24th May 2001 Archive

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  • WinXP 64-bit beta meets bashful Itanium bride

    Large family desired

    Software 24 04:37

  • Win Media Player hole surrenders your machine

    Joo own3d, porn lover

    Media 24 06:03

  • Apple to release Mac OS X 10.0.5 any day now

    Other goodies too

    Mac Channel 24 09:35

  • Palm cuts developer PDA prices by up to 40%

    Unsold stock mountain

    Business 24 10:38

  • Intel Itanium to launch next Tuesday – Hewlett-Packard

    Confirms 29 May as 'I opener'

    Channel 24 10:40

  • Finders to Keepers – Reg readers on speeding up Mac OS X

    If you just can't wait...

    Mac Channel 24 11:06

  • WAP is still crap

    No one's using it, and can you blame them?

    Data Networking 24 11:40

  • Deutsche Telekom takes 40Gbps kit for a spin

    Lucent in driving seat

    Data Networking 24 11:40

  • Large-format LCD prices to rise claims market watcher

    So much for Apple's LCD-only policy...

    Mac Channel 24 11:43

  • Corporate America prefers Compaq to Dell servers

    Dell top for desktops though

    Business 24 11:46

  • BT goes on rebranding crusade

    ET ads to go (hurrah), Cellnet name to change?

    Business 24 11:48

  • Bulldog calls for BT execution


    Broadband 24 11:53

  • Redbus losses narrow

    See what happens when the sun shines?

    e-Business 24 11:55

  • Ex-Boo staff offer services to Hollywood

    Midas Touch bar hosts dotcom reunion

    e-Business 24 11:57

  • Microsoft Xbox has lost the console war already – Sony exec

    It's 'finished', claims Ken Kutaragi

    Games Industry 24 12:44

  • Microsoft wraps around Office XP channel plans


    Channel 24 13:22

  • Reg gets flighty with MS bag

    UK Reseller? Need to overnight your laptop? Then read on...

    Channel 24 13:23

  • 18th Century warfare to fight Internet crackers

    Electronic Citadel

    Security 24 13:37

  • Codebreaker II One day and counting

    Last chance to earn the respect of your peers

    Bootnotes 24 13:38

  • The great AOL word cybersquatting saga

    Plenty more for the chop

    Media 24 13:41

  • Gates loses the broadband plot

    Reading too many fairytales

    Broadband 24 14:16

  • Lastminute.com resorts to porn

    Penthouse subs to rebuild shareholder value, apparently

    Media 24 14:33

  • Low-income users biggest UK Net group

    Bloody students

    Media 24 15:28

  • Text messaging could damage your kidneys

    British doctors issue warning

    Data Networking 24 15:31

  • Plastic tubes to deliver Gigabit to the desktop

    The Reg meets Nobel prize winning Über-boffin

    Data Networking 24 15:41

  • IT contractors to take out IR35 insurance

    Get the feeling this has all gone a bit far?

    Business 24 16:20

  • FBI cracks down on pyramid scam cybervillains

    Charges 88 in nationwide swoop

    Media 24 16:30

  • Imagination Tech profits fall on death of Sega Dreamcast

    Revenue up over last 12 months, but what about this year?

    Business 24 16:48

  • CERT under DDoS attack

    Flood of bogus data requests

    Security 24 16:56

  • There's a virus in my WinXP system, part two

    Outlook 2002 - great program, massive health hazard

    Software 24 17:48

  • Euro Parliament calls ECHELON a paper tiger

    And therefore worth duplicating

    Media 24 19:48