15th May 2001 Archive

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  • Could Bill Gates write code?

    Yes. And then some, Altair BASIC dis-assemblers reckon

    Software 15 00:04

  • Mob phreakers rule Vegas phone network

    Adult 'room service' market hacked and locked

    Media 15 03:22

  • Sun claims UK server crown

    Declares war on IBM

    Business 15 03:27

  • AMD samples 1.5GHz Athlon 4

    Desktop PC Palominos gallop on

    Channel 15 08:46

  • VIA whips cover off Athlon 4 chipset

    Doubles up as Duron part too

    Channel 15 09:18

  • LineOne bosses to head Tiscali's UK ISP

    So who's the weakest link?

    Media 15 09:42

  • Win2k SP2 code final – and now official?

    Sort of... We've got a new download link for you, anyway

    Software 15 10:22

  • Baltimore slashes 250 jobs as losses grow

    PKI pickle

    Business 15 10:32

  • This looks like a BOL lock up

    Online bookshop to be folded into book clubs

    e-Business 15 10:57

  • Energis earnings up, losses up

    And CEO Grabiner off to find life

    Business 15 11:30

  • DiData profits rocket

    Cisco's woes won't hit, says networking reseller

    Channel 15 11:53

  • Intel confirms Itanium release

    Close enough for us

    Channel 15 12:48

  • MS signs up for European privacy ‘Safe Harbor’ scheme

    Policies entirely consistent already, claims a spoke

    Software 15 13:15

  • ATI Radeon 2, 3 details leak

    Big things coming

    Channel 15 13:48

  • Gameplay: what they got for their £1

    One hell of a headache, that's what

    Business 15 14:10

  • Porn-happy Judge puts 13-year-old boy on sex register

    Young boy nobbled for paedophilic photos

    Media 15 14:14

  • Sony, AOL to bring Net to PlayStation 2

    Japanese giant starts to move against Microsoft and Xbox

    Media 15 14:16

  • Titsup Madge.Web staff to be saved

    'It's not a dotcom venture with no revenue'

    e-Business 15 14:32

  • Fantasy election provides help for floating voters

    If only it were real

    Media 15 15:42

  • Apple unwraps long-awaited retail plan

    Will open 25 stores this year

    Mac Channel 15 15:44

  • Leading security expert on the end of DDoS attacks

    Steve Gibson not a happy bunny

    Security 15 15:48

  • Dynamic pricing hits PC market

    IBM, Compaq, Dell, HP all trying it

    Business 15 16:02

  • AMD to announce Dell design win for Athlon 4

    Last Intel-only PC vendor to cave in, predicts analyst

    Business 15 16:06

  • Yahoo buys ancient WSJ FrontPage ‘backdoor’ report

    Based on a true story....

    Security 15 19:41

  • Confusing MS security bulletin aided IIS worm

    No wonder so many machines got hit

    Software 15 20:20