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WinXP RC1download leak is Preview Program code

The WinXP RC1 code that can be downloaded for free is actually the XP Preview Program code, it turns out. In order to get this you're supposed to give Microsoft money ($9.95 in the US and Canada, and £17.63 for a CD in the UK), fill in forms and have your Passport checked, but if you know the right URL, this is entirely unnecessary.
John Lettice, 05 Jul 2001

PS2 £150 ‘offer’ too good to be true?

A London company is under investigation by the police and Trading Standards over a PlayStation 2 offer that allegedly duped hundreds of British shoppers.
Linda Harrison, 05 Jul 2001

DRAM production cuts unlikely – analyst

The world's major DRAM makers are unlikely to follow fellow memory producer Hynix and cut chip production.
Tony Smith, 05 Jul 2001

Massive fall-out from Marconi share collapse

UpdatedMarconi's huge profit warning last night and its announcement that another 4000 jobs were to go have had huge knock-on effects both on the market and politically.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jul 2001

We can make money… honest – Scoot

Scoot has announced its quarterly results, showing a £24.3 million loss but with sales up £700,000 to £9.6 million. However, the loss per share was down, prompting the company to assure people it can become profitable by the end of next year.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jul 2001

Globalfarmers.com fails to see bumper harvest

UK dotcom Globalfarmers.com has gone into receivership and been put up for sale 18 months after nabbing investment worth £3.6 million.
Linda Harrison, 05 Jul 2001

Adobe freezing out Apple's Mac OS X?

UpdatedThe Web is rife with rumours of a chill in the relationship between Adobe and Apple. Adobe has supported the Mac for 16 years and its commitment forms a crucial part of Apple's appeal to the design and publishing industries.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jul 2001

Eizo FlexScan L461

ReviewFlat-panel displays are fast moving out of the luxury category into the affordable one, with prices falling from around £700 for a good 15in model to under £400. As this entry-level screen size becomes more reasonable, manufacturers are now offering users extra inches.
PC Advisor, 05 Jul 2001

DRAM refuses to be tickled into submission in June

DRAM memory chip prices refused to pick up in the past month, with 128MB prices bobbing around the $3.50 mark.
Linda Harrison, 05 Jul 2001

PlayStation 2 hard drive out on 19 July?

The much delayed PlayStation 2 hard disk, which includes not only 40GB of storage space, but also an Ethernet adaptor and 56Kbps modem, will be released in Japan on the 19 July, Web site The Magic Box is reporting.
Eurogamer.net, 05 Jul 2001

Aramiska to launch broadband satellite service in UK first

Aramiska is to roll-out its two-way broadband satellite service in the UK from the beginning of next year, the company confirmed today.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jul 2001

What's the best Computer Science course in the UK?

Help a Reg readerWe've had an email from a Canadian reader, David Powell, saying that he's planning to come over to Blighty and do a two-year computer course and wonders if we can recommend any particular places. He doesn't want to study in London and Dave reckons the course at Durham University looks a bit dull.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jul 2001

Xtempus sacks staff, shifts to mobile marketing and gaming

Mobile software company Xtempus has sacked 17 staff at its UK headquarters in London as part of a shift towards gaming and advertising and away from the corporate market.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jul 2001

UK ISP attacks BT for ditching unmetered access

BigBlueSky (BBS) has blamed BT for its decision to abandon its offer of unmetered Net access.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jul 2001

Itanic prices emerge

Intel has revealed at last what it charges for its Itanic processor, and like First Class tickets on the chip's ocean-going namesake, it's not what you'd call cheap.
Tony Smith, 05 Jul 2001
server room

Nokia and Qualcomm end CDMA stand-off

Qualcomm and Nokia have made peace, with the Rambus Inc of mobile phone air interfaces agreeing to extend Nokia's CDMA license at the same royalty rates the pair originally agreed in 1992.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jul 2001

T-Online ponders porn tie-up

Monster German ISP T-Online is considering providing porn in a bid to boost revenues.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jul 2001

Passengers in Ladbroke Grove train crash charged for journey

Passengers on the early morning commuter train that crashed at Ladbroke Grove in 1999, killing 31, had their accounts debited for the ticket price just hours after the tragedy.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jul 2001

Canadian cops probed over porn emails

Canadian police are under investigation for allegedly using government computers to swap porn and crime-scene pics.
Linda Harrison, 05 Jul 2001

MessageLabs launches email porn filtering service

MessageLabs has launched a service designed to provide firms with a more effective mechanism to scan incoming email for porn.
John Leyden, 05 Jul 2001

Captain Cyborg plans to build a better bionic nose

Sci-fi fantasist Kevin Warwick, aka Captain Cyborg, now reckons that due to his unique grasp of cybernetics he can improve the efficiency of your nose.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jul 2001

BT rips into BigBlueSky

BT has reacted angrily to accusations made by BigBlueSky (BBS) about the ISP's decision to scrap its unmetered phone service.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jul 2001

Max Vision begins 18-month term

Kevin Poulsen, 05 Jul 2001

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