28th June 2001 Archive

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  • Corel income increases

    Not much sign of improvement when it comes to sales, though

    Business 28 09:17

  • UK Govt protects right to spam

    Defending the indefensible

    e-Business 28 09:23

  • Cabletron does OK amid networking gloom

    Holds its head above water

    Data Networking 28 09:34

  • MS kills off WinXP smart tag plans

    Careful though - it's probably a trap...

    Software 28 09:43

  • Nintendo questions Xbox release date

    Gamecube 'definitely on schedule'

    Games Industry 28 10:39

  • Lucent pushes back theoretical limits of fibre optics

    Boffins see the light

    Data Networking 28 10:42

  • MemoWatch Sex and drugs and tell-'e'-fones

    Employees say 'cheers' to BT's stand on booze and drugs

    Bootnotes 28 11:08

  • How the hell can you say GameCube will outsell Xbox by 2005?

    You need a big pair of crystal balls

    Games Industry 28 11:12

  • UK govt new encryption system only works with MS kit

    Isn't it time someone looked at this relationship?

    Software 28 11:14

  • Apple to buy PowerPC from Motorola?

    Email claims it looks that way

    Mac Channel 28 11:41

  • Sony cuts PlayStation 2 price in Japan

    By around $40

    Games Industry 28 12:31

  • InterTrust asks court to ban Windows

    Patent violation action stepped up

    Business 28 13:04

  • This is how Easy Group enforces its domain name ‘rights’

    Not Easy going

    Media 28 13:08

  • SSH hits the fan for Cisco on security

    Nine-month old risk resurfaces

    Security 28 13:12

  • PC Direct disappears from newsstands

    A nation yawns

    Business 28 13:14

  • Heads Oz wins; tails you lose

    Aussies go Net gambling barmy

    Media 28 13:18

  • Acer Labs P4 chipset gets USB 2, Memory Stick support

    As will upcoming Athlon 4 part

    Channel 28 13:40

  • PC bigwigs eye US white box market

    20pc+ of US PC sales

    Channel 28 14:16

  • Electronics Boutique taps market for Euro growth

    Shareholder placing

    Games Industry 28 14:41

  • Virginbiz.net in merger talks

    30 jobs at stake

    e-Business 28 14:51

  • Random executions: Hotmail gets tough on spam

    User kicked for not doing anything, and not being complained about either

    Media 28 14:56

  • Fayrewood sales up

    And other Channel Financial Flannel

    Channel 28 15:07

  • Real Networks inks Symbian deal

    Bundle of joy

    Business 28 15:12

  • Dutch co to offer broadband via satellite in Europe

    Is this the end of the 'broadband bottleneck'?

    Broadband 28 15:16

  • Inside Mesa for OS X – past, present and future

    A long day's journey into Cocoa

    Mac Channel 28 16:05

  • Transmeta sued over Crusoe performance claims

    It can't do what you said it could, class action alleges

    Channel 28 16:14

  • NTL gives broadband a kick with new service

    Get stuck in there

    Broadband 28 16:31

  • MS not evil, baby strangling monopoly after all, say judges

    Almost entirely totally exonerated and innocent, go back to go, bad DoJ and judge...

    Software 28 17:14

  • Judge Jackson is a big fat idiot

    But MS is hardly in the clear

    Software 28 20:01