18th July 2001 Archive

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  • Apple sees Mac sales grow despite market downturn

    Made $61m profit

    Mac Channel 18 07:34

  • Intel profits plunge 76 per cent

    Down 94 per cent if you add in one-off charges

    Business 18 09:37

  • Intel: desktop Pentium III to die before year-end

    Squeezed out like a zit between thumb of P4 and forefinger of Celeron

    Channel 18 10:00

  • Are you worried that your brain is frying?

    Try an air filled phone headset

    Personal 18 10:37

  • FBI ‘loses’ hundreds of laptops and guns

    Where did they see them last?

    Business 18 10:47

  • BT cleared of rigging Italian 3G auction

    Now it can sell its £250m stake in Blu

    Business 18 10:59

  • More evidence that the chips are down

    'It's pretty bad,' warn circuit etchers

    Channel 18 11:13

  • Hynix shuts US plant to limit DRAM output

    600 workers laid off

    Channel 18 11:33

  • AOL-Time Warner losses shrink

    Internet revenues up 13.4%

    Business 18 11:36

  • Compaq to sack two notebook makers?

    Quanta, Arima, Inventec and Mitac forced to play Russian Roulette

    Personal 18 11:38

  • 3G bankruptcy fears are ‘ludicrous’

    Mobile data no cash cow, but no dead donkey either

    Data Networking 18 11:42

  • Hotmail upgrade will make your life better

    No, really, Microsoft told us

    Media 18 12:07

  • Microsoft blesses Java for phones while it hides Java for Windows

    Windows Update mode only

    Software 18 13:29

  • Joker demands $1 million over hoax virus alert

    Symantec fails to see the funny side

    Security 18 13:40

  • Apple won't ship Mac OS X 10.1 until September

    Steve Jobs confirms rumours

    Mac Channel 18 14:39

  • Apple unveils faster iMacs, Power Mac G4s

    Pro line goes up to 867MHz. Gosh

    Mac Channel 18 15:01

  • Travel sites slammed over hidden charges

    Surfers paying up to 3 times advertised fares

    e-Business 18 15:04

  • Marconi agm kicks off; Simpson holds firm

    Plus an interesting political tidbit for you

    Business 18 15:08

  • Matsushita pleads with staff to buy their own products

    Corporate desperation reaches new levels

    Business 18 15:36

  • Oracle didn't help Cisco see the precipice

    Reporting software shortcomings hit another firm

    Software 18 16:58

  • MEP Cashman tries to support pro-spam stance

    Warning: this may make you angry

    Media 18 17:05

  • Attrition performs defacement mirror autopsy

    And excoriates Wired 'cyberwar' journo

    Security 18 17:11