21st June 2001 Archive

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  • Apple sued over printers it no longer makes

    HP already caved in on laser patent infringement case

    Mac Channel 21 09:35

  • Compaq top of the SAN tree

    Sells more than Sun, EMC, IBM put together

    Business 21 10:03

  • Quanta to beat Toshiba as lead notebook maker

    Strong portable PC sales and having Compaq, Dell, IBM, HP on client list helps

    Business 21 10:23

  • Gameplay knocks itself off Net

    Web sites vanish

    Games Industry 21 10:42

  • ICL brand put to the sword

    33-year old business taken under Fujitsu wing

    Business 21 10:55

  • Reg faces blasphemy charge

    Praise the Lord or face the consequences

    Bootnotes 21 11:08

  • Antitrust: MS is at it again with WinXP, say attorneys

    But no new lawsuits...

    Software 21 11:21

  • Canadian Commodore faces net porn keelhauling

    Cue seamen jokes...

    Media 21 12:06

  • 2001 worst DRAM year in history of world ever – the stats

    That's $14bn to you, sir

    Channel 21 12:08

  • Ballmer: no contingency plans for break up of MS

    A year on, he still hasn't noticed the court order, apparently...

    Software 21 12:12

  • Commie cell in MS secretly pushing GPL to customers

    The cancer spreads through Redmond itself...

    Software 21 13:21

  • IDC puts Linux use at 27 per cent

    Finger in the air method needs recalibrating

    Software 21 13:22

  • Reader Poll Do you want to know who Gharlane of Eddore is?

    Democracy in action

    Media 21 13:58

  • Americans have broadband – at work

    Entertainment vs information

    Broadband 21 14:19

  • Mac OS X's Finder: Cocoa rewrite not the answer

    Carbon just as good - if not better

    Mac Channel 21 14:58

  • Epson Perfection 1240U


    Business 21 15:40

  • Windows Minesweeper is an ‘offence to mine victims’

    Ban it now

    Media 21 15:46

  • Arrow, Avnet hit profit skids

    Component meltdown

    Channel 21 15:55

  • Choc-coated insect sales challenge Trading Standards

    Call to beef up e-commerce consumer protection

    e-Business 21 15:55

  • Readers turn searchlight on stealth controversy

    Does 'mobile phone' detection system really pose a threat?

    Business 21 16:02

  • New.net threatens to change Internet forever

    But what of the beast ICANN?

    Media 21 16:19

  • Reg victim of blasphemy hoax

    Hook, line, sinker. Plus two smoking barrels for the perpetrators

    Bootnotes 21 16:33

  • Palm preps ‘m300’ PDA

    Mid-way between m100 and m500, apparently

    Business 21 16:36

  • Nokia ships BOFH wonderphone

    Yoorp now, Merca later

    Business 21 16:53

  • Oracle bugs threaten database DoS attacks

    Look out!

    Security 21 16:56

  • This is how Microsoft will end up running the Internet

    Be afraid, be very afraid

    Media 21 17:01

  • Porn spam flood swamps Usenet

    Trojan frustrates users of security groups

    Security 21 17:04

  • Checkpoint ‘abuses dominant position’

    Rival complains to EC

    Security 21 21:39