27th July 2001 Archive

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  • FBI cyber-brainiacs infect themselves with SirCam

    Yet request more money from Congress

    Security 27 08:02

  • Watchdogs file Win-XP complaint with Feds

    'Unfair and deceptive trade practices' cited

    Software 27 09:33

  • More jobs to go at BT

    1,500 at BT Ignite offered voluntary redundancy

    Business 27 09:48

  • Microsoft reshuffles Windows roadmap, full .NET delayed?

    Pin the tail on the web services donkey

    Software 27 09:52

  • Scoot lives to fight another day (or two)

    End game approaches

    e-Business 27 09:53

  • Infineon samples low power Mobile-RAM for PDAs

    Follows Micron's BAT-RAM

    Channel 27 10:08

  • NEC feels the pain

    DRAM dropped in Scotland

    Business 27 10:23

  • Fujitsu plans on sacking thousands

    Major restructure

    Business 27 10:55

  • SGI to axe a quarter of its workforce

    Drastic measures follow huge loss, shrinking sales

    Business 27 10:57

  • Upbeat Qualcomm still minting it in

    The barmy army marches on

    Business 27 10:57

  • NTL warns of 5000 UK layoffs

    Spending spree takes its toll

    Broadband 27 11:03

  • AMD to take Mobile Athlon 4 to 1.3GHz by year's end

    Durons to speed up to, to 950MHz

    Channel 27 11:35

  • Matrox RT2500

    Video-editing tool

    Personal 27 11:37

  • DRAM scammers target UK trade

    Let’s be careful out there

    Channel 27 11:54

  • BT cuts price of DSL, gets arse in gear

    Has the monster telco turned over a new leaf?

    Broadband 27 12:03

  • Intel to launch enhanced mobile Pentium III CPUs on Monday

    0.13 micron Tualatin arrival imminent

    Channel 27 12:04

  • IT worker faces jail for installing screensaver at work

    15 years of porridge for taking part in distributed computing?

    Software 27 12:36

  • Symantec fails to stop SirCam

    Baltimore's MIMEsweeper also blows it

    Security 27 12:40

  • Purchasing holds B2B market steady – but i2 doesn't notice

    Vendor Blender

    e-Business 27 13:04

  • All hail Halle Berry!

    Readers praise the two sole highlights of 'Swordfish'

    Letters 27 14:00

  • You all excited about Big Brother tonight?

    Then get a life - like these people

    Media 27 14:25

  • Transmeta hit with second securities fraud class action

    Claims Crusoe isn't as fast or as power friendly as promised

    Channel 27 14:35

  • Linux PS2 website speaks with forked tongue

    Clear as mud, apparently

    Letters 27 14:39

  • Jam tomorrow for broadband suppliers

    Too late for Adaptive

    Broadband 27 14:41

  • BT will fail 20ft ADSL challenge

    Nah, sorry mate, more than my job's worth

    Letters 27 14:45

  • The most ridiculous computer application in the world?

    Quite possibly

    Software 27 14:49

  • Logitech mouse is female – official

    It never had balls in the first place

    Letters 27 14:50

  • 867MHz Power Mac G4 clocked to 1GHz+

    Not for the faint-hearted

    Mac Channel 27 15:00

  • Readers' Letters Oi, Blincoe, suck on this!

    Swordfish blowjob controversy reaches climax

    Letters 27 15:05

  • AOL-Time Warner first in there following MS step-down

    Icon hell

    Software 27 15:18

  • Suicidal GPRS pricing puts 3G at risk


    Data Networking 27 15:53

  • Today is Sysadmin Day

    Shower your BOFH with gifts

    Bootnotes 27 16:00

  • Top US execs pressure Congress to withhold Net privacy law

    We'll do it ourselves, you can trust us say IBM, GM, Amazon

    Media 27 16:37

  • Four new ways to stuff someone's Win machine

    Media Player threats, memory leaks, social engineering and more

    Software 27 18:57