18th May 2001 Archive

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  • Microsoft co-opts Caldera, Torvalds in Shared Source offensive

    Divide and Annoy

    Software 18 May 03:44

  • Smoking pistol unravels VeriSign domain name stitch-up

    Something funny happened on the way to the DoC

    Media 18 May 08:11

  • Nvidia's GeForce 6 and 10

    Channel 18 May 09:25

  • WebTop CEO tending his hanging baskets

    Now's the time to do it

    e-Business 18 May 09:27

  • Health warning for Windows Media Player upgraders

    Don't install dodgy software originating from... er, us, says MS

    Software 18 May 09:27

  • Palm halves Q4 revenue guidance, doubles loss

    Calls off Extended Systems merger too. Oh dear

    Business 18 May 10:12

  • Transmeta wins Sharp support

    All major Japanese notebook players now offering Crusoe kit

    Channel 18 May 10:49

  • Dell warns of lower Q2 sales

    Meets Q1 forecasts

    Business 18 May 10:56

  • Chinadotcom slashes 500 jobs

    What a miserable start to the day

    e-Business 18 May 10:57

  • Death of Web ‘inevitable’

    So long and thanks for all the clicks

    Media 18 May 11:11

  • Hard drive bloodbath (who's left standing?)

    Channel 18 May 11:22

  • Murderer confesses on Anandtech forum

    Community up in arms

    Media 18 May 11:58

  • Evesham boss bags Porsche

    But he's already got a penis extension

    Channel 18 May 12:00

  • Sports sites step nearer the gallows

    Big three to dominate

    e-Business 18 May 12:02

  • Head of Excite Italy to run Tiscali UK

    Everyone say 'hi' to Sergio Cellini

    e-Business 18 May 12:08

  • Telewest loses 170 jobs

    Hang on, they must be round here somewhere

    Business 18 May 13:29

  • AMD says 1.4GHz Athlon due ‘early June’

    It's official

    Channel 18 May 14:11

  • Alcatel in ‘advanced talks’ to buy Lucent

    $40bn deal on the cards

    Business 18 May 14:33

  • The 2001 Daftas Longest Email Disclaimer

    UBS Warburg and its incredible 1081 words

    Bootnotes 18 May 14:38

  • The 2001 Daftas Most Incomprehensible Disclaimer

    Rathbone Investment Management speaks with forked tongue

    Bootnotes 18 May 14:38

  • The 2001 Daftas Most PC Disclaimer

    London Borough of Southwark lays it on the line

    Bootnotes 18 May 14:38

  • The 2001 Daftas Best Bi-Lingual Disclaimer

    So, what's the Welsh for 'email'?

    Bootnotes 18 May 14:38

  • The 2001 Daftas Best Spoof Disclaimer

    'No animals were harmed in the transmission of this email'

    Bootnotes 18 May 14:38

  • The 2001 Daftas Special Award for Best WWW Disclaimer

    off-road.com goes off the rails

    Bootnotes 18 May 14:38

  • Readers' Letters The Email Disclaimer Awards 2001

    And this year's 'Dafta' winners are...

    Letters 18 May 14:50

  • Intel backs Linux everywhere

    Even on high-end networking kit

    Data Networking 18 May 15:02

  • Asus shows off its first Athlon 4 notebook

    Competes 'directly with desktops'

    Business 18 May 15:06

  • ASP Industry and WIPO parade dispute resolution policy

    Needed, but WIPO's Internet track record is poor

    Channel 18 May 15:48

  • Intel takes on Risc in telco market

    Chipzilla relishes prospect of uphill struggle

    Data Networking 18 May 15:50

  • NASA's Space Launch Initiative blasts off

    $4.8 billion SLI will 'significantly improve life on earth'

    Business 18 May 16:01

  • Crucial drops DDR price pants

    PC2100 same price as SDRAM

    Channel 18 May 16:31

  • Intel talks 4G/next-gen mobile phone chips

    Look at the bandwidth on that

    Data Networking 18 May 16:36

  • McVeigh death T-shirts for sale on eBay

    Capitalist punishment

    Media 18 May 17:08

  • Iris recognition is best biometric system

    The eyes have it

    Security 18 May 17:10

  • US fraudster sent to jail after refusing to give up the Net


    Media 18 May 17:34

  • Censorware outfit targets cDc's anonymity app ‘Peekabooty’

    No good deed goes unpunished

    Media 18 May 17:36

  • Ailing Palm faces the Crusher, denies quitting OS business

    Landfill option for inventory glut

    Software 18 May 22:59