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Justice mysteriously delayed for ‘Melissa’ author

Kevin Poulsen, 01 Aug 2001

Intergraph extends patent claims to Itanium

Intergraph is stepping up its patent war against Intel, with claims that the chip giant's Itanium chip utilises two of its proprietary technologies.
Drew Cullen, 01 Aug 2001

Cost of Net access to rise in Europe

Consumers in Europe can expect to pay more for Net access next year, according to Merrill Lynch.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2001

LogoWatch MySQL swims with the dolphins

Lester Haines, 01 Aug 2001

AMD's Dresden fab clocks up 10m Athlon dies

AMD's Fab 30 in Dresden, Germany, has shipped its 10 millionth Athlon chip die.
Robert Blincoe, 01 Aug 2001

T-Online losses widen

Losses at Europe's biggest ISP have increased tenfold, T-Online reported this morning.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2001

Intel licenses ARM's sixth-generation architecture

Intel and Texas Instruments have officially licensed ARM's ARM 6 architecture a week after both companies announced partnerships with Palm as part of the latter's shift to the ARM processor platform.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2001

DRAM production reduction talks fail

Some of the world's largest DRAM makers have failed to talk their fellows into a production reduction before the bottom drops out of the memory market completely.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2001

Coming Soon: The Plastic Bag Tax

Irish retailers could soon face a massive tax bill for placing goods in plastic bags - or rather their customers will pay.
Drew Cullen, 01 Aug 2001

Sun axes 300 jobs

Sun Microsystems is cut its headcount by 300 people over the next year as part of a plan to ask some people to find different jobs within the server giant, or accept a redundancy package.
John Leyden, 01 Aug 2001

Infogrames makes big games gains

Infogrames today said sales leapt 52 per cent in the fourth quarter.
Linda Harrison, 01 Aug 2001

Mac OS X 10.1 leaks confirm speed bump

Three versions of the long-awaited Puma upgrade to Mac OS X - version 10.1 - appear to be in circulation, according to BetaNews, and some fairly authoritative reports confirm that the speed improvements demonstrated by Steve Jobs at Macworld Expo New York are very real*.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Aug 2001

Priceline hits the black

Name your price Web business Priceline.com has turned in its first ever profit. It's feeling pretty confident and has raised its revenue and earnings per share forecasts for the current quarter.
Robert Blincoe, 01 Aug 2001

Intel Pentium 4 price cuts put pressure on mobo makers

Intel's aggressive Pentium 4 price reduction programme, with big cuts coming on 26 August and 28 October, is frustrating mobo component suppliers.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2001

Palm, Compaq head-to-head in Euro PDA market

Palm needs to work very hard on promoting itself in Europe if it's to avoid being eclipsed by Compaq's iPaq. The latest figures from market researcher Gartner Dataquest, for the year's second quarter, give Palm a mere two-and-a-bit per cent marketshare lead over Compaq.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2001

Cisco Training For Dummies

From October, Cisco plans to halve the length of its Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) programme exam to just one "extended" day.
IT-Analysis, 01 Aug 2001

Anti-rip CD system bypassed

Macrovision's SafeAudio technology, designed to prevent PC-owning music fans from ripping CD tracks onto their hard drives, has been bypassed.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2001

You want loyalty? Get a dog!

IT professionals switch jobs on average every three years, with more than half jumping the joint within this time.
Linda Harrison, 01 Aug 2001

Sony Vaio Music Clip MC-S50

ReviewSony has an uncanny knack of coming up with the 'must-have' products of the moment, seemingly unhindered by their high price tags. The Music Clip digital music player maintains this trend - it's delightfully dinky, but has a less-than-petite price tag.
PC Advisor, 01 Aug 2001

Do you want to own the Trojan Room coffee pot?

The world famous coffee pot in the Trojan Room of the Computer Science Department of Cambridge University is for sale on eBay. It was going to be chucked away as the department is moving to new premises, but instead its been decided to sell this little piece of Net history.
Robert Blincoe, 01 Aug 2001

Elitegroup preps fresh Palm clones

Taiwanese computer maker Elitegroup is to grow its family of Palm clones with three more models.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2001

UK's E-envoy upbeat about e-conomy

Government e-Envoy, Andrew Pinder, is confident that e-business is having a positive impact on the economy despite the continued fall-out from the downturn in the sector.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2001

Life, the universe and supercomputers

UpdatedTrade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt yesterday switched on a supercomputer at Durham University which academics hope will give fresh insights into the origin and creation of the universe.
John Leyden, 01 Aug 2001

Net ‘misuse’ costs corporate America $2,000 per second

Internet misuse costs corporate America more than $63 billion per year in lost productivity...says a report out today.
Linda Harrison, 01 Aug 2001

Nintendo will ship 500,000 GameCubes at Japan launch

Nintendo plans to ship 500,000 GameCubes for the Japanese launch of the console on 14 September according to games site Famitsu. Most of these will probably go to pre-orders, but thousands will pack into the centre of Tokyo's Akihabara district in time-honoured tradition to pick up their consoles.
Eurogamer.net, 01 Aug 2001

Motorola Accompli 008 communicator

The Reg Smartphone Roundup
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Aug 2001

Freeserve takes swipe at AOL's tax free status

The row over AOL UK's exemption from paying tax has spilled into adverts littering today's newspapers.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2001
Cat 5 cable

Mainstream wireless networking extended to 3km

PC component and peripheral maker Buffalo Technologies has stretched out wireless networking kit so that it works at a range of up to 3km.
John Leyden, 01 Aug 2001

July's cyber casualties revealed

With much of the Internet carnage neatly swept away, the number of dotcom deaths carried on falling in July.
Linda Harrison, 01 Aug 2001

Microsoft turns the drill on Bluetooth

Give The Beast some credit: it's never one to let an industry standards agreement pass by without taking the opportunity to kick somebody's shins. As the St Francis of Redmond almost said: where there is harmony, let us sow discord.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Aug 2001

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