11th May 2001 Archive

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  • Tom specs out the Tyan Athlon dualie

    Aren't beta testers great?

    Hardware Roundup 11 May 08:41

  • Infogrames sales rise 12%

    Driven by V-Rally

    Games Industry 11 May 09:21

  • Apple sacks iServices staff

    Just departmental tweaking, Mac maker claims

    Mac Channel 11 May 09:45

  • Apple to launch Mac OS X Server 2.0 next week

    New servers too, sources claim

    Mac Channel 11 May 09:56

  • Microsoft rolls out volume software ‘leases’

    File under "simplifications and improvements"

    Software 11 May 10:11

  • Oftel burdened with broadband complaints

    It's no yoke

    Broadband 11 May 10:13

  • Redstone bean counter is out the door

    Needed a bean recount

    Broadband 11 May 10:15

  • Click here if you want to know more about the BOFH licensing Bill

    Face your assassin

    Business 11 May 10:40

  • Sun McNealy's pay down 98% this year

    Lean times for IT bosses

    Business 11 May 10:42

  • Intel pegs 27 May for Pentium III, Celeron price cuts

    Desktop, mobile reductions pave way for 0.13 micron Tualatins

    Channel 11 May 10:54

  • Solaris/IIS worm hits 9000 boxes in 48 hours

    Off to a good start

    Media 11 May 10:55

  • MS licensing switch to trigger mass upgrade to Win2k, WinXP?

    This is just so sneaky...

    Software 11 May 11:04

  • Ronnie Biggs makes crime pay. With T-shirts

    Banged up back in Blighty but online merchandising continues

    Media 11 May 11:15

  • Want to know how to crash the Internet?

    Routing vulnerability could trigger widespread outages

    Security 11 May 11:24

  • Birds sing mobile phone tunes

    Diddle-ee, diddle-ee, diddle-ee cock-a-doodle -squawk

    Bootnotes 11 May 11:26

  • Intel 0.13 micron Tualatin Pentium IIIs to ship late June

    And prices will fall early July

    Channel 11 May 11:33

  • EB buys its way into Scandinavia

    Mostly Denmark

    Games Industry 11 May 11:45

  • Rambus prayer

    Hymn for the duds

    Bootnotes 11 May 12:28

  • Stabbed Nortel COO retires

    So who will replace John Roth?

    Business 11 May 12:40

  • Accreditation schemes are crap – D-Link

    We can do better, Taiwanese firm claims

    Channel 11 May 13:27

  • WinXP morphs from Win2k to Win 2002

    It's perfectly logical and not confusing really...

    Software 11 May 13:35

  • Call yourself an innovator? Tap Syscap for a Channel back slap

    I'd like to to thank...

    Channel 11 May 13:53

  • Mobo makers sniffy about 100MHz FSB 1GHz PIII

    Designed to take on gigahertz Duron?

    Channel 11 May 13:58

  • WorldCom trains managers to axe staff

    No doubt humanely and compassionately

    Business 11 May 14:11

  • US video games market soars

    So where did the advertising go?

    Games Industry 11 May 14:19

  • Time Computers and its secret CEO

    And why is it selling its new call centre?

    Channel 11 May 14:44

  • Intel sues Intelsat

    Doesn't like satellite company's name, uses of 'Intelnet' brand

    Business 11 May 14:45

  • So what's the future of Future BT?

    The jury's still out. And that's the problem

    Business 11 May 14:52

  • Intel's Tualatin inspires reader to rhymin'

    Coppermine couplets

    Bootnotes 11 May 15:04

  • OFT rules on BT's Yellow Pages business

    Raises doubts about sale

    Business 11 May 15:21

  • Virus writers frustrate hunt for missing child

    Missing five year-old found dead

    Media 11 May 15:49

  • Gameplay still mum about future

    Who pressed the mute button?

    Games Industry 11 May 15:51

  • Why BT is unbelievably Net stupid

    What's the first thing you do when you rename your business?

    Business 11 May 15:53

  • DiData snatches Proxicom from Compaq

    Compaq won't fight

    Channel 11 May 16:35

  • Cisco exec backs Hubbardist courses

    100% Proficiency

    Business 11 May 16:56

  • MS DDoS 2.0 – it was Bloomberg what done it, people say

    IDG entirely exonerated in WinXP conference meltdown shock

    Software 11 May 17:43

  • Microsoft Altair BASIC legend talks about Linux, CPRM and that very frightening photo

    A very rare interview with Monte Davidoff

    Software 11 May 18:51

  • DVD judges want free-speech arguments

    Is DeCSS 'expressive'?

    Media 11 May 21:00