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MS to blow imaginary $1bn on hyping WinXP to stardom

Whenever Redmond marketing says "$1 billion" you just know it's not going to be true. And this week's bid by Microsoft president and COO (didn't he do well?) Rick Belluzzo to kick-start the WinXP feeding frenzy is no exception.
John Lettice, 27 Jun 2001

Alldas defaced!

Alldas.de, the defacement archive, was... defaced yesterday.
Drew Cullen, 27 Jun 2001

Palm looks to profitability as Q4 losses, sales beat expectations

Palm reckons it will be back in the black by the end of the year but having just announced an operating loss of $153.6 million, it may have a tough time achieving its goal.
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2001

Intel plans second 300mm development fab

Intel plans to expand its Hillsboro, Oregon facility with a new development fab, according a planning permission application the chip giant filed with local authorities late last week.
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2001

Tiscali to launch European broadband service in Autumn

Tiscali is to offer hi-speed Internet services in Europe via satellite from the autumn in a move that could help ease the broadband bottleneck in parts of Europe.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jun 2001

BT man injured as Networks Telecom stand collapses

A BT staffer was hurt yesterday when a partition from the telecom giant's stand at the Networks Telecom show collapsed.
John Leyden, 27 Jun 2001

3Com loses $518m in Q4

3Com recorded a net loss of $518 million for its Q4; well up on the $147 million it lost in Q4 last year.
Robert Blincoe, 27 Jun 2001

Scoot.com shares halve as it runs out of cash

Shares in Scoot.com - the UK online directory - have halved this morning following an announcement that the company is almost out of money (it won't last the next 12 months).
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Jun 2001

Easy now: Stelios calls to explain his company's behaviour

We obviously struck a nerve on Tuesday when we reported Easy Group has made an out-of-court settlement with the owner of Easycar.com and Easyprotest.com. We drew attention to the previous cases Easy Group has initiated involving domain names beginning with "easy" and suggested it was a Napoleonic crusade.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Jun 2001

Reg sinks claws into OS X paperbacks

Learning to live with Mac OS XBrowsing through my favourite bookstore t'other day, I noticed that the once empty Macintosh section was now filled with shiny new titles offering to help anyone and everyone make the most of Mac OS X.
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2001

Easynet in broadband marriage with Ipsaris

Easynet has increased its standing as a European broadband player following the agreed merger with Marconi's high capacity optical network business, Ipsaris.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jun 2001

Oftel finally gets to grips with local loop

Oftel, in a face-saving exercise, has unveiled "four further measures" to promote local loop unbundling. It is a hearty but pathetic attempt to deflect criticism of the telecoms watchdog's role in opening the market up to competition. The failure to do so is a national embarrassment.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Jun 2001

LDAP flap as passwords put at risk

A flaw with the way Microsoft allows access to LDAP directories over the Internet could permit crackers to gain passwords and hack into database servers.
John Leyden, 27 Jun 2001

Alcatel ditches its fabs

Alcatel has said it will sell 108 of its 120 manufacturing plants in order to save on costs. The chairman of the French telecoms manufacturer Serge Tchuruk told the Wall Street Journal he expects the company to ditch the remaining fabs in the near future.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Jun 2001

Telewest clogs connections to promote benefits of broadband

Cable outfit Telewest has been sending a megabyte sized file puffing the merits of broadband to hacks with slow speed connections.
John Leyden, 27 Jun 2001

Agnostics and Phantoms blamed for ecommerce failure

More than $16 billion worth of online sales in Europe are generated by just 14 per cent of its population, according to a survey by Datamonitor.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jun 2001

Intel invests in plastic memory – again

Intel has renewed its investment in Norway-based Opticom ASA's programme to develop a possible successor to Flash memory made out of... er... plastic.
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2001

Trading Standards stomp on pirates

Trading Standards have been stomping on software pirates across the UK.
Robert Blincoe, 27 Jun 2001

Captain Cyborg infects Ireland

Captain Cyborg, fresh from filling the Swiss' ears with garbage has popped over to the emerald isle, our spies tell us, in order to prop up his existence as a visionary and academic.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Jun 2001

Caldera defends pay-to-play license

Caldera gave a robust defence of its decision to adopt per-system licensing for its new Workstation Linux distribution today, adding that it placed the company midway between Red Hat and Microsoft in the ideological debate about free software.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Jun 2001

We really do love Doubleclick because…

Competition resultOur Doubleclick competition has now closed, and we are pleased to announce the lucky four readers who will soon be enjoying a dartboard courtesy of the lads and ladettes at Hotbot.
Lester Haines, 27 Jun 2001

Intel confirms July for 1.8GHz Pentium 4 launch

Intel has confirmed the arrival of 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz Pentium 4 processors next month.
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2001

ATI loss improves – but not enough

ATI posted a Q3 loss of $4.2 million (two cents a share) on sales of $255.9 million today and admitted there is "more work to be done" to bring the company back to profitability.
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2001

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