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3Com abandons consumer DSL, cable modems

3Com, the increasingly harassed networking equipment vendor, is scrapping production of DSL and cable modems for the consumer market.
Team Register, 08 Jun 2001

Compaq waves white flag in PC price war

Here is an example where determination to deliver short-term shareholder value could harm long-term company success.
Drew Cullen, 08 Jun 2001

Smart Tags due in Win-XP browser

Microsoft will be able to subvert the content of any Web page with Smart Tags, which will act much like hyperlinks to Web content which Redmond either recommends, or is paid to recommend, if the company integrates the technology with its Windows-XP browser, as predicted in an article from Thursday's Wall Street Journal.
Thomas C Greene, 08 Jun 2001

Intel defies analysts and maintains Q2 targets

Intel stuck with its sales forecasts when it released mid-quarter financial guidance yesterday.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2001

Handspring halves Q4 sales expectations

PDA maker Handspring halved its quarterly sales forecast yesterday, a sign that Palm's woes are not entirely of its own making.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2001

IBM boffins stretch silicon to speed chips 35%

IBM has figured out how to boost processor speeds by up to 35 per cent for a given transistor size and clock speed.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2001

NetZero and Juno to merge

Two of the US' leading ISPs are to merge to create North America's second largest service provider in a deal worth $70 million.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jun 2001

UK won't follow Aussie broadband usage cap

The UK's three major broadband suppliers have told The Register they have no plans to introduce any usage limits for customers.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jun 2001

Electronics Boutique gobbles up Gameplay

There was a glimmer of good news for failed dotcom Gameplay today, with news that it has successfully sold its Spanish boxed games division to high street chain Electronics Boutique for £3.4 million. This is somewhat higher than the £1 that the UK boxed games division raised in a management buy-out that must have been paid for by hunting for loose change down the back of the sofa cushions.
Eurogamer.net, 08 Jun 2001

Sega Europe appoints new head

As of June 11, Yoshio Sakai will be President and Chief Operating Officer of Sega Europe, the company announced today. Sakai will shortly be moving to London to take up the post at Sega's West London HQ.
Eurogamer.net, 08 Jun 2001

Handspring Visor Edge

ReviewHandspring made its name by coming up with a Palm clone that went one better - offering improved expansion options in the shape of Springboard modules, plus a USB connection at a lower price. However, with the Visor Edge, it looks more like the innovator has turned imitator. The VisorEdge looks uncannily similar to the Palm V, with its brushed metal case and slim silhouette.
PC Advisor, 08 Jun 2001

Bishops told to get Net literate

The Church of England has told its bishops to get with the real world, learn about computers, office management and cut down on their lavish spending.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Jun 2001

AMD guns for 10% of low-end server market

AMD is chasing double-digit marketshare in the low-end server and workstation market, according to the chip company's VP for workstation and server marketing, Ed Ellett.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2001

VIA looks again to NYSE share listing

VIA is going to issue $300-500 million worth of shares on the New York Stock Exchange, the culimination of a scheme it announced some time ago but got cold feet thanks to the dotcom crash and the decline in the semiconductor market.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2001

DDR won't dominate until 2003 – Infineon

Infineon has declared that 2003 will be the year of DDR SDRAM. Two years down the line, DDR will have taken 50 per cent of the memory market and displaced single-rate SDRAM as the leading memory product, the company says, according to DigiTimes.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2001

Europe steps nearer to PC recycling

EU ministers yesterday gave their backing to plans to make manufacturers pay to recycle electronic equipment.
Linda Harrison, 08 Jun 2001

Sony, MusicMatch form CD burning alliance

Sony's peripherals division has followed 'big five' recording company EMI's lead and signed a deal that effectively legitimises copying music onto blank CDs.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2001

No more Mr Nice WinXP – the Beast emerges as RC1 looms

WinXP diariesEarlier this week Microsoft released a 'final' public interim build of Windows XP, prior to producing Release Candidate 1 in about ten days time. One of the more interesting things about this build, 2481, is that at this point Microsoft has decided to freeze the new user interface, so at least theoretically it has the look and feel of the final shipping product.
John Lettice, 08 Jun 2001

Transmeta wins thumbs up from US environmental agency

Transmeta has been awared a US Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star gong for services to energy efficiency.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2001

Win2k better than other MS OSes, but worse than Unix – report

Employees using Windows 2000 Professional gain around two hours a week in productivity, a report claims.
Linda Harrison, 08 Jun 2001

ORBS to be reborn? Not bloody likely, says Alan Brown

Since the unexpected demise of anti-spam company ORBS, there has been quite some discussion on the news.admin.net-abuse.email and spam-l newsgroups.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Jun 2001

Reader rebuts MS XP Net instability rebuttal

Microsoft rebuts XP Net instability claims
Lester Haines, 08 Jun 2001

PC destroyed by urinating dog

PC parrot drives firemen crazy
Lester Haines, 08 Jun 2001

Your Gateway to cheaper PCs

Gateway never knowingly undersold
Lester Haines, 08 Jun 2001

Gun-toting schoolkids – the readers speak

US boy caged for drawing gun in class Canadian boy runs riot with chicken finger
Lester Haines, 08 Jun 2001

IBM Nazi ‘links’ are history

Gypsies to sue IBM over Nazi 'links'
Lester Haines, 08 Jun 2001

Floating voters say nay

New web ads target floating readers
Lester Haines, 08 Jun 2001

LibDem result fudging refuted

LibDems should win election Find out who to vote for tomorrow
Lester Haines, 08 Jun 2001

Electric shock game controller on the way

A game controller that gives you electric shocks is being developed by Mad Catz in the US. There isn't a press release and the office hasn't woken up yet (that's Californians for you) but the New Scientist has reported it, so it must be true.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Jun 2001

US Scientology critic free in Canada

Scientology critic Keith Henson has been released from a Canadian jail where he'd been detained since 28 May on suspicion that he gave incomplete information to Immigration when he entered the country.
Thomas C Greene, 08 Jun 2001

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