29th June 2001 Archive

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  • UK Govt's stand on spam provokes angry backlash

    Give him a taste of his own medicine, say readers

    Media 29 Jun 10:08

  • MS and DoJ: hap-hap-happy as pigs in filth

    Somebody's lying

    Software 29 Jun 10:09

  • VIA sees C3 emerge as server chip

    US company going to put it into energy-efficient machines

    Channel 29 Jun 10:28

  • 3G phones to become ultimate crime-busting tool

    All thanks to the RIP Act

    Data Networking 29 Jun 10:28

  • Gameplay non-exec directors ‘resign’

    There ain't nobody here but us chickens

    Games Industry 29 Jun 10:44

  • Why are we all still using 1984 technology?

    US boffin offers his file wisdom

    Software 29 Jun 10:57

  • Cardiff City ace in “sheep shagging” contract

    Would ewe believe it!

    Bootnotes 29 Jun 11:21

  • AMD to ship 1.4GHz Athlon MP by August

    Online chip store's catalog says so

    Channel 29 Jun 11:31

  • Bailiffs on the way to Time Computers' shops

    The cheque must be in the post

    Channel 29 Jun 12:18

  • MySimon email flame gets too hot to handle

    Just f$%k off d&ck brain

    Media 29 Jun 12:24

  • Usenet creator dead

    RIP Jim Ellis

    Media 29 Jun 12:32

  • How MS is winning the court war by losing all the battles

    Still guilty in detail, but what's to be done? And when?

    Software 29 Jun 13:26

  • Britney gets hacked!

    Boy responsible strokes own ego

    Security 29 Jun 14:59

  • Orphans of Compaq's Alphacide bolt for the exit

    Could the last AXP user please turn out the light?

    Business 29 Jun 15:01

  • Sysadmins waste 75 days a year on site visits

    ...Remote software firm claims

    Data Centre 29 Jun 15:01

  • Stratus applies fault tolerant tech to Wintel boxes

    No longer faulty-tolerant?

    Data Centre 29 Jun 15:02

  • How to trace stolen notebooks over the Net

    Nice little earner

    Data Centre 29 Jun 15:02

  • Novell loves AMD MP


    Data Centre 29 Jun 15:02

  • Apple iBook


    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • NEC Powermate i-Select XL3 A1300

    Desktop PC

    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • Palm to give $2.3m of unsold PDAs to education

    Intel at it too

    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • Phoenix BIOS mobos phoning home?

    We still don't know

    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • Palm knuckles up to Gartner, sucks up to Big Biz

    Vibrant, Growing yet Balanced

    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • Sony DSC-P1

    3.3 megapixel digital camera

    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • Maxtor plans 137GB+ hard drives

    ATA Boy!

    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • Bluetooth fillip for Palm

    With some help from TDK

    Data Networking 29 Jun 15:03

  • Fancy a 1GB flash disk the size/weight of a plastic lighter?

    Plugs straight into the USB port

    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die

    US Army 'SmarTruck' takes up fight against deranged villainy worldwide

    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • Compaq displays upcoming Evo notebook

    PC Expo

    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • Fujitsu-Siemens B Series Bluetooth

    Power notebook

    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • Compaq launches smart card keyboard

    More PC Expo delights

    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • I use a Bluetooth headset and I'm no Nathan Barley, claims reader

    Sysadmin defends style choice

    Personal 29 Jun 15:03

  • Videologic VividXS

    Kyro II-based graphics card

    Personal 29 Jun 15:04

  • Don Capellas justifies Compaq Alphacide

    It's that essence rare

    Business 29 Jun 15:04

  • VA Linux quits hardware ahead of PC bloodbath

    Only CmdrTaco can save us now

    Business 29 Jun 15:05

  • BT to offer free voicemail from Monday

    The person you are calling is not available at the moment. Please leave a message after the tone.

    Business 29 Jun 15:44

  • Microsoft fails to renew its digital certificate

    Hardly encourages e-commerce, does it?

    Security 29 Jun 15:48

  • High street TFT displays hit £299

    The start of the mass market

    Personal 29 Jun 15:59

  • Online brigands take to billing fraud and identity theft

    Modern-day pirates

    Security 29 Jun 16:40

  • The Easy way to donate money to charity

    And other associated tales

    Media 29 Jun 16:53

  • Ericsson denies existence of second Symbian phone

    But we know better

    Personal 29 Jun 16:55