11th June 2001 Archive

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  • Web's total pants and I hate it, says dotcom chairman Elstein

    Thunderous vote of confidence for his new company...

    Media 11 09:20

  • Affinity buys breathe for £1.75m

    Pass the parcel ISP finds new home

    Business 11 09:29

  • Palm brings cheaper PDAs to European developers

    40% discount moves across Atlantic

    Business 11 09:38

  • Reg readers multiply – ABCe results in

    More participation than a UK election

    Site News 11 09:43

  • Captain Cyborg goes on a lecture tour

    Extending gibberish to our Europeans cousins

    Business 11 09:52

  • Nokia to cut 300 staff in German plant

    More mobile job losses

    Business 11 09:53

  • AMD, Micron to bundle DDR to boost Athlon

    If Intel can do it with RDRAM...

    Channel 11 10:14

  • HP ad blamed for Birmingham rock throwers

    They're having a laugh, right?

    Bootnotes 11 10:22

  • Vote! Vote! Vote! For Kieren McCarthy!

    Reg hack in moonlighting shocker

    Bootnotes 11 10:24

  • EC investigates Euro DVD high pricing

    Responds to punter complaints

    Business 11 10:34

  • The UK's new political landscape for IT

    Not good news

    Business 11 10:38

  • Affinity Q1 losses stack up

    Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

    Business 11 10:55

  • Rambus storms through chip IP market

    ARM still top of the totem pole, though

    Business 11 11:00

  • Dell Latitude L400

    Business 11 11:16

  • Doctor Who is back!

    And solely on the Internet

    Media 11 11:20

  • MP3 gone from WinXP, and it's not coming back

    Uh oh - there goes the air supply...

    Software 11 11:44

  • Intel boffins shrink chip transistors to 20nm

    What's the big deal? It's what they're paid to do

    Channel 11 11:48

  • Nintendo groupies narked by Nazi salute

    Morons with modems flame fest

    Games Industry 11 12:07

  • How to squeeze your network supplier

    Make their pips squeak

    Data Networking 11 12:09

  • US expands Echelon spying in UK

    Hundreds to move from Germany to Menwith Hill

    Media 11 12:33

  • Vigilantes threaten to post photo of Bulger killer on Net

    Cue lynch mobs beating up innocent youths

    Media 11 12:57

  • CUT calls time on unmetered campaign

    Internet lobby group bows out victorious

    Media 11 13:49

  • Bonfield to quit BT in six months

    ...says newspaper report

    Business 11 14:37

  • Time Computers squashes maverick staff site

    The best source for UK system builder info is censored

    Channel 11 14:42

  • Govt and business security spend to grow tenfold by 2011

    But that'll just be 4% of revenues

    Security 11 15:19

  • Zelerate software to live, promises ex-CEO

    New version, rename promised

    Software 11 15:21

  • Ziff Davis takes aim at Dr Tom, Anand and ‘other homegrown’ sites

    Hello Extremetech.com

    Business 11 15:38

  • US judge to rule on the Internet

    Major Yahoo/Nazi auction case fall out

    Media 11 15:46

  • German 3G ruling to increase corporate welfare clamour

    We're hurting!

    Data Networking 11 16:12

  • Kyro II Ultra, Kyro III details emerge

    Hardware transform and lighting coming, as expected

    Channel 11 16:22

  • Windows XP hits where Apple's Aqua misses?

    Why is Apple's new user interface just prettier than the old one?

    Mac Channel 11 16:27

  • Home Office punished for drafting poor IT legislation?

    Responsibilities shifted to other Whitehall departments

    Business 11 16:55

  • Top IT execs suffer salary and benefit cuts

    Check here to see if you're underpaid

    Business 11 16:58

  • Compaq almost doubles iPaq sales in Q2

    Will ship 450,000-500,000 of 'em, exec claims

    Business 11 17:10