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Web's total pants and I hate it, says dotcom chairman Elstein

A week into his chairmanship of dynamic UK-based Web operation silicon.com, former Channel 5 boss David Elstein reveals that he thinks the Internet's total pants. Granted, some of the movers and shakers interviewed for the Guardian's regular Monday My New Media column have in the past been less than enthusiastic on the subject, but Elstein is one of the few to score straight zeroes.
John Lettice, 11 Jun 2001

Affinity buys breathe for £1.75m

Modern urbanist ISP breathe has been bought for the second time in six months in a paper deal worth £1.75 million.
Tim Richardson, 11 Jun 2001

Palm brings cheaper PDAs to European developers

ExclusivePalm has extended its 40 per cent developer discount on its older PDAs to Europe.
Tony Smith, 11 Jun 2001

Captain Cyborg goes on a lecture tour

Captain Cyborg aka Kevin Warwick, professor of a made-up science at Reading University, is to spread his peculiar brand of sci-fi fantasy and gibberish masquerading as serious research to Switzerland.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Jun 2001

Nokia to cut 300 staff in German plant

Nokia plans to lay off ten per cent of staff in its phone production factory in Bochum, Germany.
Linda Harrison, 11 Jun 2001

AMD, Micron to bundle DDR to boost Athlon

AMD will begin bundling DDR SDRAM from memory maker Micron with its own Athlon-based 761 chipset next quarter.
Tony Smith, 11 Jun 2001

HP ad blamed for Birmingham rock throwers

Hewlett-Packard UK has pulled a TV ad in which children pelt a tram with snowballs, in response to accusations that it could be responsible for a copycat incident in Birmingham. Except the children were throwing rocks.
Drew Cullen, 11 Jun 2001

Vote! Vote! Vote! For Kieren McCarthy!

Lester Haines, 11 Jun 2001

EC investigates Euro DVD high pricing

The European Commission is chasing up consumer complaints that DVDs cost too much in the EU.
Robert Blincoe, 11 Jun 2001

The UK's new political landscape for IT

Well, Labour won its landslide (down six seats), William Hague quit as Tory leader after they gained just one seat, the LibDems were up six and Others down one.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Jun 2001

Affinity Q1 losses stack up

Affinity Internet - which today announced it bought trendy ISP breathe - posted a pre-tax loss of £6.6 million for Q1 to March 31 against a profit of £1.24 million in the same period last year.
Tim Richardson, 11 Jun 2001

Rambus storms through chip IP market

Rambus is the world's third largest semiconductor intellectual property provider behind ARM and MIPS, according to the latest stats from Gartner's Dataquest subsidiary.
Tony Smith, 11 Jun 2001

Dell Latitude L400

ReviewIf PC Advisor's new sub-notebooks chart has proven anything, it's that one size does not fit all. Last month, readers could have chosen from the ultra-portable 1.6kg Rock, the highly charged but comparatively weighty 1.9kg Elonex and the measured Hi-Grade, a versatile performer that succeeded in most departments without excelling at any. Muddying the waters further is this new release from Dell, a middleweight sub-notebook that combines a considerable turn of speed with a reasonable price tag.
PC Advisor, 11 Jun 2001

Doctor Who is back!

The Timelord known only as the Doctor is to return after a break of five years - and it'll be solely over the Internet.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Jun 2001

MP3 gone from WinXP, and it's not coming back

MP3 ripping is gone for good from the Windows XP beta, and will not return in the shipping product. WinXP will include instructions on how to install third party MP3 encoders, which will then allow Windows Media Player to rip MP3, but quite clearly development is proceeding according to a tried and tested blueprint, and MP3's air supply now stands in some peril.
John Lettice, 11 Jun 2001

Intel boffins shrink chip transistors to 20nm

Intel has produced transistors nine times smaller than the current standard for microprocessors, and probably as small as chip transistors can go.
Tony Smith, 11 Jun 2001

Nintendo groupies narked by Nazi salute

IGN editor-in-chief Brandon Justice has fallen on his sword and resigned after Nintendo-loving readers felt he'd called them all Nazis.
Robert Blincoe, 11 Jun 2001

How to squeeze your network supplier

It's the same old, same old: companies reward their longstanding customers by charging them more than new customers. It happens with mortgage banks, it happens with ad serving companies and it happens with networking equipment vendors and resellers.
Drew Cullen, 11 Jun 2001

US expands Echelon spying in UK

The US is to station hundreds more NSA staff in the UK's spying base in Menwith Hill, Yorkshire, the Sunday Times reported yesterday.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Jun 2001

Vigilantes threaten to post photo of Bulger killer on Net

Vigilantes are threatening to post a recent photo of one of Jamie Bulger's killers on the Net.
Robert Blincoe, 11 Jun 2001

CUT calls time on unmetered campaign

The Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications (CUT) - which did so much to champion the cause of flat-rate Net access in Britain - is to fold.
Tim Richardson, 11 Jun 2001

Bonfield to quit BT in six months

BT has dismissed reports that CE Sir Peter Bonfield is to quit at the end of the year with a £4 million-ish pay-off.
Tim Richardson, 11 Jun 2001

Time Computers squashes maverick staff site

The highly entertaining website, which aired the views of current and ex Time employees, has been taken over by the company.
Robert Blincoe, 11 Jun 2001

Govt and business security spend to grow tenfold by 2011

Governments and businesses are going to spend 10 times more on info security by 2011 than they do now.
Robert Blincoe, 11 Jun 2001

Zelerate software to live, promises ex-CEO

The open source software from former e-commerce poster child Zelerate will live on, despite the company's demise in March, former boss Rob Ferber has promised.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Jun 2001

Ziff Davis takes aim at Dr Tom, Anand and ‘other homegrown’ sites

Ziff Davis Media is taking on the US major IT pubs and what it calls 'homegrown' sites with Extremetech.com.
Drew Cullen, 11 Jun 2001

US judge to rule on the Internet

A US judge is to decide the future of the Internet. According to the BBC, Judge Jeremy Fogel has agreed to consider whether law courts can determine what Web sites based in other countries can host.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Jun 2001

German 3G ruling to increase corporate welfare clamour

European wireless operators are likely to increase their clamour for corporate welfare, if a ruling by Germany's winged watchdog sets a precedent.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Jun 2001

Kyro II Ultra, Kyro III details emerge

Imagination Technologies' successor to its Kyro II graphics chip will sport a completely redesigned core featuring a transform and lighting engine - as the rumour mill has long suggested - in a bid to take the fight to market leaders Nvidia and ATI.
Tony Smith, 11 Jun 2001

Windows XP hits where Apple's Aqua misses?

Learning to live with Mac OS XI'm going to get a lot of stick for this, but it has to be said: Mac OS X's Aqua user interface isn't the revolutionary leap forward Apple thinks it is.
Tony Smith, 11 Jun 2001

Home Office punished for drafting poor IT legislation?

The Home Office has finally got its comeuppance for four years of sloppy and civil rights-infringing legislation. Following his re-election, Tony Blair has made a number of tweaks in the machinery of government.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Jun 2001

Top IT execs suffer salary and benefit cuts

Top IT bosses can now be bought for lower salaries and smaller benefit packages than they could six months ago.
Robert Blincoe, 11 Jun 2001

Compaq almost doubles iPaq sales in Q2

Compaq's CFO, Jeff Clarke, has said that his company will ship 450,00-500,000 iPaq PDAs this quarter - 80 per cent more than Compaq sold during Q1.
Tony Smith, 11 Jun 2001

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