and push get the treatment

    Data Networking 02 09:50

  • Code Red Tribulation is nigh, Steve Gibson warns

    Run for your lives -- the Internet's crashing

    Security 02 09:54

  • Washington mobilises against Code Red resurgence

    Patch that box - now

    Security 02 09:54

  • Guardian lauds our skeptical Code-Red coverage

    One good plug deserves another

    Security 02 09:54

  • Intel chalks up win for ultra-dense blade server

    Crusoe castaway by low-power start-up

    Data Centre 02 10:19

  • Time outsources on-site support

    Lays off engineers

    Channel 02 10:22

  • Apple holds fire on iMac 2 until economy's right

    Consumers' wallets just not ready for it yet

    Mac Channel 02 10:25

  • Telewest signs up 1000 BB users a week

    Reports increased revenues as losses widen

    Media 02 10:38

  • SirCam worm enjoys virus gang bang

    Double the fun, double the infection

    Security 02 11:12

  • Free Internet Group calms nerves over network disruption


    Media 02 11:16

  • Microsoft enlists Psycho Killer to promote WinXP

    'I can't seem to face up to the Findings of Fact...'

    Software 02 11:21

  • ATI preps A3 alternative to Nvidia's nForce

    Due Q4, it's been a long time coming

    Channel 02 11:53

  • Sony censured for fair-trade violation

    Shouldn't have restricted sale of PlayStation games

    Business 02 12:11

  • Quark denies making ‘bug-free’ claim for Carbonised XPress

    All a terrible misunderstanding

    Mac Channel 02 12:20

  • Buffer overflow bug shakes Quake

    Network gamers asked to upgrade

    Security 02 12:23

  • Visioneer PrimaScan Colorado 2600U


    Personal 02 12:28

  • June chip sales slide

    Down 8.8% on May

    Business 02 12:42

  • IT companies urged to help human rights in China

    2008 Olympics should bring around Net change

    Business 02 14:42

  • Fujitsu bows out of desktop hard drive fight

    We had money on Samsung/Western Digital

    Business 02 14:44

  • UMC reports first loss in over ten years

    Will get worse before it gets better

    Channel 02 14:50

  • IBM's low pay drove me to start stripping

    Russ Meyer star chose blue films over Big Blue

    Bootnotes 02 15:04

  • Code Red hysteria – $8.7bn in damage estimated

    Here comes the charade of quotes

    Security 02 15:24

  • Tomb Raider maker apologises to real-life archaeologist

    Game doesn't contain any archaeology, apparently

    Bootnotes 02 16:05

  • Be sacks 28 staff

    Relying on a takeover now sales team's gone?

    Software 02 16:08

  • DoJ can't block WinXP launch

    Motion denied

    Software 02 19:35

  • Microsoft drops eleventh hour app blocking into WinXP

    Here's the banned list

    Software 02 19:43