11th July 2001 Archive

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  • London still best place in UK to get rich

    Rolling in IT

    Business 11 07:59

  • Thus posts improved numbers

    Well, well, well

    Business 11 09:43

  • Durlacher burned by dotcoms and telecoms

    Will make 'substantial trading loss' for year

    e-Business 11 10:08

  • Psion sacks 250; delays Bluetooth; runs from consumers

    Business restructure

    Personal 11 10:25

  • Compaq warns of 4,000 more layoffs

    Europe blamed

    Business 11 10:33

  • Lucent to lay off 30% of senior managers

    Ex-workers go postal with bomb threats

    Data Networking 11 10:51

  • Why ICANN's domain dispute rules are flawed: Part I

    The history and problems with the policy

    Media 11 11:52

  • Why ICANN's domain dispute rules are flawed: Part II

    More problems with it. And what is the future?

    Media 11 12:15

  • Intel pulls shipment of high-end server chip

    900MHz Xeons in fall over mode

    Channel 11 12:19

  • SGI takes a hit

    Loses CFO, downgraded to underperform

    Business 11 12:34

  • SlowCoMo recalls iMode phones again

    Third time unlucky

    Data Networking 11 12:41

  • BT in digital TV deal

    BT 'running scared', says NTL

    Business 11 13:31

  • The Internet is the root of all evil

    Destroyer of marriages, corrupter of the weak

    Media 11 13:44

  • Sony Clié PEG-S300/E

    Palmtop PC

    Personal 11 14:21

  • NEC plans to be first with 0.10 micron chip

    Taking orders in early 2003

    Channel 11 14:36

  • IRS tries to tax outer space

    'Now my advice for those who die, declare the pennies on your eyes'

    Business 11 15:00

  • 42 million US workers log on in June

    And they're spending longer online

    Media 11 15:07

  • Europe bottles spam ban

    Don't complain - you elected them

    e-Business 11 15:08

  • DRAM nosedive continues

    128Mb chips going cheap

    Channel 11 15:35

  • Mobile operator HQs raided over price-fixing

    OFT! Get on the floor! Down! Down! Down!

    Business 11 15:44

  • Overhyped ThinkPad memory deal

    IBM makes a lot out of little

    Personal 11 15:47

  • WinXP pricing leaks again? SA bids $286 for Pro

    All these people just making it up, while MS hasn't decided yet. Right...

    Software 11 16:05

  • Netscape ruling a boost for online privacy

    SmartDownload equivalent to a free newspaper, says judge

    Media 11 17:03

  • Adobe on Apple: It's a family thing

    Ancient grudges, rows and pointless bickering, then?

    Mac Channel 11 18:46

  • Intel goes back to the future for memory

    Blobby circuits

    Channel 11 21:00

  • MS surrenders! IE not integrated with WinXP after all

    The hell it does...

    Software 11 21:56