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E-Shop until you E-Drop

UK Internauts are a nation of window shoppers who like nothing better than indulging in a spot of online retail therapy, according to the latest stats from NetValue.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jun 2001

Time Computers lays off more staff

The PC sales downturn still seems to be hitting Time Computers hard. The company is making between 9 and 12 people redundant from its returns department, and Time's manufacturing business VMT is slashing headcount by 15. The workers will leave on Friday.
Robert Blincoe, 26 Jun 2001

STMicro confirms it will use 'Kyro III, IV' chips

STMicroelectronics has confirmed it will license the next two generations of Imagination Technologies' PowerVR graphics acceleration chip designs - and sell products based upon them
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2001

The IT industry has never had it so good

The European IT industry attracted record levels of investment in 2000 - up 68 per cent from the year before to hit 11.5 billion euros (£7 billion), according to an extensive report just published by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jun 2001

Redstone CEO resigns

Redstone Telecom's chief exec, Graham Cove, has resigned from the company citing musical differences with the rest of the band - sorry, differences over the company's future direction.
Robert Blincoe, 26 Jun 2001

Customer collapse for fibre-optic networking biz

Applied Micro Circuits, which makes chips for fibre-optic networking kit, has slashed its Q1 sales forecasts by 53 per cent.
Robert Blincoe, 26 Jun 2001

Preliminary DDR II spec set

The next generation of DDR memory took a major step closer to the market yesterday when the semiconductor standards organisation JEDEC released its preliminary spec for the technology.
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2001

What do you mean we're in Italy? I've only got pesetas!

The dangers of booking flights online have been revealed thanks to the efforts of Michael Brown (25) and his girlfriend Kate Rogers (23). Having decided to take advantage of Ryanair's dirt-cheap online offer for flights to Europe, Kate booked her and Michael a holiday to Gerona, near Barcelona in the top right of Spain.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jun 2001

BT wireless adds to its top brass section

BT has named David Finch as chief finance officer of BT wireless.
Robert Blincoe, 26 Jun 2001

Texan billionaire seeks to oust CA's board

Texas, the spiritual home of the cowboy, used to be known for big hat wearing, baked bean eating, bull riders. Nowadays though there's a new image coming out of this western state. The bulls are still there of course, but this time they don't come in Rodeos, this year they come in bullishness. And this year they aren't taking any prisoners.
IT-Analysis, 26 Jun 2001

DRAM sales to plummet 55.1% in 2001

IDC has followed fellow market researcher and Doom-sayer Gartner Dataquest and issued a dire prediction for sales of memory chips this year.
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2001

Reg hack to face barrage of rotten fruit

The readers have spoken as to whether Kieren McCarthy should spend an afternoon in the stocks as punishment for alleged rigging of his Gharlane of Eddore poll and subsequent result.
Lester Haines, 26 Jun 2001

WebTop ‘no idea where Andy Mitchell is’

There are growing fears as to the whereabouts of former WebTop boss , Andy Mitchell.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jun 2001

Enter the Tory leadership race online

It's looks like man-of-many-chins Ken Clarke is about to enter the Tory leadership election, bringing the number up to five and so this is as good a time as any to plug a new online game built by Floppidog which aims to give you the unique political experience.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jun 2001

New improved BT washes whiter than white

BTopenworld is undergoing a "radical revamp" of its products and services as part of a "radical restructuring" of the telco's customer facing Internet business.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jun 2001

Nintendo's GameCube to outsell MS Xbox by 2005

Do you want to know who's going to be king of the next generation games consoles?
Robert Blincoe, 26 Jun 2001

We're not stamping on Web dissenters, says Easy Group

The director of corporate affairs for the Easy Group, James Rothnie, has been on the blower, taking issue with our story yesterday The Easy way to crush dissenting voices in which we reported the corporation has made legal threats against the owner of Easyprotest.com.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jun 2001

Napster signs indy labels

Napster does have some friends in the music industry: the UK-based Association of Independent Music and the Independent Music Companies Association, AIM's European opposite number.
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2001

MP3 owners get stroppy with open source coders

MP3 Pro is proving just as popular as its predecessor - the MP3 digital audio format. Pro has only been available for just under two weeks, and the software has already been downloaded above 600,000 times.
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2001

BT HQ tarnished by porn

BT's pulling out all the stops to spruce up its image and make out it's a new and dynamic forward-thinking, progressive company - a leader in the communications revolution.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jun 2001

Why the heck can't I download drivers?

Learning to live with Mac OS XEpson went down in my estimation this past weekend for not posting OS X printer drivers on its Web site. They're all there on the Mac OS X 10.0.0. CD for you, warbles the cheery Read Me page, to make installation easier for you.
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2001

Compaq Itanic strategy replacing ‘Porsche with a Yugo’ say users

LettersDigital has so far been relatively unsuccessful in establishing the Alpha as any kind of a serious Risc standard, but is nevertheless refusing to admit defeat, sees it as its major strategic line of business, and is selling off other, more profitable operations in order to dig itself out of its current crisis. - The Register (Issue 1), 25 July 1994
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jun 2001

Bloke in knickers and bra hoax fools The Sun

A London-based dotcom has admitted it was behind a hoax involving a revenge-seeking woman and a stack of pictures of her cheating boyfriend in red knickers and bra.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jun 2001

Radiohead bassist slams Cubase software

UpdatedRadiohead's bassist Colin Greenwood has kicked loose with his hardware and software preferences during an interview with UK site Culturelab.
Robert Blincoe, 26 Jun 2001

Verisign denies .biz crucifixion plan

Following our suggestion that VeriSign - owner of the .com, .net and currently .org domains and part-owner of the new .info domain - may be trying to screw up the .biz registration, we received this email today from Cheryl Regan of corporate marketing.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jun 2001

Caldera drops license bombshell

Caldera has confirmed that it is to enforce Microsoft-style, per-seat licensing for its new Workstation product released today.
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jun 2001

US Supremes defy online Media giants

We all know that the Titans of media and entertainment have waged a successful PR campaign inspiring the US Congress and courts to defend the holy sacrament of copyright; but we'll bet they never expected to be quite this successful:
Thomas C Greene, 26 Jun 2001

Napster blown out of appeals circuit

The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals has declined to review the February decision of a three-judge panel which upheld District Judge Marilyn Patel's injunction requiring Napster to remove copyrighted works from its network.
Thomas C Greene, 26 Jun 2001

Napster signs up UK indie labels

Good news at last for Napster, the once-loved, always hounded P2P music download operation.
Linda Harrison, 26 Jun 2001

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