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MS confronts another IIS system-level hole

Microsoft IIS is open to total exploitation by an attacker who can establish a Web session and execute a buffer overrun against an ISAPI (Internet Server Application Programming Interface) extension which contains an unbounded buffer. The result would be system-level access, enabling an attacker to run arbitrary code against the machine, or make file and setup modifications of his or her choice.
Thomas C Greene, 19 Jun 2001

Apple offers six months' interest-free credit on iMacs

Apple UK's offer of interest-free credit for buyers of the current generation of iMac isn't quite as good a deal as it's cracked up to be.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2001

2001 worst year for DRAM demand in history of world… ever

Never before has the world's demand for memory chips been as low as it will be this year.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2001

Intel 0.13 micron server Tualatin is go

Intel will indeed release server-oriented 0.13 micron Pentium III processors today, one of the Great Satan's spokesimps has confirmed.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2001

Computacenter suffers slow Q2

Computacenter has issued a statement saying Q2 sales have been weaker than those in the first quarter.
Robert Blincoe, 19 Jun 2001

'CRM – the little black dress of IT'

El Reg is indebted to Johnson King Public Relations of Weston Street, London for blending fashion and IT in its bid to make CRM more sexy.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jun 2001

MI6 spy Tomlinson duped by the Russians?

Ex-MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson may well have been duped by Russian intelligence in the publication of his book on Britain's secret services, The Big Breach.
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Jun 2001

WSJ takes the rap for MSNBC snafu

A cock-up and not a conspiracy appears to be the reason for MSNBC running a Wall Street Journal story about Microsoft that omitted references to the Beast's competitors. Differences between the two were spotted late last week, with MSNBC amending its earlier version of Lee Gomes' WSJ copy to reinstate the references to BSD and Sun on Friday.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Jun 2001

Oracle sees tech gloom lifting

Oracle claims that the worst of the slowdown in technology spending is now over.
John Leyden, 19 Jun 2001

ORBS now split into three

First there was ORBS and now there is ORBZ, ORBL and ORDB. We covered the first two yesterday, but Thomas Jensen has been in touch to say he has set up ORDB, standing for Open Relay Database. It should go public later today at http://ordb.org.
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Jun 2001

Mass Market Scanners: Maturation or Saturation?

A third of all PC-owning households in the US own a scanner - this is bad news for scanner makers.
Drew Cullen, 19 Jun 2001

Compaq Alpha box steals 9i benchmark laurels

Compaq is first out of the blocks with a barnstorming midrange benchmark for a system running Oracle 9i.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Jun 2001

UK wants broadband, says survey

There's reassuring news for broadband providers today after a survey found that four out of ten Net users want hi-speed Net access.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jun 2001

EMC reveals price cuts, almost

After the monster revelation that EMC isn't actually the impenetrable beast that everyone thought it was, it seems that the company may have given its head a bit of a shake. It seems to be getting all liberal, wishy-washy even.
IT-Analysis, 19 Jun 2001

BT and One2One back in court over 3G

BT and Deutsche Telekom-owned One2One were back in court yesterday asking the government for £85 million a piece from 3G licence payments.
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Jun 2001

Matrox unveils Millennium G550

Matrox has today announced its latest graphics chip, the G550, as we predicted a month or so back.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2001

FujiFilm FinePix 6800 Zoom

ReviewIt has taken a year for us to find a camera to beat our old Best Buy model, the FinePix 4700 Zoom, and it took the same manufacturer, Fuji, to come up with the goods. And the FinePix 6800 Zoom beats its predecessor for style, substance and value for money.
PC Advisor, 19 Jun 2001

If you fancy a shag – turn your webcam off

UpdatedIf you fancy getting naked and sweaty with your girlfriend, it might be a good idea to turn your webcam off. Or at least turn it away from the action, or hang your underpants over the lens.
Robert Blincoe, 19 Jun 2001

Tiscali/LineOne shafts its customers

LineOne - Tiscali UK's consumer ISP - is threatening to evict 103 users from its unmetered service accusing them of "abnormally high" usage.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jun 2001

Chip gloom deepens – sales may now fall 28% this year

As Dad's Army's Private Fraser so aptly put it, "We're doomed. We're all doomed." 'We', in this case, are the world's semiconductor companies, and the doomsayer is market researcher Gartner Dataquest analyst Bryan Lewis.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2001

Maplin Electronics sold

Maplin Electronics, the electronics mecca for UK soldering iron geeks, has been sold by one private equity firm to another for £42m.
Drew Cullen, 19 Jun 2001

PSINet is the Alexander McQueen trousers of the Net market

Business decision makers are feeling a "renewed sense of optimism in the beleaguered technology sector", according to a straw poll conducted by PSINet UK at a recent Internet exhibition.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jun 2001

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