4th July 2001 Archive

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  • Web-myth debunker's life threatened by Steve Gibson Groupie

    Better him than us....

    Security 04 04:07

  • Stratus preps high availability Linux port

    Something for the partners

    Data Centre 04 07:55

  • Porn VirtuaGirl is the best Net innovation we've seen for a year

    No, seriously

    Media 04 07:58

  • Ever-shrinking Merisel flogs Canadian sub

    SYNNEX new owner

    Channel 04 08:59

  • Siemens Business Services wants to fire 1,600 workers

    Subject to German union approval

    Channel 04 09:37

  • Microsoft to start selling WinXP Advanced Server now

    Early experience carrot dangled in front of customers

    Software 04 10:09

  • Dixons posts 5% rise in profits

    Good laptop sales balance weak PC business

    Channel 04 10:29

  • Intel to make ‘significant’ roadmap changes next week

    Leaked email hinting at the death of the desktop Pentium III?

    Channel 04 10:46

  • T-Online to shut three call centres

    200 jobs at risk

    Business 04 10:51

  • ISP help desk operator culls 120 staff

    LineOne and Virgin users could be put on hold

    Business 04 11:04

  • NTT DoCoMo pays $217m to put spam back into the can

    i-Mode users deluged with junk e-mail

    Data Networking 04 11:34

  • GUS boss bags £1.61m bonus

    Jungle.com owner doles out exec rewards

    Channel 04 11:37

  • Futurelink Europe up for sale

    Company formerly known as KNS

    Channel 04 11:39

  • AMD updates roadmap, delays desktop Athlon 4

    Adds server Durons too

    Channel 04 12:45

  • MSN stunts sex life

    Wot! No romance and sweet nothings?

    Media 04 14:13

  • CRN news editor in human torch drama

    Shirt ignited by candle in freak accident

    Bootnotes 04 14:26

  • Nokia 3330

    Mobile phone

    Personal 04 14:41

  • Netcraft posts June 2001 Web survey

    More Web numbers than you can shake a stick at

    Media 04 14:44

  • Isle of Man 3G network off and running

    But only with one phone in a small room at Manx Telecom headquarters

    Data Networking 04 15:17

  • WinXP RC1 leaks on web as fast MS download

    Door left open at Conxion again...

    Software 04 15:19

  • Government, military scramble for encryption technology

    Spend will grow more than 150% by 2007

    Security 04 15:32

  • HP prompts staff to take unpaid summer holidays

    Asked to 'rally on behalf of HP'

    Business 04 16:01

  • 20,000 World Online punters could be phoneless

    It's a 'shambles' says punter

    Business 04 16:05

  • Canadian Tire loses fight to call itself ‘crap’

    But everyone thinks we're crap, company tells WIPO

    Media 04 16:46

  • Money tracking by micro chip

    Mew processor raises privacy concerns

    Channel 04 17:05

  • Magistr continues three month reign as top virus

    June's Top Ten

    Security 04 17:20