12th July 2001 Archive

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  • MS takes $2.6bn hit on cable, telecoms stocks

    Maffei's revenge...

    Software 12 Jul 09:55

  • Motorola posts loss, declares war on Turks

    About that $2 billion we loaned you...

    Business 12 Jul 10:01

  • Samsung is sampling 300MHz DDR SDRAM

    Says it goes like 2.4Gbps clappers

    Channel 12 Jul 10:30

  • STMicro posts $164m loss

    Sales forecast to drop in Q3

    Business 12 Jul 10:44

  • Yahoo! Q2! Revenues! Fall!

    Opzoomer! appointed! MD! Yahoo! Europe!

    e-Business 12 Jul 10:45

  • Can WinXP Product Activation be reverse engineered?

    It's beginning to look possible...

    Software 12 Jul 11:38

  • M'Soft and Intel scramble into ethical share index

    Deemed socially responsible by FTSE. Are they sure?

    Business 12 Jul 11:38

  • BT threatened with 75,000 strike action

    Union angry about Indian outsourcing trial

    Business 12 Jul 11:40

  • PDA Psioneer mulls licensing hardware, IP

    Wound licking and navel gazing

    Personal 12 Jul 12:03

  • Anyone fancy watching French football on their phone?

    No? Well that buggers up Orange's 3G plans then

    Data Networking 12 Jul 12:07

  • IRC network comes under denial of service attack

    Effing annoying for EFNet users

    Security 12 Jul 12:12

  • UK manufacturer launches stool-sampling cyberjohn

    Twyford completely takes the piss

    Bootnotes 12 Jul 13:36

  • UK data protection complaints increase

    Blame the Net - everyone else does

    Media 12 Jul 13:41

  • Californian space tax scheme kyboshed

    Commonsense prevails

    Business 12 Jul 14:03

  • Samsung SyncMaster 151MP

    Flat-panel monitor

    Personal 12 Jul 14:38

  • Baltimore Technologies faces takeover action

    By nobby nobody firm looking for publicity

    Business 12 Jul 15:08

  • Napster in a coma

    I know, I know, it's serious

    Media 12 Jul 15:16

  • Redlined Word doc prematurely reveals UK govt policy

    Do I have to speak to these tossers? 'I'm so delighted to be here...'

    Software 12 Jul 16:12

  • Text a cab in Dublin

    Sounds crap, but this is actually a really good idea

    Data Networking 12 Jul 16:39

  • US dotcom keeps ownership of SouthAfrica.com

    South Africa the country backs down

    Media 12 Jul 17:35