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Xerox accountants are squeaky clean

Good news for Xerox creditors and shareholders. The bluechip-to-pauper imaging biz has not been cooking the books.
Team Register, 01 Jun 2001

Pay to Play with the Mandrake Team?

The dust is still settling over at MandrakeSoft. The company dumped its CEO, dismissed rumors of financial troubles, assured NewsForge's Robin Miller that the company was "on course to break even within a few months" and continuing to plan for a future IPO. That may sound like brave talk and little else, but co-founder Jacques Le Marois may have little choice but to try, and MandrakeSoft may actually have a shot at a successful IPO if it does what Linux companies do routinely -- break the rules.
Jack Bryar, 01 Jun 2001

Plucky leukemia Weblog girl ‘dies’

A plucky, selfless, desperately ill nineteen-year-old girl captured the hearts of thousands with a Weblog detailing her struggles with leukemia, her romantic aspirations, her pain, her disappointments, and her exemplary courage.
Thomas C Greene, 01 Jun 2001

Sharp signs Intel for Linux PDA's processor

Sharp is ditching Hitachi for Intel, breaking with tradition to equip its upcoming Linux-based Zaurus PDA with StrongARM, the company admitted yesterday.
Tony Smith, 01 Jun 2001

Networking job cuts hit deepest Surrey

Nortel Networks is shutting down two of its English offices as part its wider plan to restructure its business after disappointing sales that have pushed it into the red.
John Leyden, 01 Jun 2001

BT still keen to split UK operation

BT is actively pursuing plans to split its UK operation into separate networking and retail divisions.
Tim Richardson, 01 Jun 2001

More DRAM woes

There were more DRAM woes this week as memory chips looked likely to fall below the $3 mark on the spot market.
Linda Harrison, 01 Jun 2001

Handspring offers developers 15% discount

Handspring is borrowing Palm's tactics and offering a special discount on its high-end PDAs to its developer community, according to a email that dropped into The Register's Inbox this morning.
Tony Smith, 01 Jun 2001

US Feds can hack overseas boxes – judge

The Feds have as much right to be creeps as anyone else, a US judge has ruled in connection with a motion filed by busted Russian computer enthusiast Vasily Gorshkov.
Thomas C Greene, 01 Jun 2001

Office XP: all your hyperlinks are belong to MS

One of the noted characteristics of Microsoft software is that it has a tendency to behave, with absolute assurance, as if it knows better than you. Our attention has been drawn to a particularly striking example of this unearthed by Woody's Watch - essentially, Office XP autocorrects hyperlinks you 'mistyped,' hides the correction from you, then doesn't correct it back when you try to correct it back.
John Lettice, 01 Jun 2001

HP CD-RW/DVD Combo 9900ci

ReviewDrives that combine the facilities of DVD-ROM and CD-RW have gained a foothold in the consumer market. Potential buyers initially held off because the drives were expensive and had lower specifications than standalone CD-RWs and DVD-ROM devices.
PC Advisor, 01 Jun 2001

Govt hints at greater broadband spend

Minister for Textiles and part-time e-commerce minister, Patricia Hewitt, has hinted that public sector investment in broadband could be "significantly higher" than the £500 million that was estimated to be spent on the technology.
Tim Richardson, 01 Jun 2001

Truants caught in text-message hell

Teachers at a London primary school have started using Internet-enabled mobile phones to try and catch kids who are playing truant.
Linda Harrison, 01 Jun 2001

NAI belatedly joins OpenPGP Alliance

Network Associates (NAI) has joined an alliance designed to promote interoperability between email encryption packages after a Register article pointed out its conspicuous absence from the group.
John Leyden, 01 Jun 2001

MemoWatch Get touchy-feely with EMC and Lucent

EMC to chop 1,100 staff Lucent jilts Alcatel at the Altar
Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2001

Billg's dream? Honey, I disappeared the emails…

Down at the bottom of the Microsoft Office eServices home page you'll find an intriguing link to Disappearing, Inc. The sites linked to in this area appear to be largely Office eServices partners, some of them Microsoft-owned, some apparently paid-for ad links, but presumably what they have in common is that it has been deemed appropriate for them to be associated with Office XP in some shape or form.
John Lettice, 01 Jun 2001

Cypriots draw the line

Microsoft! Beware of Greeks (reading maps)
Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2001

UK Govt stinks

We've just received this received this from Clare Allen, a positively polite IT PR from Profile who claims that Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister, is a bit whiffy.
Tim Richardson, 01 Jun 2001

Manager sacked for ‘grrrreat shag’ email

A British recruitment manager has lost his case for unfair dismissal after being sacked for an email in which he called a colleague a "great shag".
Linda Harrison, 01 Jun 2001

MS uses hammer to crack piracy nut

Disabled mother of four beats off MS, Mounties in piracy case
Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2001

Netcraft posts May 2001 Web survey

The Netcraft Web Server Survey is a survey of Web Server software usage on Internet connected computers. We collect and collate as many hostnames providing an http service as we can find, and systematically poll each one with an HTTP request for the server name. In the May 2001 survey we received responses from 29,031,745 sites.
Our correspondent, 01 Jun 2001

Nvidia to rethink Crush chipset's official moniker?

If Nvidia does indeed name its upcoming Athlon-oriented chipset nForce, as documents seen by The Register suggest, it may rapidly run into trademark trouble. nForce is said to be the official name of the chipset codenamed Crush.
Tony Smith, 01 Jun 2001

What's this button here do?

Windows XP will make Internet unstable - top security expert
Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2001

Employees demonstrate outside WorldOnline offices

Disgruntled LineOne employees held an impromptu demonstration outside the London offices of World Online today over a dispute about their redundancy package.
Tim Richardson, 01 Jun 2001

Readers' Letters Sun sets upon Vulture Central

Sun Microsystems 'bans' the Internet Sun refutes Internet 'ban' slur
Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2001

AMD 1.4GHz Athlon arrives

AMD had begun shipping faster desktop Athlons and Durons ahead of next week's launch.
Tony Smith, 01 Jun 2001

Nvidia Crush is called nForce

ExclusiveMotherboard maker MSI has confirmed that Nvidia's Crush chipset will be officially marketed as nForce.
Tony Smith, 01 Jun 2001

Tiscali UK confirms cull

Tiscali UK has finally - finally - confirmed its has culled half its staff.
Tim Richardson, 01 Jun 2001

LogoWatch Zarlink trumpets imperial pretentions

Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2001

Codebreaker II Our winner reveals all

In response to readers' requests for our Codebreaker II supremo, Mark Wutka, to explain how he attacked the problem, we are pleased to print the following from the man himself. Enjoy:
Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2001

PSINet files Chapter 11

Troubled ISP, PSINet Inc, has finally admitted defeat and announced that it and 24 of its operating subsidiaries in the US have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
Tim Richardson, 01 Jun 2001

e-cash for Big Macs

McDonald's is trialing e-payment technology in the hope it can serve punters more quickly while building customer loyalty.
John Leyden, 01 Jun 2001

Sony unleashes first Vaio desktop in UK

Sony today unleashed its first Vaio desktop computer in the UK.
Linda Harrison, 01 Jun 2001

How Microsoft offended millions of Indians

In response to our recent piece Microsoft! Beware of Greeks (reading maps), which explains how MS came to upset Greek Cypriots, Shiv Shankar Ramakrishnan has an interesting tale to tell about Kashmir, disputed between India and Pakistan:
Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2001

Meet Chip, the new AMD mascot

AMD has a new mascot. Called Chip, the gender-neutral cartoon creation is designed to help system builders and Johnny Punters get answers to their questions.
Drew Cullen, 01 Jun 2001

Gateway never knowingly undersold

Gateway yesterday launched a print and TV advertising campaign in the US in which it promised to beat the prices of any comparable PC or server sold by its rival.
Drew Cullen, 01 Jun 2001

Motherboard smorgasbord

HWRoundupHardOCP is busy today with a runaround the Epox AMD 760, and also the new Vantec Copper Cooler.
David Ross, 01 Jun 2001

Capita recruits SchoolKit.com for education push

Capita is taking RM head-on in the UK's schools. It has signed up to resell software from US firm Schoolkit.com through its subsidiary Capita Education.
Team Register, 01 Jun 2001

ICL sell South Africa maintenance biz

ICL Africa has sold its South African desktop break-fix maintenance business R8m, IT Web reports. The business was bought by local firm CS Holdings, which emerged the winner after the business was put out to tender.
Team Register, 01 Jun 2001

Tech Data pleased with very small sales fall

Tech Data sales eased slightly in Q1 to $4.7bn (Q1, 2000 $4.7bn. Net income was also down - to $31.8m (Q1. 2000: $37.2m). But the distie, the world's second biggest behind Ingram Micro, says it is pleased with the results - given "the current economic conditions".
Team Register, 01 Jun 2001

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