22nd May 2001 Archive

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  • New MS-Word macro warning

    Attack of the killer RTF docs

    Media 22 05:30

  • Jobs and Tevanian vow to fight OS X speed drain

    Click. Grind. Click

    Mac Channel 22 08:37

  • Apple's OS bundle keeps OS9 alive

    Wins out in new dual-boot option

    Mac Channel 22 08:40

  • The truth about Redmond's WinXP signed driver plans

    You should only accept signed and quality-controlled articles on the subject...

    Software 22 09:02

  • Channel stuffed with accreditations

    Vendor obsession

    Channel 22 09:39

  • What the Tories pledge on IT and the Net

    A good kicking for Oftel, that's what

    Media 22 09:40

  • Psion brings Bluetooth to Revo PDA

    Announcement due in June, claim sources

    Business 22 09:51

  • Motorola unveils low-power PowerPC G4 Plus

    But PPC 7440 too power-hungry for PowerBooks

    Mac Channel 22 10:21

  • The best election site we've found

    Almost makes the whole thing bearable

    Business 22 10:25

  • The ICANN cartoon: Part II

    The conspiracy continues

    Media 22 11:32

  • InterX turnover halves

    BladeRunner products due next month

    e-Business 22 11:34

  • Kingston posts loss

    Still, at least the sun is shining

    Broadband 22 12:09

  • BT has a disaster week

    The shares just keep falling

    Business 22 12:12

  • Opera follows up Linux version with IBM appliance deal

    All this and QNX too...

    Games Industry 22 13:59

  • Dell debuts fresh Latitude

    Also makes CD-RW/DVD combo drives available

    Games Industry 22 13:59

  • AOL hikes unlimited Net price

    $23.90 a month

    Media 22 14:06

  • Tempo cuts 20% of shops

    The provinces weep

    Channel 22 14:23

  • Microsoft PocketPC racks up 1m sales in first year

    So what - Palm does 2.1m in three months

    Business 22 16:09

  • Site blocking furore kicks off

    It's our old friend MAPS again

    Media 22 16:16

  • New Labour launches DoS attack on satirical site

    You vill not make mockery of us Spinon!

    Bootnotes 22 16:19

  • Monster Raving Loony Party unveils manifesto

    Mobile measures, pet proxy votes and the Loch Ness Monster

    Business 22 16:23

  • Alan Stanley kicked out of Dane-Elec?

    French DRAM distie clams up

    Channel 22 16:31

  • Alastair Campbell refuses to spend £112k on domain

    A sad story of mistaken idendity

    Business 22 16:40

  • Whitehat ‘Max Vision’ gets 18 months

    Club Fed holiday starting in June

    Media 22 19:01