6th July 2001 Archive

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  • IIS buffer-overrun attack has been scripted

    No skillz? No worriez

    Software 06 Jul 07:42

  • Win2K becomes a spam relay

    SMTP authentication out of control

    Software 06 Jul 08:11

  • Phoenix BIOS phone-home questions addressed

    Technical details to follow, we're told

    Personal 06 Jul 09:00

  • IP Telephony poised to take off, at last

    Cisco breaks cover to urge firms to junk their PBXs

    Data Networking 06 Jul 09:33

  • iomart mops up OnCue's punters

    Failed broadband provider sells off customers cheap

    Broadband 06 Jul 09:35

  • 'Ballmer doesn't look like Uncle Fester' MS flack lashes out

    And The Guardian steals our jokes...

    Bootnotes 06 Jul 10:03

  • MS uk.gov deal wobbles as spin doctors seek revenge

    Time for the horse's head in the bed?

    Software 06 Jul 11:35

  • ‘Bill Gates’ hacker escapes jail

    Psychiatric and community service order for teen cracker Curador

    Security 06 Jul 11:38

  • MSN Instant Messenger still dead. But why?

    And do we really care?

    Media 06 Jul 11:43

  • BT mulls price cut for DSL

    Don't hold your breath

    Broadband 06 Jul 11:45

  • Technophobia drives politician from office

    Says can't cope with email, pulls out plug

    Media 06 Jul 11:47

  • AMD Q2 profits will miss forecasts by a mile

    Weak flash memory demand blamed

    Channel 06 Jul 11:48

  • Marconi drops even further; everyone suffers

    Seems folk ain't too happy

    Business 06 Jul 11:50

  • iDesk ex-employees mount slagfest

    Enough to make you wince

    Media 06 Jul 13:28

  • Nautilus resurfaces from Eazel wreckage

    File mangler breathes again

    Software 06 Jul 13:32

  • Bright Station retags itself smartly

    Raises £12 million

    Media 06 Jul 15:24

  • Europe should tackle home-grown Echelons, says MEP

    European spying as much a menace as US bugging

    Security 06 Jul 15:31

  • If you downloaded VirtuaGirl click here

    Don't panic. Just a small thing

    Media 06 Jul 17:28

  • Dot-commers to blame for anti-capitalist violence, says WTO boss

    Roll over, Lehrer

    Media 06 Jul 22:13