13th July 2001 Archive

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  • AMD Q2 sales fall 16%

    Sales warning realised

    Channel 13 Jul 09:35

  • Quark joins the Mac OS X waiting game

    There's a new Mac OS? Sure. Whenever...

    Mac Channel 13 Jul 09:50

  • New Mexico pulls out of Microsoft anti-trust suit

    Happy with Beast of Redmond's concessions apparently

    Software 13 Jul 09:53

  • Juniper makes Q2 loss, but says Q3 and Q4 revenues won't slide

    Who'd be in networking

    Data Networking 13 Jul 10:15

  • Rambus revenues, earnings plummet

    Big quarter-on-quarter falls driven by downturn in DRAM prices

    Business 13 Jul 10:29

  • Taiwan chip sales fall in June

    Opinion divided for Q3

    Channel 13 Jul 10:40

  • FOTW Friday 13th Pt. 437

    Thomas C. Greene is 'paid MS stooge'. Again

    Letters 13 Jul 10:44

  • Carphone Warehouse founder retires at 37; lives the easy life

    The Ringo Starr of phone shop tycoons

    Business 13 Jul 11:09

  • Future ditches 140 UK jobs

    Wants to save £8.5m a year

    Business 13 Jul 11:39

  • Canon PowerShot A20

    Digital camera

    Personal 13 Jul 11:50

  • Ballmer is Fester and we can prove it

    Pictoral evidence mounts

    Letters 13 Jul 11:53

  • AOL-Time Warner back in takeover talks with IPC

    New media giant after magazine publisher. God help us all

    Business 13 Jul 11:59

  • Gartner sees civil lawsuit brewing over WinXP

    New features tempt fate...

    Software 13 Jul 13:54

  • Guninski finds new ActiveX security hole in OXP

    Outlook strikes again...

    Software 13 Jul 14:17

  • Easy-off.com escapes violation

    Stelios Haji-Ioannou fails to rip off knickers

    Letters 13 Jul 14:37

  • Napster down until futher notice

    Has to show court it can block all copyright material

    Media 13 Jul 14:42

  • Wtf is a 'farmer's blow'?

    Calling all mucus experts...

    Letters 13 Jul 14:45

  • Reader gets feisty in a WinXP/IE Babylon stylee

    Well, you think of a better headline then...

    Letters 13 Jul 14:49

  • MS chases Windows licence fee from kids charity

    But charity begins at Redmond

    Business 13 Jul 15:30

  • Readers' Letters CD website attempts to bribe Reg

    Friday 13th proves unlucky for Internet wideboy

    Letters 13 Jul 15:49

  • Ofcom gets Govt Go-ahead

    About bloody time too

    Media 13 Jul 16:02

  • Napster bends over and takes it from Metallica

    Grovelling apology ends legal action

    Media 13 Jul 16:37

  • MS security chief talks raw sockets with the Reg

    And agrees with us, not surprisingly

    Software 13 Jul 18:34