9th May 2001 Archive

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  • 3DLabs extends channel embrace

    Channel Flannel

    Channel 09 07:23

  • Whitehat hacker made FBI patsy

    Sleep with dogs, wake with fleas....

    Media 09 08:44

  • MS ‘screw Linux’ Blade tech debuts in… Transmeta servers

    'Clarity of Intellectual Property ownership'? Phew.

    Software 09 08:47

  • Electorate says ‘no’ to Net voting

    'X' marks the spot

    Media 09 09:41

  • France backs Jabber IM for 3G parlez-vous

    Jeux sans frontiers

    Software 09 09:45

  • Nat Semi to eliminate 10% of staff

    Cost-cutting move follows big dip in sales

    Business 09 09:54

  • WinXP – burn baby, burn…

    Or not - the toasting's a little inconsistent...

    Software 09 10:05

  • eMachines looks for buyer

    Or any other 'strategic' way out of its hole

    Business 09 10:16

  • Infineon demands $105m damages

    Asks jury to throw book at Rambus

    Channel 09 10:16

  • Sage weathers storm with 10 per cent profit increase

    Investors still not impressed though

    Business 09 10:35

  • StormLive.com axes DJs

    A Net radio station with no DJs? Whatever next?

    Media 09 10:38

  • Cisco loses $2.69 billion on declining sales

    US customers go walkabout

    Business 09 10:45

  • Roxio replies over Easy CD Creator problems

    Official response

    Software 09 10:56

  • Infineon win may axe Samsung's Rambus royalty

    Handy clause in Samsung's DDR licence emerges

    Channel 09 11:06

  • E-minister bottles election debate

    Prefers to press the flesh

    Business 09 11:19

  • America persists in militarizing space

    Orbiting weapons not ruled out

    Media 09 11:39

  • Next-gen Matrox chip to launch June

    G550 or G800? G550, we reckon

    Channel 09 11:42

  • EasyJet pushes 90% of ticket sales onto Web

    Discounts and not advertising phone number

    e-Business 09 12:02

  • BT bashed about by City – again, again

    Killing its dividend now

    Business 09 12:30

  • WinXP to be best, fastest selling OS in history – by order

    MS nails colours to mast - there's no going back...

    Software 09 12:52

  • DoCoMo defies telecoms slump

    But a lot rests on 3G and i-Mode taking off

    Data Networking 09 14:15

  • Sun thieves get six years apiece

    Two mainboard blaggers in jail, rest of crew at large

    Business 09 14:18

  • Profanity, nein danke says Psion decency bot to Reg

    Company spinmeister cut off from foul-mouthed journos

    Bootnotes 09 14:18

  • Music biz backs anti-Napster MP3 sniffer-outer

    Find out who's sharing your songs

    Software 09 14:29

  • Novell makes eDirectory freeware

    All part of the OneNet dream

    Software 09 15:28

  • UK kids take to gambling and porn…

    Just like what adults do

    Media 09 15:29

  • Who is the sexiest geek alive?

    The annual competition returns for a second time

    Media 09 16:03

  • Panrix in administration

    Sales 'through the floor'

    Business 09 16:04

  • Tom Waits dogs MP3.com for $40m

    Him and Randy Newman rain on file sharer's parade

    Media 09 16:27

  • Homepage spreading faster than Kournikova worm

    Epidemic exposes AV software flaws

    Security 09 16:33

  • Compaq iPaq Q1 sales skyrocket

    Palm still way ahead, Psion marketshare slumps

    Business 09 16:56

  • The Times closes Interface tech section

    Inspired by happenings in IT industry no doubt

    Business 09 17:18

  • Homepage Net worm spreading like wildfire

    Uses same tricks as Kournikova virus

    Security 09 17:19