20th June 2001 Archive

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  • e-Net goes into receivership

    You might know it as Relay Business Systems

    Channel 20 08:46

  • UK channel goes board crazy

    Elsa, Guillemot, DFI

    Channel 20 08:46

  • Two channel takeovers

    Disties and Legal VARs

    Channel 20 08:46

  • Intel axes 300 Danes

    To be or not to be

    Channel 20 09:10

  • Eagles have their wings clipped

    Desperados lose trademark lawsuit

    Media 20 10:29

  • Infineon Q3 sales slump 30%

    It's the puff-ball skirt of the chip market

    Channel 20 10:29

  • Women.com sued over plagiarism

    White text on a white background. Tut, tut

    Media 20 10:50

  • Sun challenges Intel to arm wrestling competition

    Who's the cock of servers?

    Bootnotes 20 10:54

  • WinXP server goes .NET – so good they named it twice

    We named it already? Doh...

    Software 20 11:27

  • Data Protection Registrar on UK data swapping plans

    Responds to digital ID card fears

    Business 20 11:38

  • Alba's Net TV is a dog

    The poodle perm of consumer hardware

    Business 20 11:39

  • Gharlane of Eddore is dead

    But who the hell was the Usenet hero?

    Media 20 11:42

  • RSA is bumflap of online insurers

    Missing dog stunt backfires

    Media 20 11:45

  • GPS used to spy on rental drivers

    Big Brother on board

    Business 20 12:10

  • Red Hat moves Into the black

    What tech recession?

    Software 20 12:12

  • Govt unveils new legislation in Queen's Speech

    And none of it has anything to do with technology

    Business 20 12:22

  • Toshiba is having summer chip plant shutdown

    Slashing memory output by 30%

    Channel 20 13:00

  • Phreaking cheap calls on offer

    Dial internationally at UK national rates

    Data Networking 20 13:15

  • GPL Pacman will eat your business, warns Gates

    Timely warning from The Great Engulfer himself

    Software 20 14:06

  • HP shows off home entertainment centre

    John Denver on 8-track stylee

    Business 20 14:23

  • ADI MicroScan i610

    Flat-panel monitor

    Business 20 14:38

  • Palm looks to Intel for next CPU?

    Rumour says so, but it sounds more like bargaining to us

    Business 20 15:12

  • Email on the way out

    We are reverting to being human again

    Media 20 15:22

  • Intel CEO takes on Postman Pat

    Intel's Barrett pins company future on broadband Internet

    Channel 20 15:39

  • Stealth detection system disappears from screens

    US military interest? Quite likely

    Data Networking 20 15:41

  • Thomas C Greene ties the knot

    Kevin Poulsen is best man

    Bootnotes 20 15:43

  • Bookham axes 100 workers

    Over-hyped optical networker warns sales to drop by half

    Business 20 15:47

  • Mitel founder honour enrages Canada

    Knighthood for Terry Matthews provokes international punch-up

    Bootnotes 20 15:50

  • Intel will pursue processor price war – Barrett

    80% or more marketshare by any means necessary

    Channel 20 15:51

  • Kournikova suspect to stand trial in September

    Dutch virus author likely to face light punishment

    Security 20 16:30

  • Sign up here for a trip to Mars

    NASA offers chance of space immortality

    Bootnotes 20 16:32

  • Trading Standards – the anorak of the wired world

    Investment needed to protect e-shoppers

    Media 20 16:34

  • VIA Pentium 4 chipset will undercut Intel's

    DDR chipset for 20% less than RDRAM part

    Channel 20 17:08

  • Sun Hardware Roadmaps rain on The Reg

    Safari, so good

    Business 20 17:24

  • Yahoo! execs should do time for Kiddie! Porn!

    Sez DoJ prosecutor turned family crusader

    Media 20 19:31

  • Transmeta transmittas profit alert


    Channel 20 21:54

  • World Bank faces online sit-in

    Guardian works itself into a lather over cyber activists

    Security 20 22:07