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AntiOffline founder reports to Club Fed

Jesus Oquendo, aka Sil, who maintains the quirky site AntiOffline, has been convicted of computer trespass and eavesdropping and sentenced to 27 months in a minimum security federal jail and ordered to pay $96,385 in restitution. He reports on Monday to serve his time.
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Tiscali settles Globalnet suit with £500k pay-off

In October 1986, Jeffrey Archer, the disgraced Conservative politician, paid prostitute Monica £2000 for not sleeping with her; in July 2001, Tiscali, the leading ISP, paid Globalnet Financial £500,000 for its subsidiary World Online not fibbing over membership and page impression numbers.
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Microsoft releases CE source code

Microsoft has made a portion of the Windows CE 3.0 available as 'shared source', as promised. Friday's announcement sees a new licence which has at the very least the virtue of simplicity.
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ARM scores with licensing deals

ARM's Q2 profits have jumped 23 per cent to £8.3 million; up from the £6.7 million it scored a year earlier.
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SirCam virus hogs connections with spam

The SirCam mass mailing worm is becoming a major nuisance for Internet users as its numbers have steadily risen over the last week.
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Infineon posts Q3 loss

Infineon Technologies today posted a loss of 371 million euros ($322.58 million) for the third quarter, warning it would stay in the red for the rest of its fiscal year.

Motorola changes face of mobile industry

Motorola has decided to sell its proprietary technology for 2.5 and 3G phones to rivals, threatening to change the face of the mobile industry forever.
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E-economy bosses get higher salaries outside London

E-execs can expect smaller salaries for working in London than in other parts of the UK, a survey out today claims.
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MS sells Expedia stake

Media company USA Networks said today it would buy a 75 per cent stake in travel dotcom Expedia.
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Broadband delays costing US $500bn per year

The US is missing out on $500 billion per year through broadband delays.
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Car boot software seller arrested after raid

Trading Standards has been on the warpath over pirated software again, this time probing the underground world of car booting*.
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Dell chops UK PC warranties

Dell has quietly chopped two years off its PC warranties in the UK.
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The Times they are a chargin'

The Times and Sunday Times are planning to charge for content on their Web sites, making them the first UK newspapers to attempt a subscription model.
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FTC to investigate Web's biggest search engines

A complaint has been filed with the Federal Trade Commission in the US against the Web's biggest search engines by a consumer watchdog group, Commercial Alert
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Online music to rocket; AOL wants to be at controls

The online music market is set to rocket at the rate of 43 per cent a year, making it worth $6.2 billion (£4.4 billion) by 2006, according to Jupiter Media Matrix. And, unsurprisingly, AOL-Time Warner wants to be sitting right in the middle of it.
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Tosh punts out Pocket PC PDA

Toshiba has come out with two models of its Pocket PC PDA.
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Intel's Desktop Roadmap

Updated So how will Intel's decision, announced yesterday but expected for a week or so, affect its desktop roadmap? As yet, precise details of Intel's new roadmap haven't leaked out of the company, but we expect it to be pretty close to our current expectations, outlined below.
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Mustek GSmart 300

Review Mustek is best known for making flatbed scanners, but it's been branching out lately, launching a range of projectors, a DVD player and now a webcam, the GSmart 300. The GSmart 300 is a sleek, silver unit that can also be used as a digital camera. Once you've taken your snaps, you can plug the camera into your PC via the USB connection to download your photos.
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Tru64 tweaks come with intro of 1GHz Alpha

Compaq has begun shipping a 1GHz version of its Alpha EV68 processor in its GS series of AlphaServers.
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Buying Windows 98? Try a Linux for Idiots Guide too

Catalogue reseller Action Computers has decided that people thinking about purchasing Windows 98 from it would do well to consider Linux instead.
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Hackers run amok during Defcon

Hackers attending the annual Defcon hacker convention started as they meant to go on with one group embarking on a prolific defacement spree that claimed the scalps of 679 sites in just one minute.
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AMD grabs 50% of top vendors' consumer desktops

Top PC vendors reckon AMD has grabbed around half of their consumer desktop market from Intel.

HP moves towards molecular-scale computing

Hewlett-Packard has said its been awarded a key patent that could remove a major obstacle to making molecular-scale computing a reality.
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Oops! Leaked WinXP code contains valid product key

The latest WinXP RC1 leak makes the security of Microsoft's preview program download look feeble enough, but it turns out there's more - somebody seems to have left a working product key not very deeply buried in the iso. Naturally that product key will cease to work for Product Activation just as soon as Microsoft realises what happened (which is around now), but it does mean that anybody who got to the unauthorised download link has the capability to install the software.
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KIllustrator now called Kontour

The Linux based drawing program KIllustrator is now known as "Kontour".
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WinXP product activation cracked: totally, horribly, fatally

Since Microsoft introduced Windows Product Activation (WPA) the crackers have gone through a series of WinXP beta builds, finding new ways to at least circumvent the protection system. But now, taking an entirely different approach, Germany's Tecchannel has demonstrated that WPA as shipped in RC1 is full of gaping holes, and can be fooled almost completely.
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Adobe's legal attack dogs savage open source KIllustrator

Adobe's carefully cultivated 'nice guy' image has been found lacking in Germany. This is thanks to its law firm which is charging people on Adobe's behalf for the privilege of getting a stiff legal letter, writes Paul Nesbitt.
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eBook security debunker arrested by Feds

A Russian security expert has been arrested after making a presentation at Defcon pointing out the shortcomings of eBook security.
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Napster appeal deadline set

Napster has until 9 August to appeal against US District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel's ruling that it must stay offline until it can block every track that it's not permitted to allow on its network.
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Napster to ditch MP3 for proprietary format

Napster is going to ditch the MP3 format altogether and run instead with a proprietaryformat, .nap, that will include a digital rights aspect and keep music companies off its back.
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Archos Jukebox HD-MP3 Recorder

Review When we reviewed Archos' Jukebox 6000, we felt it was a good product hampered by some niggling flaws. Now the French manufacturer has released an updated version: the HD-MP3 Recorder. While many features remain the same - you can still play MP3s or back up your files to the 6GB hard drive - the updated model also allows you to record MP3s. However, it's important to note that the Jukebox can only play MP3 files, not WMA (Windows media audio) files.

Stateside GPRS launched, all dressed up, anywhere to go?

The much trumpeted 2.5G wireless data standard is now available in the US, as of today. Although now you'll have to look pretty hard to find it. AT&T Wireless has launched a service in the Seattle area for business subscribers, and promises to launch in "markets covering" 40 per cent of the US population by the end of the year, and 100 per cent by the end of 2002.
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Mesh redundancies follow night-shift proposal

Mesh has made nine people redundant at its Edinburgh plant.
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One 2 One chief in ‘Phones Too Cheap’ gaffe

European cellular networks are giving every indication that they intend to price gouge their way out of their debt woes, putting lucrative data revenues at risk.
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No TSMC job cuts or fab closures – Chairman Chang

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the world's biggest chip foundry, will not close fabs or cut its workforce, chairman Morris Chang has promised.

BT suggests more 3G sharing

BT has suggested another bout of 3G sharing, in the Netherlands this time. Chief exec of BT Wireless Peter Eskine told the Wall Street Journal that it has put forward a proposal to the five operators that they share just two networks rather than build five separate infrastructures.
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Times starts strategic alliance with porn companies

The Times newspaper has surprised us by signing up with the adult porn industry in a bid to make its Internet ventures pay. The paper said last week that it was considering different content-charging models and has since been carefully watched by other media organisations, keen to recoup some of their Internet investment.
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Philanderer-catching mobile phone launched

Taiwanese wives are scrambling to get their hands on high tech mobile phones designed to catch cheating husbands.
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Evesham grabs Creative Labs marketing man

Creative Labs has lost its European marketing manager to UK PC builder Evesham.com.
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PC World brings desktop chips in laptops idea to UK

PC World is claiming it's selling the 'UK's fastest laptop'. The bionic beast is an Advent brand 1.1GHz PIII notebook with 256Mb SDRAM and a 30Gb hard drive.
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Lastminute gets into takeaway food business

LastMinute.com has bought Urbanbite.com, a takeaway meal delivery site.
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Cablecos make broadband hay while Telcos delay

Big US telcos are less willing to go the extra mile for broadband these days - and this is leaving them dangerously exposed to cableco rivals, a specialist market research firm Mindbranc claims.

Sun kit souped up Grand Prix McLaren car

Champagne corks were popped over the weekend as Grand Prix team West McLaren Mercedes and technology partner Sun Microsystems celebrated a return to winning form at Silverstone.
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Revealed: What's in men's pants

Here's what to give the hi-tech professional who has everything - mobile trousers.

SlowCoMo delays i-Mode – Europe yawns

NTT DoCoMo's launch of i-Mode services in Europe looks likely to be delayed again, according to comments made by the company's Midori Matsubayashi yesterday. Matusbayashi blamed the protracted roll-out of GPRS services for the hold-up.
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Marijuana virus puts security to pot

An irritating but relatively harmless virus doing the rounds on the Internet is alienating potential supporters of legalising marijuana.
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DoS risk from Zip of death attacks on AV software?

Claims that anti-virus and content filtering packages may be vulnerable to a denial of service attacks through maliciously constructed compressed archives have generated a heated debate in the security industry.
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Prince Charles urges kids to ditch computer games for books

Prince Charles has called for more cash to be spent on books and the arts to drag children away from computer games.
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Prince Charles asked to start gaming

Prince Charles is being urged to squeeze computer games into his hectic schedule in an effort to combat his loathing of the pastime.
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Comet plans online auction for old computers

UK retailer Comet plans to launch an auction Web site to flog its old or damaged goods.
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Luke Ireland moves to Centerprise

Centerprise has poached Luke Ireland from rival UK PC builder Evesham.com.
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Buy Windows XP and grapple women's breasts

Updated again It's a situation nearly all of us have been in - trying to get a woman's bra off to sample the delights contained within. It's hard to put a time on it but any more than five seconds fumbling puts you into the embarrassment zone.

Sun Ray 1 smokes: but only a little, says recall letter

Sun Microsystems has announced the field replacement of an unspecified number of its Sun Ray 1 appliances because of a defective capacitor in its power supply circuitry.
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Compaq derides tin, praises services

Compaq showed journalists around a London demonstration facility yesterday in an event that was far more interesting in showing how Big Q is changing itself, than for what was said about the technology on show.
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Cost of goods online increases

The cost of shopping online increased 3.2 per cent in the six months to June - the eighth consecutive monthly price rise in a row.
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The most powerful new media people in the UK

The Guardian today has knocked out what it believes to be a list of the 100 most powerful people in the UK's media.
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Net over power lines concept is back

Trials are underway in Germany and Spain to provide broadband Internet over electricity cables at speeds up to 45Mbps.
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Afghanistan ‘bans’ the Internet

The Taliban has banned the use of the Internet in Afghanistan to stop "immoral" material flooding into the country.
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You've had the cyberlav, now here's the cyber parkbench

Bury St Edmunds is to be the first town in the UK to benefit from a cyberbench. Wtf is that? Well, it's a park bench that you can plug your laptop into.
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WIPO rewrites UDRP yet again

WIPO has done it again! In the case of Reg-vardy.com - set up by unhappy customer Dave Wilkinson to register his annoyance at car dealer Reg Vardy - the domain name arbitrator has decided to ignore the wording of the uniform dispute resolution policy to find in the company's favour. And even draws attention to the fact in its judgement.
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A major leap in CD jewel case technology

Updated If you're finding that regular sized CD cases are too fat, and those slimmer style ones are too flimsy, then have we got news for you.
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Newspaper announces Gerstner's retirement

Sunday Business, a UK newspaper about business which is published on Sundays, has announced Sir Lou Gerstner's retirement from IBM.
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Security patch approach is failing

A noted security expert has said current security practices are too reliant on expecting users to apply patches and has suggested better monitoring might lead to more robust security.
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Israelis get world's first McDonald's cybercafe

McDonald's has opened its first cyber fast food outlet.
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Fuller quits Telewest for Italian 3G birth

Bob Fuller, chief executive of Telewest's cable division, is to quit the company to head Hutchison Whampoa's 3G business in Italy.
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NTL fails broadband postcode test

How pushy is cableco NTL in its bid to get punters to sign up to its broadband service?
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BT DSL – a miracle cure for business

Research commissioned by BT has found that broadband technology lowers costs for businesses, improves efficiency and productivity, and makes great strides towards profitability.
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One month on, what has the UK e-minister done for the Internet?

It's been over a month now since the new e-minister Douglas Alexander took his post as junior minister in the DTi. Seeing as the government has repeatedly told us how important the Internet and e-commerce is to its plans, and accounting for suggestions that Mr Alexander was little more than a political posting by chancellor Gordon Brown in return for his help in the election, we thought we'd review his performance so far.
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Annual report paints Oftel in new light

Promoting access to the Internet was an "important focus of Oftel's work in a year when around 2.75 million more homes were connected up to the Internet", the winged watchdog claimed in its annual report published today.
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El Reg's fave security/hacking links

Security Related SecurityFocus: Home of the BugTraq archives; security consulting services; links to security/hacking news from around the Web (updated continuously); and fine, original articles by Kevin Poulsen and guest contributors (including El Reg's own, by virtue of a content sharing agreement). Security News Network ( …
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NASA scramjet probe hots up

On June 2 NASA's experimental scramjet - the X-43A - was completely destroyed during a test flight, as we previously reported.
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Perceived security risks vary widely across Europe

Firms in different European countries are divided on what security risks pose the biggest threat to their business. Multinationals are failing to take this into account when devising corporate policies.
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HP open sources gadget R&D

HP is to liberate some of its R&D crown jewels, much as IBM's AlphaWorks lab does now.
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Kodak DX3500

Review The DX3500 is aimed at newcomers to digital photography and comes bundled with Kodak's new EasyShare software, which makes transferring snaps to your PC a doddle. Once they're on your system, it helps you to edit and share them.
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Mobile production slips 16% in Q2

Worldwide mobile phone manufacture slipped 16 per cent in the second quarter.
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Fujitsu Siemens introduces 128-way Solaris server

Fujitsu Siemens has announced the availability of what it claims to be the world's most powerful Unix server, the 128-way Primepower 2000.
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Protesters lay siege to Adobe

Updated Angry computer users laid siege to Adobe's San Jose HQ this morning, in one of several rallies around the United States in protest at the arrest of Russian cryptographer Dmitry Sklyarov.
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Internet book publishing ruling breaks new ground

A ruling by a US judge may significantly change the book publishing business. A district court judge agreed with electronic book publisher RosettaBooks that traditional publishing houses do not have an automatic right to print their authors in an electronic format.

Microsoft banks on Sendo for smartphones

Snubbed by the phone industry giants, Microsoft is increasing its investment in the tiny British handset manufacturer Sendo.