27th June 2001 Archive

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  • MS to blow imaginary $1bn on hyping WinXP to stardom

    Sane voices to be drowned in four month carpet bombing

    Software 27 08:32

  • Alldas defaced!

    Occupational Hazard

    Media 27 08:48

  • Palm looks to profitability as Q4 losses, sales beat expectations

    Still has a lot of unsold kit to shift, though

    Business 27 09:23

  • Intel plans second 300mm development fab

    D1D in Hillsboro to pilot 0.10 micron production

    Channel 27 10:25

  • Tiscali to launch European broadband service in Autumn

    Mass market satellite service not pie in the sky

    Broadband 27 10:37

  • BT man injured as Networks Telecom stand collapses

    Shocked and concussed

    Bootnotes 27 10:46

  • 3Com loses $518m in Q4

    Might be profitable in Q4 next year, but it's 'risky'

    Business 27 10:50

  • Scoot.com shares halve as it runs out of cash

    CEO gone, CFO going

    e-Business 27 11:13

  • Easy now: Stelios calls to explain his company's behaviour

    Billionaire is master of his domain

    Media 27 11:43

  • Reg sinks claws into OS X paperbacks

    What's worth reading - and what isn't

    Mac Channel 27 12:21

  • Easynet in broadband marriage with Ipsaris

    Love at first site

    Broadband 27 13:01

  • Oftel finally gets to grips with local loop

    Pulls finger out, wipes egg off face

    Broadband 27 13:14

  • LDAP flap as passwords put at risk

    MS fails to RTFM on security, again

    Security 27 13:26

  • Alcatel ditches its fabs

    Needs to save money

    Business 27 13:33

  • Telewest clogs connections to promote benefits of broadband

    Leaves El Reg choked

    Bootnotes 27 14:44

  • Agnostics and Phantoms blamed for ecommerce failure

    More mumbo-jumbo from people with too much time on their hands

    e-Business 27 14:48

  • Intel invests in plastic memory – again

    Doubles its stake in 'Flash killer' Polymer RAM producer

    Channel 27 15:04

  • Trading Standards stomp on pirates

    Seize software worth £141,220

    Channel 27 15:07

  • Captain Cyborg infects Ireland

    Same old crap

    Bootnotes 27 15:17

  • Caldera defends pay-to-play license

    We've gotta make a dime

    Software 27 16:26

  • We really do love Doubleclick because…

    Outpourings of affection win dartboards

    Bootnotes 27 16:28

  • Intel confirms July for 1.8GHz Pentium 4 launch

    1.6GHz part coming soon too

    Channel 27 16:47

  • ATI loss improves – but not enough

    Sales ditto

    Business 27 17:12