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Corel income increases

Corel has found itself in the black once again, with a small profit of $2.3 million (two cents a share).
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2001

UK Govt protects right to spam

The British Government once again voiced its commitment to the wired economy by attempting to talk its European partners into overturning their commitment to outlaw spam.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jun 2001
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Cabletron does OK amid networking gloom

Networking and telecoms outfit Cabletron Systems has surfed over the sea of despond afflicting its competitors by meeting industry expectations with its first quarter results.
John Leyden, 28 Jun 2001

MS kills off WinXP smart tag plans

Microsoft is pulling smart tags from the shipping version of Windows XP, due in late October. That doesn't mean they've gone away - they're still in Office XP, and have the potential to return in IE as a 'standard' feature, but presumably one of the tasks the XP coders have to perform is to take them out of RC1, which is expected next week.
John Lettice, 28 Jun 2001

Nintendo questions Xbox release date

Peter Main, Nintendo America's executive veep, has spoken out to Japanese magazine Famitsu about his thoughts on the Xbox and GameCube launches. "Microsoft has announced Nov. 8 as its launch date, but I don't think that's final," he said. "Gamecube will definitely launch on schedule though, and it will be a strong contender during the Christmas season."
Eurogamer.net, 28 Jun 2001

Lucent pushes back theoretical limits of fibre optics

Boffins at Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs have discovered that optic fibre cables can transmit 10 times more information than was previously thought possible.
John Leyden, 28 Jun 2001

MemoWatch Sex and drugs and tell-'e'-fones

BT keeps telling us what a great company it is. And here's proof of the spirit of this caring, sharing company. In an email sent to managers at BT Retail, it advises senior staff how to deal with drugs and alcohol problems among staff.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jun 2001

How the hell can you say GameCube will outsell Xbox by 2005?

Two days ago we wrote that Sony's PS2 will top sales in Europe, the US and Japan by 2005 in the next-generation console shoot-out. The Xbox will grab second position in Europe but come in third place behind Nintendo's GameCube in the US and Japan.
Robert Blincoe, 28 Jun 2001

UK govt new encryption system only works with MS kit

The UK government's increasing reliance on Microsoft software has been demonstrated yet again with leaked documents regarding its new email encryption system. The documents - available on the cryptome.org site here - show that the PGP setup will only work with Microsoft OSes and Microsoft's browser.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Jun 2001

Apple to buy PowerPC from Motorola?

Apple is set to wrest control of the PowerPC platform away from long-time partner Motorola through a clause in its agreement with the chip maker that allows it to buy Motorola's PowerPC assets for $500 million next year.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2001

Sony cuts PlayStation 2 price in Japan

Sony is cutting the price of its PlayStation 2 console in Japan.
Robert Blincoe, 28 Jun 2001

InterTrust asks court to ban Windows

InterTrust has extended its intellectual property infringement case against Microsoft a day after being granted one more patent centring on the secure transfer of digital content.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2001

This is how Easy Group enforces its domain name ‘rights’

Following our recent coverage and conversations with top Easy Group staff regarding the company's approach to other domains featuring the word "easy", we have been sent a copy of the letter sent out by Easy Group's lawyers Denton Wilde Sapte.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Jun 2001

SSH hits the fan for Cisco on security

Cisco products, including its PIX firewall, are subject to multiple vulnerabilities in Secure Shell (SSH) despite the fact problems with the protocol have been known about for almost a year.
John Leyden, 28 Jun 2001

PC Direct disappears from newsstands

VNU has shut down PC Direct, the UK newsstand magazine acquired through the purchase of Ziff-Davis' European interests.
Drew Cullen, 28 Jun 2001

Heads Oz wins; tails you lose

The Australian government in its bid to make recent lunatic Internet legislation work has offered Aussie gamblers the Holy Grail: they can collect their winnings but won't have to pay their losses.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Jun 2001

Acer Labs P4 chipset gets USB 2, Memory Stick support

Acer Labs' official Pentium 4 chipset spec has leaked out onto the Web after some sneaky so-and-so email details to Digit-Life.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2001

PC bigwigs eye US white box market

No-brand/lo-brand system builders shipped 21 per cent of all PCs sold in the US in Q1, 2001. The value of these so-called white box sales were $4.5 billion, according to IDC.
Drew Cullen, 28 Jun 2001

Electronics Boutique taps market for Euro growth

Electronics Boutique, the UK's biggest games retailer is issuing 17.2 million news shares to fund expansion in continental Europe.
Drew Cullen, 28 Jun 2001

Virginbiz.net in merger talks

Small-business portal, Virginbiz.net, is in merger talks with an unnamed industry player, the Richard Branson subsidiary confirmed today.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jun 2001

Random executions: Hotmail gets tough on spam

On-the-ball email providers take spam very seriously; none more so than Hotmail, apparently, which will eagerly can your account even if you only do - er - nothing? And even if nobody actually complains about you? This at least was the experience of Register reader Gareth Kitchener, who is not currently the proud owner of a hotmail.com address.
John Lettice, 28 Jun 2001

Fayrewood sales up

Sales at Fayrewood, the UK-listed, European operated IT distribution holding group, were up 54 per cent to £and profits were up 97 per cent to £10m. 260m for the year to 30 April, 2001.
Drew Cullen, 28 Jun 2001

Real Networks inks Symbian deal

Symbian has signed a deal with Real Networks which could see the latter become a ubiquitious bundle item on Symbian's smartphones.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Jun 2001

Dutch co to offer broadband via satellite in Europe

A new Dutch company is set to offer broadband services via satellite in Europe later this year.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jun 2001

Inside Mesa for OS X – past, present and future

The first major new office app for Apple's Mac OS X made its debut quietly last week, and as you can see from the screenshots below, it's very lovely indeed. But the Mesa spreadsheet actually has an interesting history in its own right. Paul Lynch of P&L Systems in the UK, which publishes Mesa for OS X and has kept the original NeXT version alive all these years, has an insight into the many twists and turns of Apple's OS strategy that's isn't often told. So indulge us.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Jun 2001

Transmeta sued over Crusoe performance claims

Transmeta has been hit with a class action lawsuit that claims its chips don't perform as promised, that it knew as much and hid the fact from potential investors when it IPO'd eight months ago.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2001

NTL gives broadband a kick with new service

NTL is to offer broadband access for PCs via TV set-top boxes, the cableco has announced.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jun 2001

MS not evil, baby strangling monopoly after all, say judges

The appeals court today handed Microsoft virtual total victory by tossing out practically all of Judge Jackson's earlier 'guilty as hell, take them out and shoot them,' verdict. For good measure, in a unanimous decision the court also tossed out Judge Jackson - if the new-look Bush DoJ doesn't cut a deal, then the case will be knocked back to a different judge.
John Lettice, 28 Jun 2001

Judge Jackson is a big fat idiot

If there's anyone to whom Microsoft owes a huge debt of gratitude today it would have to be District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, whose behavior behind the bench so appalled his peers on the appellate circuit that they've seen fit to vacate his rulings and disqualify him from further involvement in United States v. Microsoft.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Jun 2001

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