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Can a GPL PlayStation2 Linux port replace low-cost PCs?

Linux hackers seeking to run the OS on Sony Playstation 2 consoles will soon have a new option. A Czeck company has created a clean-room implementation of the hardware platform, which it promises to release under the GNU GPL.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 May 2001

E-security pulls in the profits for Computerlinks

ComputerLinks AG, the German networking equipment distributor owned by UK-quoted company Fayrewood plc, reports strong growth in Q1, with "incoming orders, EBITDA and cash flow each increased by approximately 200%".
Drew Cullen, 31 May 2001

DeCSS arguments invoke free speech

Supplementary briefs have been submitted by both contestants in the appeal of 2600 publisher Eric Corely aka Emmanuel Goldstein, who was barred from posting or linking to the DeCSS descrambling utility last summer by US District Judge Lewis Kaplan.
Thomas C Greene, 31 May 2001

365 claims Sports site premier league spot

365.com has staked its claim in the ground for its sports web site properties. The telco/dotcom/content-supplier hybrid says it will survive the shakeout in the UK sports site market.
Drew Cullen, 31 May 2001

Manhunt starts for Sex.com snatcher

The owner of Sex.com is offering a $50,000 (£35,000) reward for information leading to the arrest of the man who stole the saucy domain from him.
Tim Richardson, 31 May 2001

Mac OS 9.2 ready real soon now

Mac Rumour RoundupThe release of Apple's next upgrade to the classic Mac OS is imminent, insiders cited by both Think Secret and MacOS Rumors have claimed.
Tony Smith, 31 May 2001

WD wants to talk direct to UK system builders

Western Digital has set up a channel scheme for UK system builders, based up on an existing programme operating in the US, Germany and France.
Team Register, 31 May 2001

Nvidia Crush chipset named nForce?

What will Nvidia call its upcoming Crush chipset? Only the company knows for sure, but nForce - broadly matching the company GeForce brand for its graphics technology - appears to be the most likely candidate, according to documentation seen by The Register.
Tony Smith, 31 May 2001

Everything you wanted to know about DDoS attacks

Independent security expert Steve Gibson has posted his much-awaited analysis of the DDoS attacks launched against his grc.com site and it makes fascinating reading.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 May 2001

Sony opens 1394 test lab

Sony is to test third-party consumer IEEE 1394 devices to ensure their interoperability.
Tony Smith, 31 May 2001

Office XP: We have lift off

Microsoft today launches its Office XP program, the latest version of its Office software.
Linda Harrison, 31 May 2001

Windows XP will make Internet unstable – top security expert

According to top security expert Steve Gibson, Windows XP threatens to make the Internet unstable as it will allow large numbers of people to launch uncontrollable denial-of-service attacks to whichever IP address they see fit.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 May 2001

Expensive ADSL puts punters off

The high cost of ADSL appears to be one of the major reasons why domestic Net users aren't signing up in droves to the broadband technology.
Tim Richardson, 31 May 2001

Fasthosts outage outrage

BT and hosting firm Fasthosts are at loggerheads about which is to blame for a 36-hour service outage.
John Leyden, 31 May 2001

Eidos launches £50m rights issue after poor full-year results

Troubled games publisher Eidos has announced a £51.7 million rights issue, heavily discounted, in a bid to get some much-needed cash. The issue was announced at the same time as the company full-year results, which saw a pre-tax loss of £96.4 million from a profit of £49.3 million last year (£54.1 million went on goodwill) and turnover drop £34.4 million to £160.4 million.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 May 2001

UK games industry angry over govt grey import plans

The computer games industry has hit out at the government over plans to legalise grey imports.
Linda Harrison, 31 May 2001

Third of Brits shun the Net

A third of Britain's population isn't bothered with the Internet and neither wants or needs it at home.
Tim Richardson, 31 May 2001

e-Envoy's office defends Windows-only portal – climb down begins?

The Office of the e-Envoy is hotly - but not very convincingly - disputing claims that the Microsoft-built UK government portal, gateway.gov.uk, constitutes a Microsoft tax. The authentication systems used for the portal, which is intended to form the cornerstone of the Blair government's plan to get 100 per cent of its services online by 2005, means that you need to be running a combination of IE and Windows to be able to use all the services.
John Lettice, 31 May 2001

MS buddies sharpen claws to 'pierce ProComp's veil'

Microsoft's loyal defenders have sharpened their claws and issued a report slamming their old foe ProComp.
Linda Harrison, 31 May 2001

Mac OS X: Reg box stable – at last…

Learning to live with Mac OS XThis week I finally realised that I was using Mac OS X more than Mac OS 9. After two hard months trying to get Apple's NeXT-generation operating system to work, that realisation came as something of a surprise.
Tony Smith, 31 May 2001

GPRS pricing war breaks out

Vodafone has undercut BT on the price of handsets designed to deliver high speed Internet access over mobile phone.
John Leyden, 31 May 2001

Itanium cranium drainium

HWRoundupThe hardware sites have gone high-end and put Intel's Itanium through its paces.
David Ross, 31 May 2001

Tiscali UK staff leave today

Today's the last day for many staff at Tiscali UK who've been told to "shove off" as part of the ISPs new streamlined operation.
Tim Richardson, 31 May 2001

The Internet MP list of shame

Following on from the story yesterday about MPs being forced to remove their Web sites as their have "mp" in their title (because they're not MPs at the moment due to the election), we have compiled a list of shame for those politicians that are flagrantly flaunting election rules (special thanks to Simon Briggs for research).
Kieren McCarthy, 31 May 2001

STMicro cuts 2001 budget

STMicroelectronics has cut its budget for the year, while warning it will shut its wafer plant in Ottawa.
Linda Harrison, 31 May 2001

What are those words that trigger Echelon?

UpdatedAccording to various UK media sources today, the buzzwords said to trigger the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand spying mechanism Echelon have been "posted on the Internet". We haven't found the file and it hasn't popped up on the authoritative site for these sorts of things, Cryptome.org, so we'd not put too much weight behind it.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 May 2001

Why Motorola, Ericsson and Siemens disagree with Nokia over EMS

We reported yesterday on Alcatel, Motorola, Ericsson and Siemens' new standard for enhanced SMS text messaging - EMS. EMS will allow you to send pics, music and animations over phones.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 May 2001

Microsoft reanimates Bob to cover missing Windows features

Surely, the twisted World of Windows can't get much stranger than this. Microsoft has revived Bob to camouflage the non-appearance of one its most-hyped OS features.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 May 2001

Cyber-crime justifies world government

The Council of Europe, enthused by considerable American guidance and support, has issued a proposed final draft for an international cybercrime treaty to harmonize statutes related to electronic criminal activity, cross-border police cooperation, and judicial policy throughout Europe and North America, more or less along lines preferred by the United States.
Thomas C Greene, 31 May 2001

Cowboy cracker nails Apache

The cracker who broke into the Web servers of open source development site SourceForge has broken cover to boast of his exploits, and brag he also compromised the systems of the Apache project.
John Leyden, 31 May 2001

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