10th July 2001 Archive

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  • Baltimore CEO quits


    Business 10 10:11

  • Dixons announces Kalms' replacement

    Former Shell CEO to take the reins

    Channel 10 10:30

  • So what's the best country in the world for IT?

    And how about for living? Not what you'd expect

    Business 10 11:14

  • Alcatel to pink slip 2,500 US workers

    Will the last person to leave the networking industry please turn off the lights

    Data Networking 10 11:30

  • SurfControl buoyed by increased revenues

    It pays to snoop

    Business 10 11:40

  • Euro i-mode launch delayed

    Partner problems

    Data Networking 10 11:42

  • NEC 'can't rule out' Scottish DRAM job cuts

    700 rumoured to be going

    Channel 10 11:44

  • Webvan drives into dotcom Death Valley

    Joins rivals in dotcom grocer graveyard

    e-Business 10 12:03

  • Bosses are snooping on 27 million workers worldwide

    Be afraid, etcetera etcetera

    Media 10 12:05

  • WinXP Product Activation decoded and analysed

    German outfit goes public with the truth and the proof

    Software 10 12:37

  • WinXP pricing data gets ‘disappeared’ by Amazon

    Some dummy must have pushed the button early by mistake...

    Software 10 13:05

  • Ericsson R520

    GPRS, Bluetooth, WAP 1.2 mobile phone

    Personal 10 13:48

  • FireWall-1 users feel the heat from security bug

    Packet header headache

    Security 10 14:06

  • Power tools and PCs: Swedish expert shows how

    Docktor Nårton slices through the crap...

    Bootnotes 10 14:21

  • Demon successfully challenges Bulger injunction

    Not liable for postings on its Web pages

    Media 10 15:16

  • KDE browser plugs-in Windows

    Flash today, QuickTime, WMP soon

    Software 10 15:40

  • Europe holds key vote on spam tomorrow

    Fingers crossed

    e-Business 10 15:45

  • Microsoft signs up VeriSign to secure .NET

    And HailStorm hits Network Solutions domain reg business

    Security 10 16:17

  • Hutchison picks Moto for 3G phones

    Handsets should appear Q3 2002

    Data Networking 10 16:34

  • Le Freeswerve takes swipe at Oftel report

    We got massive market share, says ISP

    Media 10 16:37

  • HP offers ‘pay as you go’ pricing for servers

    Like a cell phone contract

    Data Centre 10 17:35

  • Apple beefs up pro DVD know-how

    Spruced up

    Mac Channel 10 18:46