16th May 2001 Archive

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  • Eazel pulls plugs after cash quest fails

    Time to go Gnome...

    Software 16 May 01:26

  • Yet another IIS exploit reported

    Pretty nasty, too

    Software 16 May 06:33

  • Intel Tualatin to replace Coppermine, fast

    2GHz P4 to come in at $562 - plus more desktop and mobile info

    Channel 16 May 09:42

  • MS tips its hand on WinXP protection system

    Suddenly, the builds got a lot less crackable...

    Software 16 May 09:59

  • Intel Xeon to hit 2.4GHz in 2002

    Tualatin to replace Coppermine too

    Channel 16 May 10:13

  • Email is top cause of workplace stress – report

    'Technological paradox'

    Media 16 May 11:05

  • Le Freeswerve hikes DSL prices, whinges at BT

    Pathetic attempt to bash BT and Oftel

    Media 16 May 11:14

  • Azlan profits shoot up 74%

    Surfing Europeans fuel growth

    Channel 16 May 11:38

  • Banish bandwidth blues with Win2k SP2, slimline version

    Still not officially official though...

    Software 16 May 12:56

  • BT rebuffs Le Freeswerve's no confidence vote

    Sticks and stones...

    Media 16 May 13:01

  • Pentium 4 price cuts fuel RDRAM mobo demand surge

    Taiwanese mobo makers report shift to Rambus

    Business 16 May 13:37

  • BT Cellnet PUKs up phone security

    A mobile unblocking free-for-all

    Data Networking 16 May 13:56

  • Beenz denies it's about to be canned

    Global 'Net' currency devalued big-time

    Media 16 May 14:02

  • PCs to bundle more memory as suppliers cut prices

    Fixed-transaction prices trimmed to match spot prices

    Channel 16 May 14:40

  • Apple planning rack-mount Mac OS X server

    Thing Different

    Mac Channel 16 May 14:44

  • Sun admits ASP better than Java for Web

    So its Cobalt appliance division reckons

    Software 16 May 15:29

  • HP sets sights on Europe No. 2 PC spot

    Chops P4 desktop prices

    Channel 16 May 16:53

  • Tory Party site ‘practically unhardened’ – a hacker playground

    Any file on server browsable

    Media 16 May 17:11

  • Ex-Royal aide found guilty over sexy email murder

    Life sentence for Jane Andrews

    Media 16 May 17:16

  • Xbox launch & price confirmed

    Just in time for holiday shopping, naturally

    Software 16 May 18:20

  • Dotcom guru predicts harder times for online ad sector

    Will bottom out in Q2 or Q3

    Business 16 May 18:31

  • Eurocops want seven-year retention of all phone, Net traffic

    PINs and passwords too

    Data Networking 16 May 20:32

  • An Outlook worm to jam NSA's Echelon

    Well, sort of....

    Media 16 May 20:42