16th July 2001 Archive

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  • RDRAM sales to grow over 400% this month

    So says Kingston Technology

    Channel 16 09:37

  • DRAM market to get worse before it gets better – analyst

    Much worse...

    Channel 16 10:09

  • Korean cops clobber counterfeit-DRAM gang

    Glued 128MB Samsung modules together and sold them as 256MB parts, allegedly

    Channel 16 10:33

  • Intel knocks up to 37% off Mobile Pentium III prices

    Other cuts made too

    Channel 16 10:36

  • Baltimore denies it's in takeover talks with CA

    Vultures circle struggling security firm

    Business 16 11:00

  • NTL move on ITV Digital denied

    ITV Digital talking to 'virtually everyone in the industry'

    Business 16 11:09

  • Desktop Tualatin goes on sale in Japan

    1.13A GHz and 1.2GHz arrive

    Channel 16 11:43

  • Agere ditches USB 2.0 chip development

    It's not looking too popular

    Channel 16 12:52

  • Samsung revs 64-bit ARM, licenses Java

    Promises 800MHz on a 0.13 micron process

    Channel 16 13:29

  • WinXP ship date threatened by govt trial move?

    Preliminary injunctions, anyone?

    Software 16 13:35

  • New MS-Conxion leak allows WinXP RC1 free download

    Security? How exactly do you spell that?

    Software 16 14:08

  • ATI unwraps DirectX 8.1-based Smartshader

    No comment on what chip it will be used in though - or when it will appear

    Channel 16 14:39

  • Packetstorm rides again

    So what if there's no money in it

    Security 16 15:08

  • UMC cans 266 ‘slackers’

    Scapegoats for sales downturn?

    Channel 16 15:11

  • MAPS to start charging for anti-spam list

    And people get annoyed with arch-rival(s) ORBS

    Media 16 15:35

  • WinXP is now 'best OS for MP3 users,' says MS

    Doesn't stink after all. But it - yikes - costs...

    Software 16 16:06

  • Microsoft racing to patch Outlook flaw

    Nasty bug has more bite than we first suspected

    Security 16 16:31

  • Dotcom goldrush causes VeriSign to restrict registrar bandwidth

    The two-year itch

    Media 16 16:41

  • Nokia xDSL modems are shocking – official

    'A small risk of electrocution'

    Personal 16 17:00