5th June 2001 Archive

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  • Taiwan needs to exploit China

    Build our stuff cheap then buy it off us

    Business 05 02:55

  • Desktop components in notebooks catch on

    They're hot stuff and Dixons' digs 'em

    Business 05 04:54

  • AMD shows off multiprocessing platform

    Chip and chipset

    Channel 05 07:07

  • iomart extends DSL reach

    I SME you, you SME me

    Broadband 05 07:18

  • 256Mb DDR on show

    Mosel Vitelic pumps it out

    Channel 05 07:34

  • Just call it 'GNU/Linux', insists Sun founder

    This namespace ain't big enough for the both of us

    Software 05 09:10

  • VIA P4 chipset spanks the Intel 850

    Not totally conclusive proof

    Channel 05 10:09

  • US to get Nokia's 9210 ‘ultimate geek phone’ after all

    BOFH classic gets glitzy

    Data Networking 05 10:13

  • Labour's last election txt message mocks Hague

    But u won't get it til we explain

    Business 05 10:18

  • Uni chess course aims to spawn smarter supercomputers

    First chess PhDs to work on AI research

    Software 05 10:22

  • ASPs are the next big thing, after all

    Bullish IDC

    Channel 05 10:24

  • Napster nears deal with music industry

    But does anyone care anymore?

    Media 05 10:27

  • Internet trade show spurns web, sticks to paper

    What's wrong with pen and paper anyway?

    Media 05 10:55

  • Ballmer calls for Nokia partnership, Nokia coughs politely

    Always been firm friends, apparently...

    Software 05 11:43

  • MS Enterprise resellers should adapt or die

    IDC warning

    Channel 05 12:16

  • ORBS' death: Alan Brown replies


    Media 05 12:19

  • Playstation bootlegger escapes jail

    Back to flogging furniture

    Games Industry 05 12:51

  • UK PC games industry: What recession?

    £219m spent in Q1

    Games Industry 05 12:54

  • Net malaise blamed for iomart lay-offs

    Up to 50 staff going

    Broadband 05 13:03

  • Dead in the watermark, SDMI turns to chips, players?

    Many flee sdmi.org in terror, but there's a pattern to the new entries...

    Software 05 13:30

  • Wear your ATI graphics chip with pride

    Joins Xybernaut catwalk

    Business 05 13:53

  • Tele2 trumpets wireless broadband

    Sound alternative

    Broadband 05 15:08

  • Euro dotcom execs fear the Order of the Boot

    Don't spray and pray

    Business 05 15:12

  • Net confessions fail to get Vatican blessing

    Evangelisation yes

    Media 05 15:21

  • Nortel touts the light fantastic

    Blindingly fast

    Data Networking 05 15:33

  • e-Envoy to speak at MS-sponsored Digital UK summit

    He of the MS-built, MS-only Government Gateway...

    Software 05 15:50

  • Maxtor gets 20GB 541DX off to OEMs

    Single-headed monster

    Business 05 15:51

  • Java is not a hairball – Official

    Merely swelling in its maturity

    Software 05 15:59

  • LibDems should win election

    But people are too stuck in their ways

    Business 05 16:02

  • Hague's concession speech leaked; Blair appoints himself to cabinet

    And other such stories

    Business 05 16:42

  • Small biz cool to broadband

    fails SME test

    Broadband 05 17:02

  • AMD unveils MP Athlon – but no big-name partners

    Athlon finally does MP properly

    Channel 05 20:08

  • PSINet UK promises it's still alive

    Just the US that's in bankruptcy

    e-Business 05 23:44

  • Tiscali unveils new-look high command

    LibertySurf a distant memory, a different era

    e-Business 05 23:44

  • Linux outfit in metatags ‘oversight’

    Where did those trademarks come from?

    e-Business 05 23:44