7th June 2001 Archive

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  • AMD touts ‘modest revenue growth’

    Hold steady

    Business 07 Jun 07:42

  • Strowman hitches Kevin Harper to PST wagon

    Succession planning?

    Channel 07 Jun 08:29

  • Ingram Micro jettisons 1,000 staff

    Customers won't notice!

    Channel 07 Jun 08:45

  • Chip sales to fall 14% in 2001

    But massive growth coming next year. Fingers crossed...

    Channel 07 Jun 09:57

  • Intel incensed at VIA inflatables

    Pair squabble like schoolboys over balloons

    Channel 07 Jun 10:25

  • AOL France calls for LE FRIACO

    Has one million punters don't you know

    Media 07 Jun 11:07

  • PC parrot drives firemen crazy

    Bizarre but true

    Bootnotes 07 Jun 11:10

  • Intel's first mid-quarter report to trim sales forecast

    It'll have a job making previous targets, claim analysts

    Business 07 Jun 11:13

  • Xpert Systems conducts MBO

    Reseller backed by Lloyds

    Channel 07 Jun 11:18

  • Hercules 3D Prophet III

    Business 07 Jun 11:45

  • A vote for Labour is a vote for Microsoft

    So get out there folks and do your duty

    Business 07 Jun 12:10

  • Meet Slade: he repairs the world's most advanced sex dolls

    And he loves his work

    Media 07 Jun 12:12

  • US PC shipments expected to fall 6% in 2001

    IDC chops forecast

    Business 07 Jun 12:13

  • Goal-ace Beckham becomes gaming hero

    Virtual Becks comes complete with mohican

    Games Industry 07 Jun 12:15

  • PSINet Europe moves to calm fears

    Better late than never

    e-Business 07 Jun 12:22

  • Indian flying car shot down – Israeli rival soars

    Never even got off the drawing board

    Bootnotes 07 Jun 13:36

  • Excite to exit UK by year end

    Excite Europe MD denies report

    e-Business 07 Jun 14:47

  • LogoWatch Sema rebranding ends in tears

    Consider yourselves Schlumbergered

    Bootnotes 07 Jun 14:49

  • Alcatel gets rid of ADSL modem business

    Sold to Thomson Multimedia. Will it maintain open source drivers?

    Data Networking 07 Jun 14:55

  • Welsh cinema spies on mobile phone users

    Why not buy a jammer?

    Data Networking 07 Jun 14:59

  • BTopenwoe in the dock

    Customer service - they've heard of it

    Letters 07 Jun 15:02

  • Those election games in full

    Go on, cost your company a fortune in lost man hours

    Media 07 Jun 15:04

  • Pace unveils Dreamcast-based ‘home gateway’

    Picks up where Sega left off

    Business 07 Jun 15:12

  • Intel poo-poos VIA Pentium 4 chipset

    Not as fast as VIA claims, Chipzilla ripostes

    Channel 07 Jun 15:40

  • Canadian boy runs riot with chicken finger

    Eight year-old psychopath suspended from school

    Bootnotes 07 Jun 16:32

  • You've seen RealDoll, now get a load of RealHamster

    For those who think a little more rodent

    Bootnotes 07 Jun 16:35

  • PC Lemons truth revealed

    2.5m faulty PCs shipped in US per year

    Business 07 Jun 16:38

  • Gateway extends PC price war to UK, Ireland

    The PC Price War. You Win!

    Business 07 Jun 17:07

  • A brief history of eggverts, by Kibo

    Getting beyond a yoke

    Business 07 Jun 17:09

  • HP warns of more cost cuts in wake of weak May sales

    IT spending slump goes global

    Business 07 Jun 17:26

  • Jabber Speaks

    It's Alive!

    Software 07 Jun 17:30

  • SDMI crack team launches preemptive suit

    Quixotic benefactor EFF paves the way

    Media 07 Jun 19:46