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WinXP 64-bit beta meets bashful Itanium bride

Microsoft confirmed Wednesday that 64-bit versions of WinXP have been released for beta testing.
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Win Media Player hole surrenders your machine

The Windows Media Player ASX (Active Stream Redirector) processor contains an unchecked buffer susceptible to an overrun which could enable an attacker to run arbitrary code on a machine with the victim's level of permission, a Microsoft security bulletin warns.
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Apple to release Mac OS X 10.0.5 any day now

Apple will post its latest Mac OS X release tomorrow, just a couple of days after Microsoft updated the version of Internet Explorer that ships with the operating system.
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Palm cuts developer PDA prices by up to 40%

Palm is attempting to clear its huge inventory of unsold PDAs by flogging them off at a huge discount to developers, according to an email seen by The Register.
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Intel Itanium to launch next Tuesday – Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett-Packard has confirmed 29 May - next Tuesday - as the official launch date of Intel's 64-bit Itanium processor.
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Finders to Keepers – Reg readers on speeding up Mac OS X

How can Apple rescue Mac OS X from its sluggish performance trough? And what should Mac developers really write to, Carbon or Cocoa? As ever, Reg readers have offered plenty of suggestions to both questions.

WAP is still crap

Even the foolish people who have bought WAP phones hardly ever use the WAP features, according a Meta Group survey.

Deutsche Telekom takes 40Gbps kit for a spin

Deutsche Telekom has successfully tested 40Gbps optical networking technology from Lucent Technologies - four times faster than current commercial systems.
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Large-format LCD prices to rise claims market watcher

Mac users hoping that Apple's move to ditch CRT displays from its monitor family in favour of an all-LCD line-up will be matched by falling display prices are set to be disappointed.
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Corporate America prefers Compaq to Dell servers

US business customers are happier with Compaq than Dell servers, a survey released this week states.
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BT goes on rebranding crusade

BT is to embark on a rebranding which will see it ditch Steven Spielberg's ET creation in favour of Ridley Scott's Gladiator for its adverts, and its market-leading mobile company BT Cellnet taken on a new "international" name.
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Bulldog calls for BT execution

The continued problems surrounding Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) are so bad it's time for Oftel to point a gun at BT's head and fire, according to the CEO of wholesale DSL outfit Bulldog Communications.
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Redbus losses narrow

Internet hosting outfit Redbus Interhouse said today that Q1 revenues were up and losses have narrowed and predicts it will be EBITDA positive within the financial year.
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Ex-Boo staff offer services to Hollywood

Having Boo.com on your CV is not the kiss of death.
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Microsoft Xbox has lost the console war already – Sony exec

Microsoft's Xbox console is "finished before it even got started". So says Sony's PlayStation supremo, Ken Kutaragi, in an interview with the Financial Times today.
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Microsoft wraps around Office XP channel plans

Microsoft UK is turning to the newsstands to support the May 31 launch of Office XP. The company is giving away a full-functioning time-limited Office XP CD with every copy of the Sunday Times. The CD also features content from U2, the Irish rock group, and television personality Jonathan Ross.
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Reg gets flighty with MS bag

Competition If you're a UK Reseller with a desperate need to overnight your laptop, then this competition's for you. We have teamed up with Microsoft to celebrate the launch of Office XP in offering one lucky chap or chapette the chance to own a deluxe black leatherette 'laptop overnighter'.
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18th Century warfare to fight Internet crackers

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) calls for a fresh approach to protect credit card details from Internet crackers.
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Codebreaker II One day and counting

Our would-be Alan Turings now have one day only to crack our fiendish Codebreaker II competition.
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The great AOL word cybersquatting saga

We support AOL's decision to take Aimster to an arbitrator for its unauthorised use of the giant's trademark "AIM" or "America Online Instant Messenger". We also applaud NAF's ability to override the rules in this very important matter and ignore the fact that "aim" is also a verb and noun to rule in AOL's favour.
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Gates loses the broadband plot

Bill Gates reckons the cost of broadband is holding back the development of home digital entertainment services but predicts good things for broadband Britain.
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Lastminute.com resorts to porn

Cash-strapped online purveyor of cheap air tickets Lastminute.com has turned - like Yahoo! etc. - to porn to make ends meet (as it were).
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Low-income users biggest UK Net group

A quarter of all Internet users in the UK earn less than £600 per month making low income users the largest group online, according to the latest stats from Internet monitoring outfit, NetValue.
Cat 5 cable

Text messaging could damage your kidneys

British doctors have warned that text messaging could damage people's kidneys.

Plastic tubes to deliver Gigabit to the desktop

Plastic tubes could replace twisted pair cabling to become a way of delivering high bandwidth Internet access to the desktop.
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IT contractors to take out IR35 insurance

IT contractors are to be offered an insurance policy to cover the risk that the government will decide they fit in with IR35 criteria on a particular contract.
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FBI cracks down on pyramid scam cybervillains

The FBI has charged 88 people with Internet fraud after a nation-wide swoop.
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Imagination Tech profits fall on death of Sega Dreamcast

UK-based Imagination Technology, the company behind the PowerVR chip that powers - sorry, powered - the Sega Dreamcast's 3D graphics and STMicroelectronics' Kyro chip hasn't exactly had a great year.
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CERT under DDoS attack

The Web site of an organisation that provides alerts to the latest computer security issues has itself come under attack by hackers.
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There's a virus in my WinXP system, part two

WinXP diaries Yesterday's Office XP virus has now been successfully captured and identified, thanks to Menache Eliazer of Finjan Software's Malicious Code Research Center, who also came up with some useful information for those of you worried about the block settings of Outlook 2002 interfering with your distribution of attachments.
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Euro Parliament calls ECHELON a paper tiger

Mainstream press reports have wildly exaggerated the potency of the US National Security Agency's (NSA's) famous ECHELON satellite spook network, the Euro Parliament's Temporary Committee on the ECHELON Interception System says in a 4 May working document which will form the basis of a final report.