26th June 2001 Archive

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  • E-Shop until you E-Drop

    UK nation of Shopping E-potatoes

    Media 26 07:35

  • Time Computers lays off more staff

    Morale below rock-bottom

    Channel 26 08:32

  • STMicro confirms it will use 'Kyro III, IV' chips

    PowerVR Series 4, 5 licensed

    Channel 26 10:00

  • The IT industry has never had it so good

    Record levels of investment. And the UK leads the way

    Business 26 10:24

  • Redstone CEO resigns

    Musical differences

    Broadband 26 10:26

  • Customer collapse for fibre-optic networking biz

    No one's making any money

    Data Networking 26 10:44

  • Preliminary DDR II spec set

    Standards setters now turn to DDR III

    Channel 26 10:51

  • What do you mean we're in Italy? I've only got pesetas!

    Online flight booking cock-up

    Media 26 11:00

  • BT wireless adds to its top brass section

    Beancounter appointed

    Business 26 11:01

  • Texan billionaire seeks to oust CA's board

    Don't write him off

    Software 26 11:15

  • DRAM sales to plummet 55.1% in 2001

    Outlook gets worse - but DDR picture is rosy

    Channel 26 11:19

  • Reg hack to face barrage of rotten fruit

    Reader poll consigns McCarthy to the stocks

    Bootnotes 26 12:00

  • WebTop ‘no idea where Andy Mitchell is’

    Search engine can't find former boss

    Bootnotes 26 12:04

  • Enter the Tory leadership race online

    Or at least get a feel for it in new online game

    Media 26 12:07

  • New improved BT washes whiter than white

    BT gets its metaphors in a muddle

    Broadband 26 13:34

  • Nintendo's GameCube to outsell MS Xbox by 2005

    Bloody close though

    Games Industry 26 13:35

  • We're not stamping on Web dissenters, says Easy Group

    All to do with intellectual property infringement

    Media 26 13:38

  • Napster signs indy labels

    Subscription service's artist roster grows

    Media 26 13:54

  • MP3 owners get stroppy with open source coders

    Even as MP3 Pro racks up 600,000 downloads in two weeks

    Software 26 14:47

  • BT HQ tarnished by porn

    It's all about image

    Bootnotes 26 14:53

  • Why the heck can't I download drivers?

    Plus: why Finder needs Carbon, and synching Palms

    Mac Channel 26 15:35

  • Compaq Itanic strategy replacing ‘Porsche with a Yugo’ say users

    More Alphacide grief

    Letters 26 16:17

  • Bloke in knickers and bra hoax fools The Sun

    Dotcom viral marketing scam

    Media 26 16:51

  • Radiohead bassist slams Cubase software

    Crashes too much

    Software 26 16:57

  • Verisign denies .biz crucifixion plan

    But then that won't come as much of a surprise

    Media 26 17:11

  • Caldera drops license bombshell

    Breaks taboo with MS-style pricing

    Software 26 17:58

  • US Supremes defy online Media giants

    Freelancers must be paid for Net editions

    Media 26 18:40

  • Napster blown out of appeals circuit

    Onward to the Supreme Court?

    Media 26 18:40

  • Napster signs up UK indie labels

    Teenage Dirtbags rejoice

    Media 26 22:11