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MS wants to mashup AOL's cable plans

Microsoft is looking to nobble AOL Time Warner's attempts to buy AT&T's cable business.
Robert Blincoe, 30 Jul 2001

The Cisco Borg Returns

Cisco Systems is back on the acquisition trail with the purchase of virtual private network (VPN) vendor Allegro Systems for $181 million in stock.
John Leyden, 30 Jul 2001

Terra Lycos Q2 sales jump

Terra Lycos, the Spanish/American ISP-cum- Net portal turned in Q2 sales of E180 million ($157.46 million), 34 per cent up on Q2, 2000. The company also pulled a rabbit out of the hat, with revenues E10-15 million higher than its previously published forecasts for the quarter (E165-170 million).
Drew Cullen, 30 Jul 2001

BT dismisses £8 billion bid for local loop

The consortium behind the £8 billion bid for BT's local loop network in the UK remains confident that BT hasn't walked away from the table.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jul 2001

Ebookers posts reduced losses

Ebookers today posted reduced losses for the second quarter, while saying it expected to be cash flow positive by Q2 2001.
Linda Harrison, 30 Jul 2001

Mundie: 'Open Source isn't the issue'

Leaders of the Open Source community gathered in San Diego last week, and various panels discussed everything from Apache to Linux to XML during the week. The most anticipated events, however, were the keynotes and panel discussions featuring Microsoft v.p. Craig Mundie and Red Hat CTO Michael Tiemann. "Open Source isn't the issue."

Intel delivers enhanced mobile PIIIs

Intel has launched its first mobile Pentium III processors produced using a 0.13 micron process. The company says they are available in volume from today.
Robert Blincoe, 30 Jul 2001

Jabber builds IM bridge to SMS chat rooms

The open source instant messenger project Jabber has taken a step towards becoming the technology behind SMS chat rooms.
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Jul 2001

NEC MultiSync LCD1700M+

PC Advisor, 30 Jul 2001

Lights-out cost cutting drive at Lucent

Workers at Lucent are being left in the dark during the firm's expanded cost-cutting measures, literally.
John Leyden, 30 Jul 2001

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