25th July 2001 Archive

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  • US Senator aims to kill Win XP launch

    Maybe Gibson got to him

    Software 25 09:15

  • Stepstone needs more money


    e-Business 25 10:42

  • Elpida: DDR to outsell RDRAM in Q1 2002

    And may dominate DRAM biz in 2H 2002

    Channel 25 10:46

  • Intel to phase out Rambus bundles

    Selling enough P4s now so RDRAM carrot not needed

    Channel 25 10:50

  • Hewlett-Packard virtualises storage biz

    Buys StorageApps for $350m

    Data Centre 25 11:07

  • The axe falls at CNET

    Lops off 15% of heads

    e-Business 25 11:17

  • Mobo makers: Pentium 4 to dominate sales in Q4

    Gigabyte, Asustek etc. look to P4 to drive up average mobo prices

    Channel 25 11:24

  • Vodafone drops below Orange and BT Cellnet

    Stops fudging figures but still making more money

    Business 25 12:04

  • ‘Microsoft Assport’ going up and down

    A real game of cat and mouse

    Security 25 12:06

  • Palm m500 and m505

    Pair of PDAs

    Personal 25 12:26

  • Microsoft hints at Japanese Xbox delay

    But that's not what Bill promised...

    Personal 25 12:37

  • LogoWatch Special How Unix will save the planet

    Readers present convincing eco-case

    Bootnotes 25 12:40

  • Even when MS apes Unix the bugs keep cropping up

    Services For Unix has denial of service bug

    Security 25 12:44

  • Flashing film star knobs adorn mobiles

    Pick your favourite naked actor

    Personal 25 12:46

  • Posh Spice police suspect in phone crime

    And Consumer Association should be interested too

    Bootnotes 25 13:54

  • VIA Pentium 4 chipset ships to mobo makers

    Still set to undercut Intel on price

    Channel 25 14:24

  • 24xCD-R, 10xCD-RWs get pumped out

    Burn baby burn

    Personal 25 14:41

  • Outsourcing mucks up IT supply chain

    Woe is Cisco, Compaq, Palm etc.

    Channel 25 14:54

  • SiS Pentium 4 DDR chipset details leak

    Not as smart as Acer Labs' rival part

    Channel 25 15:01

  • RSA poses $200,000 crypto challenge

    Latest round of factoring competition sets tough test

    Security 25 15:03

  • BT promotes DIY DSL

    It's the only way you'll get it. Not til next year though

    Broadband 25 15:06

  • Metallica wants ‘to share music’

    Gone all pro-Napster? Not quite...

    Bootnotes 25 15:17

  • Hotmail fails to block SirCam worm

    MSN techies haven't bothered to update McAfee virus protection

    Security 25 16:43

  • This is the best Computer Science course in the UK

    Reg readers have their say

    Business 25 16:49

  • Be revenues rise 615% to $715,000

    Thanks to Sony

    Business 25 21:31