30th May 2001 Archive

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  • Borland sweetens Kylix discount with new offer

    BEGIN FeelYrPain(); END

    Software 30 01:23

  • Microsoft torches RMS, RMS torches Caldera

    Those pre-rebuttals in full

    Software 30 08:20

  • Europe catching US economy's cold, says Sun


    Business 30 08:24

  • Apple refutes colour iBook claims

    So did the leak refer to new PowerBooks or iMacs?

    Mac Channel 30 08:38

  • VIA unveils 750MHz C3 processor

    But is the price right?

    Channel 30 08:56

  • IR35 becomes a political hot potato

    Opposition finally finds something to beat Labour with

    Business 30 09:28

  • ATI confirms Radeon 2 to ship late summer

    R200 set for September launch?

    Channel 30 09:39

  • Avnet's Euro VP gets a leg up

    Boot boosted to global VP

    Channel 30 10:05

  • Next gen colour displays comin' at ya

    Tosh says it's sorted OLED mass production problems

    Business 30 10:43

  • VIA Socket 370 chipsets to support Intel Tualatin

    0.13 Pentium III gathers pre-launch momentum

    Channel 30 10:52

  • I've got the first 3G network. No, I have! No, I have!

    Mobile operators go all pantomime on us

    Data Networking 30 10:57

  • Gameplay puts the For Sale sign out again as losses soar

    £54.4m in red for 6 months to 31 Jan

    Games Industry 30 11:09

  • MPs forced to shut down their Web sites

    But sadly they'll be back up and running in eight days

    Business 30 11:10

  • Nintendo won't do Net games, says president

    Oh, and the console is going to happen...

    Games Industry 30 11:27

  • Games market will be worth $86bn by 2006

    Seventy-one per cent growth over next five years

    Games Industry 30 11:27

  • The future of SMS texting – EMS!

    Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola and Siemens all in on the act

    Data Networking 30 11:37

  • Crouching Tony, Hidden Hague

    The latest online political punch-up

    Business 30 11:54

  • ATI to license chips to other board makers

    Taking a leaf from arch-rival Nvidia's book

    Channel 30 12:01

  • OpenPGP Alliance omits PGP Security

    Network Associates not included in secure email standards group

    Security 30 12:14

  • Apple signs Demon as exclusive UK ISP

    Mirrors US deal with EarthLink

    Mac Channel 30 12:27

  • Clipserver severs dotcom name

    But the future for ebiz is bright

    e-Business 30 13:14

  • Echelon isn't a threat – but scramble your emails anyway

    Just because you're paranoid...

    Media 30 13:54

  • MD of Cisco's partner of the year goes down for six months

    Judge decides on fraud case

    Channel 30 13:58

  • LetsBuyIt.com posts Q1 loss

    Be thankful for small mercies

    Business 30 14:34

  • Dotcom job deaths drop in May

    But don't get too comfortable

    e-Business 30 14:35

  • IBM, NEC, Fujitsu, Hitachi co-operate on corporate Linux code

    Let engineer speek unto engineer

    Software 30 14:54

  • Sony to stick Pioneer's DVD-R in Vaios

    Pioneer to make 1m DVD-R drives this year

    Business 30 15:14

  • Le Freeswerve U-turns on Unlimited Time promise


    Media 30 15:15

  • Gates strip joint secret out?

    MS billionaire named in Gold Club trial

    Bootnotes 30 15:29

  • So why isn't Nokia part of the EMS standard?

    Comings and goings

    Data Networking 30 15:54

  • Brookdale pic posted

    P4 partner porn

    Channel 30 15:57

  • Congress lets spam out of the can

    Anti-spam bill has its nads chopped off

    Media 30 16:18

  • Blair savaged over Microsoft visit

    'Unhealthy relationship' with business?

    Business 30 16:19

  • Sun refutes Internet ‘ban’ slur

    Net restrictions on staff aren't about cost-savings

    Media 30 16:28

  • Online Scientology critic jailed in Canada

    SWAT team tackles nuke-wielding maniac

    Media 30 21:25