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Security flaw in MS Exchange patch

Users of MS Exchange 5.5 or Exchange 2K with OWA (Outlook Web Access) implemented -- including those 2K users who patched their systems last week -- need to install an updated patch as soon as possible because the one issued earlier for Exchange 2K contains outdated files, and the vulnerability in 5.5 went unnoticed at first.
Thomas C Greene, 14 Jun 2001

Intel backdoor to White House questioned

Senior Bush advisor Karl Rove appears to have been in the loop to some extent regarding Bush Administration approval of the merger of Dutch semiconductor lithography outfit ASML and US outfit Silicon Valley Group (SVG), which Intel strongly recommended, whilst in possession of over $100,000 worth of Intel shares, the Associated Press reports.
Thomas C Greene, 14 Jun 2001

Compel in mini share buy-back

Compel, the UK reseller, conducted a mini buyback of shares yesterday. The company bought 260,000 shares at 95 pence per share. It will cancel these.
Drew Cullen, 14 Jun 2001

Ingram Micro suffers sales drop

Ingram Micro has said its sales have slowed down throughout the world, and as a result it has revised what it expects its Q2 revenues to be.
Robert Blincoe, 14 Jun 2001

IDT to axe 900 staffers

IDT blamed the downturn in the global chip market for the 900 job cuts it announced yesterday.
Tony Smith, 14 Jun 2001

Computex goes out with a bang

An earthquake hit Taiwan in the early hours of this morning (GMT, that is - it was 11am in Taiwan), knocking down Web sites and disrupting Internet traffic to the country.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Jun 2001

Lexmark J110TN

ReviewInkjet printers struggle to compete with lasers in a business environment, because they tend to be more expensive to run and provide slower print speeds. Lexmark aims to change this with the J110TN. This network printer combines the colour printing facilities of an inkjet and the speed of a laser, offering offices the best of both worlds.
PC Advisor, 14 Jun 2001

Iomart tainted by ‘sweatshop’ allegations

Scotland-based broadband provider, Iomart, has been rocked by allegations that it is anti-union and operates its business like a "sweatshop".
Tim Richardson, 14 Jun 2001

Palm begins great PDA giveaway in Orange County

Speaking to finanical analysts last month Palm boss Carl Yankowski admitted that much of his surplus inventory could be destined for landfill. Palm didn't anticipate the slump in the PDA business, and exacerbated the problem by announcing its most significant upgrade for five years before it was able to stock the channel with the new kit.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Jun 2001

You can't rely on Tiny to give ‘ultimate in service and support’

Tiny Computers has got a rap on the knuckles from the Advertising Standards Authority for making the outrageous claim that "you can rely on Tiny to give you the ultimate in service and support".
Robert Blincoe, 14 Jun 2001

We know BT's future strategy

We always suspected that BT top bods Sir Peter Bonfield and Sir Iain Vallance wouldn't know a decent business strategy if it ran up and bit them on the arse.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Jun 2001

CIBER buys Aris Corporation

US reseller CIBER is buying Aris Corporation for $31.4m in cash and stock. Aris is a $50m Microsoft-centric systems integrator with operations in the US and the UK.
Drew Cullen, 14 Jun 2001

Q: How do you pass off a cancer-reducing mobile add-on?

The controversy continues over reports that mobile phone manufacturers have patented cancer-reducing add-ons, when they claim there is no risk to humans from the phones.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Jun 2001

Apple to shine through PC market gloom – analyst

Apple will defy the PC industry downturn, market analysis firm Goldman Sachs has claimed.
Tony Smith, 14 Jun 2001

Doubleclick fails in California privacy challenge

Doubleclick has failed to get four California Internet privacy class actions dismissed. This means that it will have to fight the cases in court.
Drew Cullen, 14 Jun 2001

Xerox abandons SOHO sector

Xerox, the blue chip-to-pauper imaging biz, is leaving the retail sector. The debt-driven company says this is consistent with stated aim of focusing on "core growth opportunities".
Drew Cullen, 14 Jun 2001

BT's broadband roll-out fails UK

Four out of ten British households will be unable to access broadband services once BT has completed, in September, its planned roll-out of ADSL in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 14 Jun 2001

STMicro cuts Q2 sales forecasts

STMicroelectronics has slashed Q2 revenue forecasts. It expects to have sales of $1.55 billion to $1.6 billion, down on the $1.65 billion to $1.8 billion it forecast earlier.
Robert Blincoe, 14 Jun 2001

Oftel tries to steal unmetered limelight

Oftel is once again blowing its own trumpet and claiming responsibility for introducing affordable unmetered Net access in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 14 Jun 2001

Sun board bandit pleads guilty to £1.7m raids

A 20-year-old member of a slick computer robbery squad pleaded guilty yesterday to being part of a team which boosted £1.7 million in Sun boards from UK City banks.
Robert Blincoe, 14 Jun 2001

‘Son of MP3’ to launch today

The brains behind the controversial MP3 digital audio format will unveil a higher quality, more compact version later today.
Tony Smith, 14 Jun 2001

ICANN launches Whois review

Everyone's favourite Internet Napoleon ICANN has launched a public review of the Whois system.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Jun 2001

Oracle slams IBM with 9i release

Ken Jacobs, on a whistle-stop run through the UK, came to the IT-Analysis offices to explain his take on Oracle - and to give us a sneak preview of the 9i release later today. Price cuts, clustering and complaints about 'IBM's misinformation' was the message.
IT-Analysis, 14 Jun 2001

Country domain chiefs prefer jaw-jaw to war-war

Breakway county code chief Willie Black, chief of the UK registrar Nominent, sounded a conciliatory note towards ICANN today. Having read the riot act to ICANN in Los Angeles, and with the ccTLDs unanimously voting to withdraw from the key DNSO support organisation, Black thinks ICANN is much more prepared to do business now. However he staked his claim for formal representation on the main ICANN board for the country code registrars, and representation as a fully fledged support-organisation status.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Jun 2001

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